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Movie Buff - 395 Film Ratings

Member Since: Feb 5, 2018

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Bio: Movies are pretty cool. If you also think movies are pretty cool you should message me to discuss or argue said movies. My current ratings are super out of whack right now because I just updated it a bunch. Generally if something is below a 70 I think it sucks.
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96 97% Spirited Away (2001) - Feb 05, 2018
"Not my favorite animated film ever, but I feel fully comfortable calling it the best. Creativity and imagination ooze out of every stunning frame of animation. "
63 24% 300 (2007) - Aug 15, 2019
"The Spartans are hot and they get to stab lots of evil brown people with their giant, thick, powerful... "spears". It is dumb, racist, and also very fun to watch."
100 99% There Will Be Blood (2007) - Feb 05, 2018
"This is a film where you watch the soul of America burn. Also Daniel Day-Lewis is in it, and I've heard he's a pretty good actor."
72 41% The Imitation Game (2014) - Feb 05, 2018
"What's that in the sky? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's oscar-bait!"
53 17% The Assassin (2015) - Aug 15, 2019
"Even Sherlock Holmes wouldn't be able to figure what the hell happened in this movie. I can understand why somebody might love this movie and that my own attention span might be holding my enjoyment back, but I can't stand art that feels deliberately obtuse."
73 44% House of Flying Daggers (2004) - Aug 15, 2019
"Beautiful but boring. One interesting thing about the movie is that for most of it we have no idea who these characters are. We never know how sincere or duplicitous the characters are being because they are all playing a role. In addition, the background of political revolution is pure window dressing that is meant to be inconsequential in the face of the more important love story. These two factors stopped me from latching on to any narrative element of the film."