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60 21% Kaena: The Prophecy (2003) - Jan 30, 2010
"After seeing the mediocre scores here and reviews elsewhere I didn't expect much from this, and 'not much' is what I got. I actually found the story to be somewhat enjoyable, and there's some nice imagery at times, but awkward animations and dialogue keep "Kaena" from surpassing its origin as a video game concept."
80 74% Ponyo (2008) - Jan 26, 2010
"Don't let the trailers and the awful theme song fool you: Ponyo may be targeted at an even younger audience than Miyazakis other works, but he still knows how to entertain viewers of all ages, and how to make them accept a world where waves have eyes and fish grow legs without a second thought."
80 74% Coraline (2009) - Jan 29, 2010
"People are right when they say "Coraline" doesn't have a deep plot going for it. But it doesn't need one either. The excellent visuals and music, along with an atmospheric fairy-tale world inhabited by intriguing and imaginative characters were more than enough to pull me in, and not let go until the closing credits roll."
60 21% Brave Story (2006) - Aug 08, 2009
"Just another (stereo)typical RPG-style adventure Anime with decent characters and a story that serves its purpose. The animation is good, and the plot sure has it's moments, but ultimately it's a rather forgettable journey and nothing I would spend more than 300 characters on in a review."
60 21% Origin: Spirits of the Past (2007) - Aug 08, 2009
"Tries to do too much in too little time. Great visuals and sound, a world that is potentially interesting, and characters which could serve for an exciting story. It just doesn't all fit together, and many scenes felt like loose parts awkwardly chained together. Certainly not the worst entry in this genre, but nothing you absolutely have to see either."
70 45% Chasseurs de dragons (2008) - Jan 28, 2010
"Great animations and screenplay make up for a somewhat loose story and weak character development. It would've been interesting to learn a little more about the world they live in... But then again, maybe the movie draws most of it's appeal from the fact that the viewer has to use his own imagination to fill the gaps. In any case, the great visuals and well-executed action scenes alone account for a fun watch."
30 1% Dragonball Evolution (2009) - Aug 10, 2009
"I knew it was going to be bad, but there's always the trash factor and maybe some amusing references to the anime, right? Well, no, there's not, and the movie even dares to take itself seriously. It's not even bad enough to laugh about it, so there's really nothing there to make it worth your while."