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60 T6 3:10 to Yuma (1957) - Jul 26, 2015
90 T10 Eating Raoul (1982) - Jul 26, 2015
"Absolutely hilarious and completely original. The brand of light hearted silliness in this film isn't something you see often but when you then use it to offset the dark setting of excess in sex, drugs, and murder in LA; wow is it effective. "
60 T6 The Big Chill (1983) - Jul 26, 2015
"It feels like this film must have spawned about a thousand film clich├ęs but its worth the time to check it out. The story is decent but what really stands out about this movie (for me at least) was the great chemistry between the cast. You really feel like they grew up together. It also has a lot of great moments of humor that catch you totally off guard. "
50 T5 Halloween II (1981) - Jul 26, 2015
"In comparison to the first one this one comes off as a total bore. It's just so derivative of the first film to the point where you literally see scenes and motifs ripped from the first film; it really cheapens the experience. Even the way Michael Myers walks is some how awkward and less daunting as it was in the first film. It's nice closure on the story but it lacks the magic of the first film."
90 T10 Halloween (1978) - Jul 26, 2015
70 T7 The Fog (1980) - Jul 26, 2015
75 T8 Scanners (1981) - Jul 26, 2015
90 T10 Rashomon (1950) - Jun 25, 2015
95 T10 Harakiri (1962) - Jun 25, 2015
85 T9 Jigoku (1960) - Jun 25, 2015