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Cinema Addict - 1307 Film Ratings

Member Since: Nov 15, 2009

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Gender: Male

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Bio: Criticker Police.
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35 20% Deep Red (1975) - Jul 15, 2018
"Giallo sure is different, but then again, compared to the Mona Lisa, so are the stick figures that my nephew can draw. "
80 79% The Small World of Sammy Lee (1963) - Jul 15, 2018
"Don't let the simple story fool you, the slick cinematography makes this description of SoHo in the 60s a doozy. "
35 20% Everybody Wants Some!! (2016) - Jul 14, 2018
"A montage of college clichés so long and boring, that it made me long for more baseball practice scenes..."
60 54% Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) - May 29, 2018
"Ehrenreich makes for a fine Solo, and this is an okay Solo film. If all the 'controversy' in ‘The Last Jedi’ baked your noodle, this is the perfect Star Wars film to calm you down. It's very middle of the road and has a few moments of that vibe of old (a musical duo made my day). It's ugly as sin, and so reverse engineered that I didn't learn anything new about the Solo character, but I did learn that in the Star Wars universe, no matter how far characters fall, it will never kill them."
70 66% Avengers: Infinity War (2018) - May 29, 2018
"A for effort. 'Avengers: Infinity War' masters the feat of effortlessly giving every Marvel hero a moment to shine, while keeping the overall momentum. It makes me wish I weren’t so jaded, but I have watched all these heroes fight enough now, and as the storyline ups the ante, the internal logic falters. From what I understand some fans had complaints about where this first installment left things. I'd be fine if it was the ending altogether."
80 79% Dragonheart (1996) - May 15, 2018
"Well. I was shocked to look up the rankings of my so-called mates, and find a tragic irony in the fact, that a movie called something with 'heart' is ranked by people who clearly have none."
75 72% Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond (2017) - May 15, 2018
"This documentary fascinates me, but I can't for the life of me decide, whether it's because there is something hypnotic about someone so dedicated to their craft, or because Jim Carrey has become the philosophical equivalent of a three-legged dog, but either way I'd love to see him play Jesus."
80 79% The Rachel Divide (2018) - May 13, 2018
"A white Amish girl puts on an identity black face, and blacks everywhere lose their collective shit. Brownson is nuanced in her approach, so it's probably unintentional when she exposes the lunacy of the offence fueled identity politics, run by those preconditioned to victimhood, the narcissistic, the traumatized and the mentally ill. Seeing how the financially struggling media and the Internet allow these idiots to run rampant, in this identity free-for-all, know that I identify as Zod. Kneel."
90 92% Over the Garden Wall (2014) - May 12, 2018
"A wonderful throwback to the children's tales of old, effortlessly balancing the whimsical carelessness of childhood with the unknowable darkness surrounding it. I am amazed and thrilled that something like this exists, especially given it's high production value."
40 28% The Final Year (2017) - May 12, 2018
"A wholly one-sided and aggrandizing look at the final year of President Obama. It's not at all that I disliked Obama or that I think that what followed was better, I just fucking hate propaganda, know what I mean folks? "