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10 1% Sundown (2022) - Feb 06, 2022
"It started off an a crashing, depressing bore, and went downhill, step by step, from there. Almost as bad as "Melancholia"....almost."
40 8% The French Dispatch (2021) - Oct 23, 2021
"I keep trying to like his stuff but this was worse than most in spite of Ed Norton and Bill Murray--who delivered it's one good line, twice, "Try to make it sound like you intended to write it that way." To be fair, I may have nodded off for 5 or 10 minutes, so."
40 8% Lamb (2021) - Oct 13, 2021
"Beyond its ignoring the elephant, er lamb, in the room, it's gotta be THE strangest movie of all time. And you think they'd at least have had a non-obscure ending in store, but noooo. Sequel hunting???? The only positives, it isn't a horror movie, at least not a typical one, (sick, more like it), and the dialogue is so limited the subtitles didn't detract significantly."
0% Dear Evan Hansen (2021) - Sep 25, 2021
"It's like dialogue with notes dribbled on it like a Jackson Pollock drip painting. Think sing-talk, or contemporary religious music, which are all completely uninspired. The story could have been good but Disney was so busy slipping in LGBTQ references, it got left in the dust. And what's happened to one of my top favorites, Amy Adams, though there's little she could have done with the part--except maybe get back to her "American Hustle" svelte goddess. IOW, as wasted as Platt's singing voice is"
100 99% Pig (2021) - Aug 11, 2021
"....or those who hock their brains for popcorn in the lobby. But if you're in the to 90%, you'll like it at the very least. This is "Pig", the movie. There's one phrase that captures the spirit of this movie, supernaturally unpretentious. And that spirit is maintained from the very title, through Cage's superb performance (best since "Moonstruck"), to the end credits. It was shot on a low (no promotion budget) budget, so much so that they didn't even use a trained pig, which bit Nicolas Cage se"
80 80% Wrath of Man (2021) - Jun 13, 2021
"Dark, intense, brutal, one of Statham's better films."
40 8% Cruella (2021) - May 29, 2021
"Over-the-top inane and silly with touches of slapstick, all to make victimhood an acceptable excuse for one's bad behavior. First, Estella (the future Cruella) is subject to a string of white, male, incompetent authority figures who unwittingly precondition her for the ultimate baddie, the Baroness. It's hard to go any further into this prequel without some spoilers, but suffice it to say that this Cruella bares no resemblance to the once and future puppy killer. Disney has turned stereo [Read Full Review]"
80 80% My Octopus Teacher (2020) - Mar 21, 2021
"Yeah, the hyper sentimentality can easily be misrepresented as anthropomorphic, but this documentary of octopus intelligence fits with what I've read in other sources, especially its curiosity. At least he didn't give "her" a name. Her year-long story and what he went through to get it is phenomenal."
90 93% Wild Mountain Thyme (2020) - Dec 19, 2020
"Who'd have thunk I'd rate a streaming romantic dramedy a 10, but that's where I am with this. Well, it's 2020 after all, and the cast, story, witty dialogue and cinematography (a cold word for something that can take your breath away) worthy of the lush Irish countryside, and the many special ironic moments (Blunt dancing as Tchaikovsky's White Swan in combat boots, and as Rosemary singing "Wild Mountain Thyme"). Maybe I'm too starved for quality, but I don't think so. (10/10, Amazon-$$$)."
80 80% Let Him Go (2020) - Nov 10, 2020
"Very intense, worthwhile drama."