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Cinema Addict - 2137 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jan 31, 2009

Location: Tacoma, WA, USA

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Bio: Like the rest of us, self-diagnosed movie snob.
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65 35% True Grit (1969) - Feb 24, 2020
"While True Grit is a great story, I do find myself liking this quite a bit less than many other Wayne outings. Rooster Cogburn is essentially a slight more sour version of Wayne himself, and I really can't believe this ended up being his Oscar win. The performance, for me, is grating. I did love seeing Hopper and Duvall show up in supporting roles. This is a fine western, but not a great one. "
30 4% Kill Chain (2019) - Feb 22, 2020
"This doesn't make much sense, but just wait until the end where Cage just tells you what happened. Shot entirely in the dark, poorly. "
63 31% The Rainmaker (1997) - Feb 22, 2020
"I bet the costume department was happy when they figured out that Mickey Rourke already owned his costume. The Rainmaker is typical of most Gresham adaptations in that is a perfectly serviceable Sunday afternoon movie. Everyone is entertaining enough and there is enough inspirational monologues to make your parents smile. "
84 83% Atlantic City (1980) - Feb 21, 2020
"I don't think it is possible to shoot Atlantic City in a way to make it look good, and certainly that is a benefit in Malle's film. The crumbling heights of yesteryear echo the fading of Burt Lancaster's self importance and power. The question is whether he (or the city) really ever was that special, or was it just fantasy. While the script lacks some nuance toward its conclusion, this really is a great character piece in that late 70s gritty kid of way. Very enjoyable. "
60 25% A Score to Settle (2019) - Feb 20, 2020
"I've decided not to be one of the revisionist Cage lovers and, thus, I need to go back and watch his direct-to-video films. Here we go. This isn't bad. There is a twist that is bonkers and doesn't really have a major impact on the plot, but it is entertaining. Cage is solid, though his very stagger-y/foggy performance in the latter half is a bit tiresome."
25 3% Sliver (1993) - Feb 19, 2020
"Right in the middle of that lets-see-Sharon-Stone-naked-again phase in the early 90s, Sliver is a complete bore. This so-called psycho-sexual thriller has very little thrills but it does have a lot of William Baldwin doing his best impression of an actor. This is bad. "
30 4% Yesterday (2019) - Feb 18, 2020
"While Lilly James is lovely, I do think you’d spend your time better watching clips of Beatles’ songs on YouTube. That’s all this is good for as the story is one premise taken to two hours. No jokes and no Wonderwall."
85 86% The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962) - Feb 17, 2020
"Ford's complicated disassembly of his classic heroes is on full display. Jimmy Stewart slowly allows his values to be compromised, but it is Wayne's observation of this that is most damaging. I think when Ford takes a look at his own mythology is when he becomes the most interesting. "
80 71% Honey Boy (2019) - Feb 16, 2020
"The movie that has us all reevaluating Shia LaBeouf is probably one the most laying-it-all-out-there films I've seen. LaBeouf is great both in front of and behind the camera with his heart-wrenching explanation for his behavior. Alma Har'el's direction is also really something with a pace that does its own thing and a dream-like atmosphere. "
35 6% In the Shadow of the Moon (2019) - Feb 14, 2020
"This is a full steak dinner. I mean this is so over-stuffed with genre and plot that I found myself tired midway through. The first act is actually quite good with its gritty 1988 police procedural. After that, we get further and further from everything that I like. Once again, Michael C Hall continues to be under used in this post-Six Feet Under/Dexer world we live in. "