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I post all of my mini-reviews to letterboxd.com/KasperL, and I keep track of my favorite films at fb.com/favoritefilms

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90 T10 Her (2013) - Feb 27, 2014
"Sweet and emotional. The type of science fiction that I love: Jonze picks up on trends in our society that we're all subjected to to some extent - then he extrapolates. The near-future he imagines is believable and food for thought, and the way he treats his subjects, love and connection, commendably nuanced. Add award worthy acting, beautiful photography and a score by Arcade Fire and the result is, well, wonderful. This should prove a contemporary classic, and one that I plan to revisit often."
95 T10 The Tree of Life (2011) - Sep 21, 2011
"An original and often mesmerizing coming-of-age ode, providing intimacy and personal perspective. McCracken is brilliant. Malick and Lubezki stunningly let us share his childhood, presenting family dynamics, formative years and the beauty of enjoying everyday life. The setup about ways of living seems reductive initially but they are, I gather, merely ideals thrust upon Jack, serving as a tool for organizing his trip down memory lane. I'll choose the way of grace and forgive the nature sequence."
98 T10 The Matrix (1999) - Dec 31, 2013
"Iconic. The supporting characters are particularly unforgettable: Weaving's Agent Smith, Fishburne's Morpheus, The Pants' Cypher and Foster's Oracle is the stuff of legend. Thematically, it's the paranoid skeptic's wet dream. Part sci-fi pastiche, part revolutionary action cinema, 'The Matrix' is equally fascinating for its dense references and its groundbreaking visuals. And, to my mind, it hasn't dated in the decade and a half since it came out. It remains as cool and as entertaining as ever. "
98 T10 Inception (2010) - May 25, 2012
"Superiorly constructed; smart exposition escalates a complex plot, retaining clarity while managing to embed ambiguous elements. They provide, yes, an inception of the suspicion of an unreliable world that proves triumphantly pertinent to the poignant emotional core of the film and a superb thematic fit with the sci-fi world of the ontological mindfuck. Fascinating concepts abound (subconscious security/time dilation/limbo), leaving no room for clearly defined rules. Most entertaining film ever?"
95 T10 Boyhood (2014) - Feb 18, 2014
"A brilliantly observed slice of Americana about rites of passage, examining what it means to grow up. As much as I adore 'Before Sunrise', this unique, ambitious work about being a child and becoming an adult might top even that gem. Linklater's auteur traits are authenticity, recognizability and an ability to be moving and resonant in unforced ways. 'Boyhood' triggers our memory, thereby (like madeleine cakes and a portion of ratatouille before it) bending time and space, and makes us reflect."
96 T10 The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) - May 17, 2011
"One film to rule them all. Compared to the following parts this is smaller in scale. Instead, the magnitude of the quest is conveyed through the pitch-perfect telling of the fascinating myth (Blanchett's narration is amazing). So sit back, marvel at Jackson's epic realization of Tolkien's world, Shore's beautiful score and the fine performances all round (McKellen is Gandalf the Grey), and let around 3½ hour fly by. It's as good as fantasy gets. About as good as filmmaking gets, actually."
98 T10 Back to the Future (1985) - Aug 02, 2011
"The one-take opening. Marty skateboarding in the 50s to the tune of the glorious theme. George standing up to Biff. Doc's celebratory dance at the flaming tracks. This is undiluted movie magic. Zemeckis' film, beautifully strung together at a staggeringly high but always enjoyable pace, is filled with ingenious details so that, even upon endless rewatches, knowing the many iconic scenes by heart, I continue to adore every second! Funny and infinitely charming, it will remain one of my favorites."
90 T10 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982) - Oct 13, 2012
"No director creates movie magic like Spielberg, and just as any other reasonable child of my generation I have, of course, always adored 'E.T.'. In fact, I love it so dearly that I'm fundamentally suspicious of those mean enough to have placed what's obviously the best children's movie of all time below tier 9 and therefore (arguably unfairly) is of a good mind to remove them from my Kumpel list."
99 T10 Seven (1995) - May 15, 2010
"The quintessential thriller, Fincher's masterwork hasn't been matched since. By not witnessing the murders, the audience retains the perspective of the protagonists. Like them, we experience only the aftermath of the gruesomeness while the real impact of the film comes from the menacing (and classically noir) mood of hostility and complete and utter despair, brilliantly supported by both style, plot and characterization, all crystalizing the bleak theme of a world in utter disrepair. Perfection."
90 T10 The Cabin in the Woods (2012) - May 18, 2012
"To steer clear of spoilers is tricky. Suffice to say that certain ideas are drawn from a 1998 flick, adding substance to what's usually brainless. Whedon and Goddard provide us with exactly the moments and elements we've come to expect. But they go one further, asking: Why is it that we as an audience need these tropes to be present and correct? Even if the deconstruction aspect isn't your thing, the finale expands and delivers more geeky awesomeness than any genre fan could ask for. I loved it."