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69 26% Phantom of the Paradise (1974) - Oct 22, 2018
82 70% Icarus (2017) - Oct 21, 2018
"A thrilling documentary that explores the farce of institutional oversight of athletics and the political value of sport, essentially exploring its vulnerabilities to massive corruption. It also questions the social purpose of the Olympics and other global sporting events if they just become illigitmate, complex opportunities for political public relations. Important."
84 80% Eighth Grade (2018) - Oct 21, 2018
"You don't realize how inadequately that most awkward period of pre-teen adolescence has been portrayed in TV and film until something devoted to the purest authenticity and empathy comes along and reminds you exactly how it felt to grow up. This movie provides perspective for adults and guidance for kids (and vice versa). What more can you ask for from a movie about youth?"
76 47% Whiplash (2014) - Oct 21, 2018
"A movie as intense and engaging as its reputation claims, but I'm not particularly comfortable with what the movie has to say about anything. Miles Teller's petulant and unsympathetic behavior and J.K. Simmons' abuses in the name of "art" and "greatness" get essentially zero pushback (and are even encouraged, considering the triumphant ending). It's a little more nuanced than that, and it is a good watch, but as far as I can tell, it's ultimately a pretty gross ode to extreme narcissism."
81 65% Reds (1981) - Oct 20, 2018
"A look at an under-explored period in American history that engages with the major political questions of the 20th century with a nuance rare even in small budget films, centered the volatility of love in the midst of political and creative turmoil—a framing almost never undertaken by romantic movies without being overwrought. Somehow the synthesis works, though the film can be tedious and struggles at certain critical points. Also Diane Keaton steals scenes for over 3 hours, which is great."
83 75% The Age of Innocence (1993) - Oct 18, 2018
"A stunning departure for Scorsese, yet one that embodies his passion for classical cinema style. He utilizes iris shots, slow fades, and moody lighting to capture the tender romance of the movie, but he also occasionally taps into more experimental techniques which reveal the depth of layers at work. The real star is the delicate script, which brings period-appropriate dialogue and a sprawling structure together for a rich and immersive adaptation—surely one of the best for this style of novel"
0% Truth or Dare (2017) - Oct 15, 2018
"A movie so bad it made me not want to watch another bad horror movie for the rest of Halloween season. Now I have nothing to watch."
89 91% Hunger (2008) - Oct 15, 2018
"A singular look at the human limits of violence, dignity, and will. McQueen digs into the extremes of praxis and ideological dedication to the point of destruction of the body and soul, not only for the prisoners, but for the guards as well, who seem to lose themselves to authoritarian dogma. This is done with a degree of visceral physicality that really challenges the audience to understand the clash between the animal and ideological at play in political resistance, and it's simply brilliant."
81 65% Sorry to Bother You (2018) - Oct 13, 2018
"We need many more movies like this. Sure, the plot jumps between ideas too frequently, the spontaneity can be disorienting, and the movie as a whole could've used more emotional heft to balance against the near constant irony and cynicism (the romance doesn't particularly work, for starters), but these errors of form aren't enough to take away from the vital political and creative core, because as wide in scope or style as it gets, it never stops advocating for a relentless pursuit of humanity."
80 59% Blonde Venus (1932) - Oct 08, 2018
"Unfairly maligned, I actually think this is among the most complex and developed of von Sternberg's sound melodramas. The movie makes use of more complicated relationships to touch on motherhood, show business, and class in deeper ways. Each of the characters are morally rich, as well, which makes it far more relatable than von Sternberg's flatter work. There are many pacing and character issues, but overall, its a charmer, and quite thematically advanced for Hollywood's early sound era."