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60 T3 Inception (2010) - Nov 06, 2010
"Tons of gorgeous visuals and hell of a directing job masking and helping a big nothing to be seen as something very deep and important. Kudos to Mr. Nolan for this achievement alone: it's not everybody's plate to create this kind of hype out of a catchy sentence from a philosophy textbook."
69 T5 How to Train Your Dragon (2010) - Apr 26, 2010
"Gorgeous visuals and a carbon copy cliché story a la Panda and others. Funny but not a big deal anyway."
100 T10 The Remains of the Day (1993) - Jul 19, 2009
"To me, this is the pinneacle of story telling in cinema and also of acting, especially the Godlike performance of Mr. Hopkins. A honest and brilliant, flawless story, top notch directing, beautiful cinematography. Makes you want to cry while it stops your tears just like Mr. Hopkins banishes himself of love."