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Adam P-D

Celluloid Junkie - 3619 Film Ratings

Member Since: Nov 14, 2013

Location: Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK

Bio: Producing Editor and supporter of recklessly experimental video. Distracted by lights, hyphenated by marriage. All that I really know about the outside world is relayed to me through my electrical connections. N-p9 A-p27
more Recent Ratings
30 25% Wounds (2019) - Feb 22, 2020
"Dickhead opens portal. Demon's sure do adapt to new tech don't they?"
70 83% The Guilty (2018) - Feb 22, 2020
60 69% Killing Ground (2016) - Feb 20, 2020
"Tension upon horror upon tension. There's far less graphic nastiness here than most Hollywood horror/thrillers but because it does away with the typical US tropey rulebook, it's so much less comfortable - which is probably why no one seems to like it. Nice use of El Condor Pasa to underline the struggle for freedom/control. I'll be considering the decisions made here for quite some time. What's a life worth?"
20 13% The Thing (2011) - Feb 19, 2020
"Take an excellent movie and replace everything good about it, the music, the effects, the direction, the acting, even the titles and the dog, and replace it with shite. The score isn't lower because although I loathe to give it the credit, the story is still a great idea."
50 53% Miss Representation (2011) - Feb 17, 2020
"The majority of this is what I would consider the very least that people should already be aware of. The graphics are also largely an ugly unnecessary noise (especially distracting when the start of the sentence is momentarily hidden!), the content of which isn't unimportant but it's almost impossible to absorb individual statistics when you're fed a large number of them. There are of course some incredibly important messages in this doc that should be the world's constant consideration."
40 38% Springsteen on Broadway (2018) - Feb 17, 2020
30 25% Five Came Back (2017) - Feb 15, 2020
"I watched the first episode twice, forgetting I'd already seen it. It was quite dull the second time too. It's too messy telling five seperate stories at the same time and seems to go out of its way to explain why the US tried to stay out of the second world war while at the same time being terribly concerned for everyone involved."
50 53% The Ocean Waves (1993) - Feb 15, 2020
30 25% In the Tall Grass (2019) - Feb 14, 2020
20 13% The Stranger (2020) - Feb 11, 2020