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98 99% At Land (1944) - Feb 06, 2011
"Deren gives us a series of constantly fluctuating spaces in which the identity of the protagonist is the only constant, but even that is compromised when it's revealed that we may not have even been following one individual the whole time. Brilliant."
0% Howard the Duck (1986) - Nov 13, 2009
"Inept on just about every level. And Jeffrey Jones is unsettling in the worst way. Not even fun to laugh at, just an oppressive experience."
75 29% Batman & Robin (1997) - Dec 12, 2006
"Sure, it's a campy train wreck as far as the Batman mythology goes, but as an expression of Joel Schumacher's vision and exploration of sexual identity in mainstream culture: A+ For my full analysis of this subtextual goldmine, read the following essay:"
76 32% The Tree of Life (2011) - Jul 04, 2011
"There are about three movies going on here that never quite come together. The first "act" is far too pretentious and schizophrenic for its own good. On the other hand, I could watch a full-length version of the prehistoric sequence, and when it finally settles down into a tense drama about a father and son, it's quite stunning. The problem is none of these segments ever overlap or comment on each other in any meaningful way. Still, the whole thing is undeniably gorgeous to look at. "
68 12% Pierrot le fou (1965) - Feb 10, 2011
"French New Wave, you've made your point and I still can't stand any of your characters. Nice color though, and I still appreciate your formal techniques."
42 2% Visitor Q (2001) - Nov 13, 2007
"Probably my favorite children's film."
38 2% Warriors of Virtue (1997) - Jun 24, 2007
"Cheesy and cheap. The human element is kind of awful, but the Kangaroo creatures look really good. Mathematically calculated based on what children of the 90's considered cool, it's probably only enjoyable for nostalgic reasons."
14 0% The Pebble and the Penguin (1995) - Aug 31, 2011
"Boring, forgettable, with terrible songs and not one interesting character. Why do the animators go so far out of their way to give the penguins teeth?"