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80 T8 Manden der tænkte ting (1969) - May 23, 2017
"The plot may be something out of an episode of 'The Twilight Zone' but the style is as close as Denmark will ever come to a bona fide Stanley Kubrick movie. I loved this hidden little gem."
65 T6 After Hours (1985) - May 23, 2017
"'Taxi Driver' taught us that the men of New York be crazy. This one reminds us, on a bit of a lighter note, that the women be crazy too. "
45 T4 Ghostbusters (2016) - May 23, 2017
"Now that the dumbest debate on the Internet has died down, it's finally safe to say, that the only real problem with this remake is Paul Feig. He approaches this franchise the way Joel Schumacher did with Tim Burton's ‘Batman'."
50 T5 The Keepers (2017) - May 23, 2017
"A grim story of injustice almost buried under repetitious scenes of people reliving the horrors that were done to them, and endless DSLR-shot close-ups with a faulty auto-focus. I don’t write this to belittle what happened, but more to point out that the message would have stood out clearer, and thus have made more noise with a less sluggish approach."
65 T6 Alien: Covenant (2017) - May 15, 2017
"A much better title would have been 'Prometheus: Redemption'."
45 T4 May (2002) - May 07, 2017
"It's hard not to compare May to Carrie, both cute, fragile and victims of circumstance. But what made the movie 'Carrie' horrible was the feeling that you could have saved the girl. 'May' is more of a comedy that way. Things I learned from this movie: If someone asks you if you're a pirate, you say YES!"
35 T3 Wake in Fright (1971) - May 06, 2017
"An Australian horror movie where the monster is free beer."
40 T3 Louis C.K. 2017 (2017) - Apr 10, 2017
"Gay penis jokes. What originality. Oh the mirth. "
30 T2 Starship Troopers 3: Marauder (2008) - Apr 07, 2017
"Boobies and a character named Dix Hauser. I guess it's now up to you whether the rest of it is worth that."
80 T8 Amanda Knox (2016) - Apr 07, 2017
"Amanda Knox is the last one on trial in this brilliantly edited documentary, that slates the sensationalist press and stops just short of declaring war on Italy. Love it."