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87 85% Adam (2009) - Jul 25, 2010
"Fantastically acted, beautifully shot and thoughtfully made. Byrne and Dancy have great chemistry and some scenes between them were absolutely heartbreaking. The ending is bittersweet and really caps off a great romantic comedy drama. I wish I had a Rose Byrne!"
100 99% Lost in Translation (2003) - Jul 05, 2009
"The ultimate friendship; Middle aged stuck in a rut actor meets beautiful twenty-something girl in Japan. They're both lost in some way and understand each other almost perfectly. The karaoke scene is my favourite scene from any movie ever. Amazing scenery, amazing soundtrack, amazing peformances. Amazing. "
79 58% High Fidelity (2000) - Jul 05, 2009
"Having read the book first I couldn't help but feel let down. The music references were good and John Cusack played a strangely American Rob well, but there was just something about it that didn't quite click. Maybe it was the moving of the setting from London to Chicago(?) or the fact that the record store was way to big in my opinion which didn't work but overall it was enjoyable and entertaining. A good laugh and sweet moments, not bad overall."