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100 99% Detachment (2011) - Mar 31, 2012
" I simply hope some will take notice and appreciate it for what it is. But you gotta commit to watching it all. If I'd have had to quit in the middle, I probably wouldn't have gone back to finish it either. After all this re-consideration, I'm upgrading it to a 10/10--Masterpiece. Available on VOD. "
95 98% The Tree of Life (2011) - Jun 11, 2011
"I just saw it and the visuals are exquisite. There were segments scattered around that made me think Kubrick would have done this with 2001 if he'd had the technology back in '68 (Trumbull was F/X adv.). The cinematography is groundbreaking with its many original sights and perspectives. He keeps you off balance but in a good way. And the underlying issue is laid out with the opening quote from the book of Job: "Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth?...What supports its fou"
90 94% The Angels' Share (2012) - May 04, 2013
"The title had me wondering if it was gonna be a religious ambush flick, but it turned out to be one of the best titles in a long time--using the explanation given in the middle combined with the ending. It's a real independent gem, using little known actors (except for Roger Allam) with a dramedy story that goes where you would never guess from how it begins. It's filmed on location in a more authentic modern Scotland than I've ever seen in film ever. The language is listed as English, so w [Read Full Review]"
90 94% Lucy (2014) - Jul 25, 2014
"This one has really grown on me. From the fantastic use of nature footage (especially the parallel use of the cheetah/gazelle footage), the casual humor, to the story that pushes the limits of reality into surreal visuals--and pulls back just before I'm about to go "awww c'mon!" (in almost every case), it was an excellent ride. Morgan Freeman is in his usual character of late, though he has a little more to work with, and SJ is perfect. She starts off as the bimbo with the looser boyfriend then [Read Full Review]"
95 98% End of Watch (2012) - Sep 22, 2012
"Intense. Funny. Courageous. Full of Life. Full of Love. Powerful performances. Unique ending. Gyllenhaal and Peña are great together, and show what a colorblind society would look like. Anna Kendrick is an absolute dynamo in cute. She and Gyllenhaal do a knockout dance together. "
70 54% The Big Short (2015) - Dec 24, 2015
"OK, first off, there ain't near enough humor in it for it to be labeled a comedy. And yeah, it's an incomplete picture, but only because it pulls up short at every opportunity it had to present the whole story. The scene with the model in the bubble-bath sipping champagne while mulling over the implications of all those sub-prime mortgages came as close as it got to spilling the beans. Then there was the ditsy former government regulator who was now on the payroll of the p [Read Full Review]"
90 94% Nightcrawler (2014) - Nov 01, 2014
"Really dark look of what is ultimately a widespread insatiable social disease, sensational gore, and the lengths those who provide it will go to. I'm sure the drug cartels could learn a thing or two about ruthlessness from Louis Bloom. This and "End of Watch" are bookends to the amazing range of Gyllenhaal's talent. To borrow a line from "Her", He's a really creepy dude."
100 99% Black Snake Moan (2007) - Feb 25, 2009
" Outstanding performances, soundtrack and story. Anybody who doesn't enjoy Ricci's sexy performance as well as Jackson's great breadth leading up to his juke joint climax, doesn't have a soul."
100 99% (500) Days of Summer (2009) - Aug 11, 2009
"From the opening disclaimer to the narrator's final comment, this is a unique film. Everything clicks from the music to the stellar performances, but most of all what makes it a masterpiece for me is the message--and you don't really know what that is until the very end. This was a love story obviously written by a man who'd been been raked over the coals with his loss. It's a wake up call for all the soul-maters and star crossed fate-mongers out there. It is so righteous."
90 94% Savages (2012) - Jul 24, 2012
"As an off again on again fan of Oliver Stone, I think this is probably his best, including Platoon. Belongs at the pinnacle of the war on drugs genre along with Blow and Traffic. Casting, screenplay, savage action, dialogue, message and even the very innovative ending are all excellent. Del Toro does the sadistic, if not too bright, enforcer as well as it can be done, and Travolta as the glib, asshole DEA agent deserves the jerk-of-the-year award. But Salma Hayek delivers the most profound line [Read Full Review]"