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Cinema Addict - 2237 Film Ratings

Member Since: Aug 11, 2013

Location: Germany

Bio: This is the water and this is the well. Drink full and descend. The horse is the white of the eyes and dark within.
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62 44% Le mystère Henri Pick (2019) - Dec 12, 2019
"Not bad, but also not much."
61 41% Hwal (2005) - Dec 12, 2019
"Quiet. That's about it. Also, what is up with Kim Ki-Duk and boats?"
84 92% Marriage Story (2019) - Dec 12, 2019
""Acting was invented by Scarlett Johannson and Adam Driver in 2019" - some guy on Twitter. Jokes aside, with amazing performances from its leads, the movie looks into what was supposed to be an easy divorce and turns into a gut-wrenching tour-de-force for all parties involved as soon as the American legal system and money comes into the equation. Even though the context matter of the film is sad, 'Marriage Story' still is one of the funniest movies of the year."
23 4% 7500 (2019) - Dec 12, 2019
"Someone had the (not entirely bad) idea to make an airplane thriller which is filmed only from inside of the cockpit. Then someone managed to get Joseph Gordon-Levitt interested in starring in a German language film. And at that point everybody stopped to put any more effort into this movie. Gordon-Levitt does his absolute minimum. The script is terribly bad and predictable. The plot is fearmongering. This is why nobody wants to see German movies."
87 96% The Lighthouse (2019) - Dec 12, 2019
"Two men, one lighthouse and endless madness and insanity. Both leads are great and keep an element of mystery to their characters, which means you cannot trust either of them at any time. Truth and reality become blurred as both characters stumble deeper into the abyss. The bleak black and white scenery as well as the claustrophobic aspect ratio are a sight to behold."
80 86% Bad Times at the El Royale (2018) - Dec 12, 2019
"Fun Times at the El Royal for the viewer. Clever writing, great ensemble and always another twist up its sleeve to keep you wanting more."
76 78% Oasis (2002) - Dec 12, 2019
"A heartfelt romance between two people that society deemed unable to even have a relationship. The main characters are very sweet together and their families are among the worst in history. Even though the movie manages to make the romance work, the setup is too much built to fail which sadly makes the ending super predictable."
79 85% The Beach Bum (2019) - Dec 12, 2019
"A love song to the postmodern art of slacking very hard. Characters of varying levels of absurdity do their best to achieve a whole bunch of nothing. Somewhere in there is a deeper meaning about enjoying life to the fullest. Also, if your joints aren't as big as the joints in this movie, stop smoking immediatly, you poser."
69 61% Inferno (1980) - Dec 12, 2019
"Part two in Argento's "three witches" trilogy goes deeper into the lore beyond these infernal women. While still visually very appealling, it never reaches the fever dream level of 'Suspiria'. Still, an entertaining horror flick."
0% The Star Wars Holiday Special (1978) - Dec 12, 2019
"The longest 90 minutes of my life. I am considering not to watch movies anymore."