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Cinema Addict - 1359 Film Ratings

Member Since: Aug 28, 2008

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Age: 169

Bio: Born in Istanbul.
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37 17% Bartu Ben (2018) - Jan 24, 2021
"Bartu Ben'de Bartu'yu canlandırsın diye sıfırdan bir Bartu tasarlanmış olsa bu kadar yapmacık olmazdı."
91 96% One Strange Rock (2018) - Jan 24, 2021
"After very unsuccessful efforts like The Fountain, The Wrestler and Noah -oh Noah!-, I am very happy to see Aranofsky coming to his senses and showing his versatility in genre and cinematography with this intriguing and inspiring documentary."
79 75% Casino (1995) - Jan 18, 2021
"An honest and misogynistic look into US mobs' inner workings. If I am not mistaken Scorsese's camera movements have never been so experimental. Were Joe Pesci's eyebrows always like that?"
75 62% Germany Year Zero (1948) - Jan 17, 2021
72 55% Berlin: Symphony of a Great City (1927) - Jan 15, 2021
"Great cinematography. Almost contemporary."
67 43% State of Play (2009) - Jan 12, 2021
"From Ben Affleck's resume: I will play any role as long as it is an asshole (my name is the mispronunciation of Asslick), who does bad things but there are others who did worse, so I don't show like a complete asshole, my mistakes are humane, I have no ulterior motives unlike the other assholes, some of whom are my wives."
53 24% Azizler (2021) - Jan 10, 2021
"Eğlenceli mi? Eğlenceli, bir skeçler topluluğu. Kusura bakmayın sevgili bir sürü erkek oyuncular ama Göktuğ Yıldırım hepinizi hallaç pamuğu gibi atmış."
75 62% Ahlat Agaci (2018) - Jan 05, 2021
"I suspect NBC is trying something here that I do not entirely comprehend. First of all, the weight of comedians in the cast, keeps you in check the entire time, is this a comedy, or a tragic comedy? Second, the mental asynchronicity and the feeling of superficiality creates an ever-lasting alienation. Third, cinematographically, this is maybe the least NBC movie of all NBC movies. "
86 91% HyperNormalisation (2016) - Jan 03, 2021
78 71% Captain Phillips (2013) - Jan 02, 2021