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Cinema Addict - 2091 Film Ratings

Member Since: Aug 11, 2013

Location: Germany

Bio: This is the water and this is the well. Drink full and descend. The horse is the white of the eyes and dark within.
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0% Pearl Harbor (2001) - Nov 05, 2018
"I was rating other movies while watching this one. But not even my full attention was needed to see how bad this movie is. Is it a war movie, is it a romance, is it utter bullshit? Fuck this movie and shame on you, Batman!"
57 35% The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (2018) - Nov 05, 2018
"This movie is called "The Nutcracker and the Four Realms". The nutcracker is only a side character and out of four realms, only one is of importance to the movie. It would really help the movie, if it would not be a "Nutcracker" adaption. So here are some better fitting titles: "Clara & The Fantasy Land", "Daddy cannot grieve so much because he has to hold this family together", "Of all her three children, Mommy loved you the most" or "KEIRA KNIGHTLEY, PLEASE STEP ON ME!!!""
62 45% Pain & Gain (2013) - Nov 05, 2018
"Some dumb people do some pretty bad stuff. The movie does a good job to show that the main characters are pretty terrible human beings. To make this a comedy though, they have to be somehow likeable, so they made the victim a total asshole. This makes the main characters somewhat good in relation because "that asshole had it coming". But since it's a true story, you shouldn't actually be rooting for them. And I'm not entirely sure if the movie manages to draw that line successfully. "
84 91% First Man (2018) - Nov 05, 2018
"A man gets fresh start while humanity's drive to progress further and further no matter the costs in money and human lives makes him go where no one's gone before. The performances, mostly Gosling and Foy, are great as are the dreadfully claustrophobic cockpit scenes. The moon landing (spoiler!) is a serene look at whether the trip was important and if the risks and losses were worth it. Side note: if you think Ryan Gosling is actually a lizard, this is not the movie to prove you wrong. "
73 71% Halloween (2018) - Nov 05, 2018
"Actually a quite good horror movie in its own right. With genuine dread coming from the character of Michael Myers and some great direction from Greene as well as a supreme performance from Jamie Lee Curtis who became somewhat insane as well after the events of the original. The ending might overdo it a little bit but that's ok. Its more awesome that way. "
67 58% Keanu (2016) - Nov 05, 2018
"Some really great Key & Peel humour makes this overlong sketch enjoyable enough to never overstay its welcome. But the thought that this rather should have been a couple of unrelated sketches never fully escapes you. Keanu is one cute kitten though. "
82 88% Project A (1983) - Nov 05, 2018
"Classic Jackie Chan movie with lots of jokes, great action scenes and a charming young Jackie. The bicycle scene is one of the great Jackie Chan scenes of all times. Fun, lots of fun!"
33 9% Battleship (2012) - Nov 05, 2018
"Remember playing Battleship? Remember that one side had actual boats and one side space ships and energy shilds? Remember an amputee soldier, your girlfriend and an IT guy on a sidequest to destroy said energy shields? Remember the special unit called Rihanna on a minigun? Remember becoming friends with old enemies to defeat an intergalactic threat? All while playing a simple board game... Me neither! "
65 52% Apostle (2018) - Nov 05, 2018
"Pretty boy Dan Stevens goes searching for his sister in some backwards hell cult. Nice scenery shots, some hellish horror motives and a great score make this enjoyable. Did I mention Dan Stevens is really pretty? Because he is. "
63 47% Hold the Dark (2018) - Oct 25, 2018
"Saulnier returns with another dark tale filled with violence though this time the movie is rather slow and quiet. While the performances are great, the movie never fully gains the potential it could have because it leans too far into the mystery."