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69 T6 How to Train Your Dragon (2010) - Apr 26, 2010
"Gorgeous visuals and a carbon copy cliché story a la Panda and others. Funny but not a big deal anyway."
100 T10 The Remains of the Day (1993) - Jul 19, 2009
"To me, this is the pinneacle of story telling in cinema and also of acting, especially the Godlike performance of Mr. Hopkins. A honest and brilliant, flawless story, top notch directing, beautiful cinematography. Makes you want to cry while it stops your tears just like Mr. Hopkins banishes himself of love."
60 T3 Inception (2010) - Nov 06, 2010
"Tons of gorgeous visuals and hell of a directing job masking and helping a big nothing to be seen as something very deep and important. Kudos to Mr. Nolan for this achievement alone: it's not everybody's plate to create this kind of hype out of a catchy sentence from a philosophy textbook."