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Cinema Addict - 2095 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jan 31, 2009

Location: Tacoma, WA, USA

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Bio: Like the rest of us, self-diagnosed movie snob.
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30 4% Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 (1987) - Dec 13, 2019
"Significantly worse than its predecessor, part two of the infamous Xmas “classic” is lazy. The first half just reminds me that I’d rather be watching part one. Eric Freeman’s performance is certainly one for the ages. His eyebrows should have a separate billing."
60 25% Ready or Not (2019) - Dec 09, 2019
"While Ready or Not isn’t incredibly unique, Samara Weaving is worth watching in anything. Her grit and frustrated screams elevate this pulp to something almost palpable. The nightmarish mansion is full of ridiculous characters doing ridiculous things."
78 65% Where Is the Friend's Home? (1987) - Nov 30, 2019
"Duty and integrity doesn’t have an age limit. Kiarostami lays out a seemingly simple task but with vital life lessons. Beautifully done."
75 58% Vuelven (2017) - Nov 30, 2019
"The blend of genres that Issa Lopez pulls off is a very satisfying way to tell a story. The storytelling and the performances from each child actor are what shine. The narrative gets pretty heavy handed, but this is understandable with such dark material. "
90 95% The Irishman (2019) - Nov 29, 2019
"Scorsese's wise-guy epics of the past are often unjustly judged to be a glorification of violence due to their energy and technical prowess. The Irishman takes out all possibility that one might look to these type of men as cool. This story is profoundly sad in its depiction of a life that will only bring misery. I found Pesci to the most compelling in his calm mannerisms and hundred mile stares. If this were to be the last hurrah for the main players involved, it would be quite the swan song. "
70 45% Arctic (2019) - Nov 28, 2019
"Arduous, to say the least. I am a Mads Mikkelsen fan, so watching him brave the cold is enough to keep me entertained. It isn't anything new, but watching someone get the shit kicked out of him by nature is great. "
75 58% Road Games (1981) - Nov 27, 2019
"A mix of The Hitcher, Hitchcock, and Stacey Keach just being great. All the weird sounds, music, and locals are show up as is most Ozploitation, and then there is this bizarre little thriller that rides on the back of Keach. Really enjoyable, even if it is tonally uneven."
77 62% Beloved (1998) - Nov 25, 2019
"Whew, ambitious. There isn’t really anything like Beloved our there. Demme was not the obvious choice for Toni Morrison’s tale of guilt, magical realism, and slavery. The performances are big and the narrative is far from linear. Demme’s colors and characteristic eye line are there, but there is a bit of a mess to keep this from something great."
75 58% The Plague Dogs (1982) - Nov 25, 2019
"An arduous journey for the dogs equates to a quite difficult journey for the audience as well. Everything is just so sad. The tone is almost nightmarish with a conclusion that, again, is so freaking sad. Watch with caution."
74 55% A Bluebird in My Heart (2018) - Nov 22, 2019
"As a sucker for the "ex-cons-with-a-heart-of-gold-genre", I found this little indie quite enjoyable. Its tone and protagonist are its highlights, while the score ties everything together to create a dark moody drama. Worth seeking out."