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50 91% Knives Out (2019) - Jan 08, 2022
"A great twist on a who-dunnit The purposely overdone acting by this awesome cast really added to the humor and enjoyment of this movie"
25 11% Dorian Gray (2009) - Dec 19, 2021
"I loved the book and enjoyed one of the older versions, but unfortunately, even pretty Ben Barnes couldn't save this version."
40 52% The Covenant (2006) - Dec 15, 2021
"an hour and a half watching good looking guys - oh yeah, there was also a movie This was an ok movie. It had a bit of The Lost Boys vibe, only without the iconic humor. I liked the premise. I just think it could have been better had they developed it more and given the actors some better dialog."
30 20% Avatar (2009) - Dec 13, 2021
"I see you... a 3 hour cliche "
43 63% Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) - Dec 11, 2021
"Spider-Man is a cute, pretty much good kid who just wants to be useful. His friends are fun and help make this movie good. But then we come to Stark's involvement. Like everything he's in, the movie ends up with how Stark started out doing bad stuff but "redeemed" himself yet the bad guy did pretty much the same thing Stark Enterprises started out as, but he will still remain a criminal. This movie would have been better had Stark stayed out of it. "
47 87% Doctor Strange (2016) - Dec 07, 2021
33 25% Iron Man 3 (2013) - Nov 14, 2021
"I feel like Bruce Banner at the end. Tony Stark just isn't that interesting. The movie was pretty stupid. Stark's past caught up with him again. What else is new? I didn't care enough about him in his first two movies and I still don't. The storyline was lacking and the action was meh."
40 52% Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) - Nov 13, 2021
"cute but corny reminds me of something I would have watched in the early 70s"