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Celluloid Junkie - 3059 Film Ratings

Member Since: Apr 9, 2006

Bio: My favorite genres are the western, horror, and comedy. I am currently getting more into older and foreign films, and I'm not a big fan of musicals or rom-coms. Right now my favorite film is The Third Man (1949).
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74 24% Death Curse of Tartu (1966) - Sep 15, 2021
"This movie plays out just as a Hammer Studios film would, which is neat. Gotta dig that fun low budget monster flick feel sometimes. "
77 30% Sting of Death (1965) - Sep 15, 2021
"Giant killer jellyfish man goes on a murder spree. Over a woman, of course!"
79 32% The Brain Eaters (1958) - Sep 13, 2021
"Pretty decent flick that has some quality alien parasite oriented moments. This flick wisely sticks to a short run time. Also yey more 1950s Cold War paranoia. "
75 27% Dark Star (1974) - Sep 12, 2021
81 40% Mohawk (2017) - Sep 12, 2021
71 21% The Pale Door (2020) - Sep 10, 2021
"Begins a bit too slow even for me, then finally becomes interesting midway through. The cast makes up for a pretty thin story. "
73 23% Chillerama (2011) - Sep 10, 2021
"The zombie and Wadzilla ones worked the best. The were bear one was kind of amusing. The Frankenstein segment was meh. Still fun enough at times. "
90 66% VFW (2019) - Sep 08, 2021
"So much gore. Solid channeling of John Carpenter and other violent bottle episode flicks with a cast that papers over some of the lesser elements. "
83 44% The Dead Pit (1989) - Sep 08, 2021
"I liked this one-creepy atmosphere, good setting, likable characters and a finale that dials up the crazy really high. "
45 7% Hellmaster (1992) - Sep 05, 2021
"Some hilariously bad acting and dialogue is not helped by the characters making decisions that are dumb even by slasher movie standards. John Saxon doesn't chew enough scenery to pop up this early 1990s turkey. "