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Cinema Addict - 2038 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jan 31, 2009

Location: Tacoma, WA, USA

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Bio: Like the rest of us, self-diagnosed movie snob.
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66 37% Glass (2019) - Aug 22, 2019
"The push back against M. Night's surprise trilogy conclusion really is probably heightened by the era of Marvel. Fans of Unbreakable were suddenly excited to see a character shake some dust off of his shoulders and get to work on Acting-Class-McAvoy. Instead, as per usual, M. Night gives us a movie at his own pace with a message that is timely. The 60 plus minutes of subdued tone is sometimes clunky but totally fascinating. "It's okay to be different," wins the day."
63 30% Aquaman (2018) - Aug 19, 2019
"Do you like movies? Good. But, do you like the MOST movie? Yeah it’s this. There are like 40 different locations, eye lasers, Avatar colors, 10 million dollars spent on wavy hair CGI, Nicole Kidman trident-fucking storm troopers, and a Sigur Ros needle drop. The script is awful but all the ‘stuff’ makes for a decent two hour romp. Oh, it’s almost 2.5? Christ.."
79 67% The Hired Hand (1971) - Aug 19, 2019
"Contemplative and lonely, Fonda’s western is a bit of a forgotten gem. The story is about duty and friendship in a time where both seem hard to maintain. Really great New Hollywood."
86 88% Possession (1981) - Aug 15, 2019
"Utter madness. This is a film that leaves you exhausted as it progresses through the horror of a marriage unraveling. There is obviously a lot to unpack here as Zulawski leaves much up to interpretation. The film's dizzying photography adds to the sense of being lost in these characters' hopelessness. Understanding polarizing. "
80 70% The Beach Bum (2019) - Aug 12, 2019
"Harmony Korine has slowly crept his way into becoming a pretty stellar filmmaker. The pieces were all there before, but they were so dirty it was often hard to decipher. Let's be clear, Moondog is also dirty, but Korine's brightly colored photography distracts from it. This is aggressively 2019."
80 70% Police Story (1985) - Aug 07, 2019
"So. Much. Glass. Jackie Chan channels his inner Buster Keaton in his typical dopey-stunt-extravaganza."
75 58% Model Shop (1969) - Aug 07, 2019
"Breathless in 1969 L.A. Demy brings his usual vibrant colors in a dreamy and lonely film. You can see where Tarantino got his images for Brad Pitt driving in OUATIH."
81 75% The Miracle Worker (1962) - Aug 01, 2019
"The melodrama is often thick, but the performances by the two leads are so impressive that they push through. That breakfast scene is one of the most exhausting things I've ever seen. "
65 35% Equus (1977) - Jul 29, 2019
"One of the ultimate "blank checks" as you have to wonder what made Lumet and studio execs think this would sell. Very BIG performances."
90 95% Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019) - Jul 29, 2019
"As Tarantino matures, so settles his manic filled stories. His tribute to the waning moments of the Golden Age of Hollywood is filled with pop-culture, needle drops, and an atmosphere thick enough to make you sweat. But it is the sadness of the story and the time spent with these characters against this masterful backdrop that really makes this likely one of his greatest films. "