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Criticker Zealot - 5864 Film Ratings

Member Since: Oct 21, 2007

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Bio: My ratings explained:

95-100: Masterpieces and favorites
85-90: I loved it
75-80: Recommended
70: I liked it quite a bit
60: Pretty good
55: Average (or, I'm undecided)
40-50: Watchable
30: Bad
20: Terrible
0-10: Hopeless and/or offensive

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30 11% Joy (2015) - Jan 06, 2016
55 40% Dunkirk (2017) - Jul 20, 2017
"Impersonal. It's by design, but it's a mistake. For 'Dunkirk' plays more like a disaster movie than a war movie, and I needed a character to latch on to. Between Nolan's admittedly effective visual bombardments of my senses, and whenever Zimmer's woefully distracting and catastrophically overused score pulled me out of the experience, I found myself getting frustrated that I was unable to connect with it. Skillful though the editing may be, it fails to disguise the fact that the story is so-so."
100 99% City of God (2003) - Oct 21, 2007
"This amazing movie takes my breath away. A coming-of-age story, ambitiously raveled into numerous other plot strands, together forming a raw portrayal of crime and corruption in the favelas and of the inhabitants' dreams of power, escape, love etc. It's masterfully told and feels very authentic, yet all the while showcasing groundbreaking stylistic tricks. 'City of God' is my favorite movie of all time."
90 97% Coco (2017) - Mar 01, 2018
"Beautiful, both visually and thematically, and simply a joy to watch."
98 99% The Prestige (2006) - Jul 24, 2012
"Amazing and intricate story about obsession and deception. Each time I revisit Nolan's sly, moody, well-acted genrebender, I love it more. Knowing the tricks up his sleeve, one appreciates all the setups and misdirections. Alert first-time viewers will be able to predict some twists and turns of the plot but knowing Borden's secret early doesn't deflate the suspense, and resting on the belief that you've figured out the mystery should help pull the rug on you later. One of my all-time favorites."
90 97% Let the Right One In (2008) - Feb 07, 2010
"Truly original. Perfectly balanced. The mix of vampire-horror with a coming-of-age story of a bullied boy proves very potent because supernatural happenings to Oskar seem not that much more violent and weird than the everyday life of growing up. The kids are as great as the cinematography is brilliant. A wonderful surprise and the best film of 2008."
100 99% Mulholland Drive (2001) - Apr 16, 2012
"Lynch is undebatably a cinematic master. To be able to conceive and pull off telling a story this complex, ambiguous and - arguably - profound he must also be no less than a genius. The nature of the film's narrative lets the viewer solve (and forever reinterpret) his tantalizing riddle. I love Watts' effervescent performance, her character's audition, the Silencio show, the small bursts of comedy and, more than anything, the first scene at Winkie's, perhaps the best ever committed to celluloid."
90 97% Winter Sleep (2014) - Jan 15, 2015
"Excellent from beginning to end. The play-like dialogues are flawlessly acted, and they stay captivating because of the brilliant writing which intertwines the complex study of an interesting character with relevant observasions on human psychology, ethical conundrums and class differences."
100 99% Primer (2004) - Aug 13, 2010
"Never have I been so attentive and challenged during a first viewing. Pieces to the puzzle are there in plain sight and only one is missing, the one also unattainable by the protagonists, leaving some wiggleroom for further hypotheses. Given that the field of possibilities in a time travel movie is so immense, Carruth's most impressive accomplishment is actually that the meticulousness of his astonishingly complex narrative allows for a very precise reconstruction of "prior" events. Pure genius."
60 51% The Sound of Music (1965) - Mar 11, 2011
"♫ pre-dict-able plot-lines and chea-sy ro-man-ces ♫ o-ver-hyped clas-sics and mu-si-cal dan-ces ♫ wild-ly an-noy-ing small chil-dren who sing ♫ that will ne-ver be my fa-vo-rite thing (... but, hey, on the other hand, it's hard to truly hate this.)"