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Cinema Addict - 1338 Film Ratings

Member Since: Nov 15, 2009

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Gender: Male

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Bio: Criticker Police.
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35 20% Venom (2018) - Oct 18, 2018
"Judging by the post-credit Spiderman Multiverse scene, ‘Venom’ must be aimed at children, which sort of makes sense: A teased reporter buddies up with a loser symbiote to fight baddies and bullies. Having an alien that bites people's heads off in a movie that isn't R-rated, however, is just a much cheating expectations as serving people a veggie ‘burger’. I don't care that you didn’t hurt any moo-cows when making it, remove this salat from my plate at once!"
40 29% Christian IV - Den sidste rejse (2018) - Oct 14, 2018
"This concept could have worked brilliantly if they hadn't chosen the least interesting of stories to tell about one of Denmark's most prolific kings."
45 36% Operation Finale (2018) - Oct 14, 2018
"If 'Operation Finale' had an aura of wanting to tell this story as truthfully as possible, it would have been easier for me to forgive how little tension Weitz manages to build throughout. The operation itself, as well as the acting talent on display, deserved an angry Steven Spielberg at the helm."
35 20% Poseidon (2006) - Oct 14, 2018
"I bet when Wolfgang Petersen saw the box office numbers he screamed: I told you! We should have gotten a bigger boat!"
45 36% 22 July (2018) - Oct 14, 2018
"When nothing new about the Utøya attack is uncovered, and no protagonist victim is needed to figure, that executing teenagers with automatic weapons is a bad thing, '22 July' leaves the uncomfortable question, of why the world needed a fictionalized account of this terrible event at all. "
35 20% Sorry to Bother You (2018) - Oct 08, 2018
"Remember all those terrible movies that were made because kids saw 'Pulp Fiction'? I think we're starting to see the fallout from 'Get Out' winning that Oscar..."
40 29% Justice League (2017) - Oct 06, 2018
"I've been to a film festival these last days, watching movies based on their title alone. Man, that took me places; From Brasilian body horror to Iranian social satire. If you went in totally blank, you'd still be able to predict every single beat of 'Justice League'. There is no joy of storytelling, no will to try new things or play around with the silly ensemble of dated superheroes. 'Justice League' is a juggler fighting to keep the balls in the air until the next act is ready. Depressing."
80 79% In Fabric (2018) - Oct 06, 2018
"A delightful little Giallo themed arthouse comedy. Watch sober."
75 72% Gräns (2018) - Oct 06, 2018
"I see identity politics as belonging primarily to the narcissistic unreality of the super consumer, and 'Gräns' did an excellent job of uncovering how fitting in to any world will always come with strings attached."
15 5% Captain Fantastic (2016) - Oct 06, 2018
"'The Mosquito Coast' has been remade by an incredibly dumb high school student, so eager to show the world his clever, that there's an actual scene in this movie, where the father is asking his teenage daughter if she's having trouble with the Planck's constant. Yeah, Matt. We all are. It's quantum fucking physics. "