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15 0% Summer Wars (2009) - Sep 26, 2010
"Absurdly dumb to the point of poisoning every major non-technical aspect of itself (i.e. plot, character, world, theme, and even genre (due to its scattered plot focus, featuring characters with no rational sense of priority whatsoever)). Most people that have seen it like it, though, so you should ignore me unless you can't get past fundamental counter-intellectualism in a "serious enough" movie. If you thought Utawarerumono was dumb then you shouldn't watch this unless you want to laugh at it."
90 99% Grave of the Fireflies (1988) - Dec 14, 2009
"THE tragedy movie."
30 1% Into the Wild (2007) - Jun 12, 2011
"PRETENTIOUS (but the ending at least/at last(!) was deserved)"