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6% Ready to Rumble (2000) - Sep 24, 2021
"Dumb & dumber except it's dumbest & dumbest and insults the only audience that could care about watching it. Mesmerizingly bad. Slightly fun for those who are nostalgic about 90s WCW."
24% Ted Lasso (2020) - Sep 24, 2021
"Season 1 was really fun and light hearted, avoided all the tropes other light hearted modern TV series fall for, it was unique. Season 2 not only lost its way, but also introduced a nauseatingly bad relationship between Sam and Rebecca. The kid's 21 years old, she's in her 40s, and she's his boss. Anyone who hangs out around people in their early 20s knows they're still teenagers. The show went to the trash bin when they insisted on making Sambecca a thing. And the rickroll eulogy… I'm out."
13% Snakes on a Plane (2006) - Sep 21, 2021
"Silly meme movie, didn't give me much of a reason to like it, but it wasn't awful though. Just silly."
24% The Morning Show (2019) - Sep 17, 2021
"It's good workplace drama, the actors play their parts well, the topics covered are daring for their time and dealt with in a respectful way, but I just can't deal with this show's pacing. I enjoyed the show's idea, not at all its execution. Gave up after the first episode of season 2, which had the same stretched script issues as every s1 episode."
85% Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013) - Sep 17, 2021
"Great and hilarious despite being copaganda. The rapid fire humor is hit or miss, especially once the characters become parody of themselves a few seasons in. This show is carried by its cast, which saves it from being just random fast food TV. Had many laughs, sad it's over, but glad it ended on a solid note. The finale is a combination of all the things that made brooklyn 99 great. Would have rated it higher if Hitchcock and Scully weren't in it."
6% The Expendables 3 (2014) - Sep 15, 2021
"Cringy pseudo-macho celebrities make dick joke cameos for two hours. The rare actual action sequences are filled with headache inducing camera cuts. Stallone is still a charisma vacuum and a wooden actor. Lost it at how getting a new black actor in the main cast means they off the other one, who needs representation anyway."
13% The Expendables 2 (2012) - Sep 15, 2021
"Serious question to self: If I don't like either Stallone or over the top action movies, why did I watch the sequel after the first movie? Not sure what I was expecting really, but what I got, I didn't enjoy. Too much time spent on star power cameos, not enough on plot or action. Doesn't help that action sequences have 100 camera cuts a minute to hide Stallone's flaws. Guess what, I'm watching the third next and I know I'll hate it too. This is me. I hate myself."
3% Movie 43 (2013) - Sep 15, 2021
"When it ended it left me wondering, did I just go through all of these cringy sketches for nothing? I watched a shitty movie and all I got was… nothing. Not one thing. There's some actual effort in there, if I was still 13 maybe I'd have had a laugh or two, but I'm just too old for this shit."
24% The Old Guard (2020) - Sep 04, 2021
"It was alright. Decent idea. Solid lore and backstory, but I expected more… surely after all that time of existing, some of the immortals would have gone insane, been bad guys, seized power, I can't believe they'd just be a band of friendly mercenaries for centuries. It didn't help that the pacing was boring throughout the second act."
73% Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021) - Sep 02, 2021
"After a long MCU break in theaters, they're back to delivering a legitimately good movie. We truly are a spoiled generation, movie-wise. Not so much with that whole coronavirus thing but hey I take what I get. Felt like a Zhang Yimou tribute at times, I loved that vibe. Sadly it's yet another origin story, but not the boring kind at least. It succeeded in making me care for the character, hope to see more of him in upcoming MCU movies."