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88 T10 Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011) - Oct 01, 2012
"A spy movie where no one gets blown up? What the hell is this? The best spy movie I've ever seen--real style, beautiful, moody cinematography, good editing, excellent, understated performances, intelligent writing, even a decent score (and as a musician I'm annoyed by movie scores more often than not). A suspense movie for thinking people: be prepared to do some."
92 T10 Solas (1999) - Jul 09, 2008
"Beautiful and moving--at times, gut-wrenchingly so. Fantastic acting, especially by María Galiana, who plays the Mother--a classic example of "less is more" when it comes to acting."
93 T10 Deception (1946) - Jul 12, 2008
"Tremendous fun--two no-holds-barred, over-the-top performances (Davis and Rains) and one serviceably bland one (Henreid), fabulous sets, some deliciously purple writing, and a wonderful score by Erich Korngold. This is the sort of movie that gives melodrama a good name!"
82 T9 The Secret Life of Words (2005) - Aug 03, 2010
"Some really wonderful material here, sabotaged somewhat by the director's style. The scenes between Sarah Polley and the great Tim Robbins are fantastic--they achieve an intense, almost naked intimacy that is striking, yet the jiggling of the hand-held camera dissipates the intensity in a most unwelcome manner. And Ms. Coixet seems to have NO idea how to end a scene. Still, there's more than enough beauty to compensate--even for the awful, embarrassing narration that opens and closes the movie."
12 T1 Area 407 (2012) - Jan 19, 2013
"Apparently the dialogue was almost entirely ad-libbed by the actors, which is strangely comforting--at least no one is actually guilty of writing those lousy lines. The ending is great: everyone gets their due, and those irritating twats finally shut the fuck up."
12 T1 A Heavenly Vintage (2009) - Aug 01, 2012
"Pretty cinematography and pretty actors cannot save this mess. It's possible there's a way to tell this story of men, angels and crops in a way that doesn't make it seem ridiculous, but it's difficult to imagine. Having the actors actually speak some of their lines, rather than whisper--or, more accurately, croak--most of them would be a good place to start."
T1 What Dreams May Come (1998) - Jun 21, 2008
"Psychobabble: The Movie! The writing is the kind of smug, sophomoric writing where EVERYTHING sounds like a cliché, even when it isn't (which is almost never), and the whole mess is capped by a New-Age retelling of the Orpheus legend, with an underworld populated by countless kvetching souls. Robin Williams has two modes here: twinkly, calculated lovability and scrappy earnestness--it's impossible to say which one is more annoying. The whole thing is utterly nauseating. "