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65 68% La belle époque (2019) - Mar 21, 2020
"la belle epoque dials the frenchness to an eleven, basically hitting all the right spots on its nostalgia binge. auteil is very good, doria tillier is "so beautiful" and canet is his usual self, i guess. "la belle epoque" is, all in all, a by the numbers french romantic comedy, but the thing is those french bastards do these movies really well."
50 28% The Invisible Man (2020) - Mar 21, 2020
"somewhat serviceable. casting of moss is spot on. she has the look and physicality of an abused woman to a tee. the rest of the movie is predictably low shelf. it's not bad by no means, and has some cool tidbits and such, but in the end not that memorable."
65 68% Jojo Rabbit (2019) - Feb 22, 2020
"comparisons to anderson's style are justified. i'm not quite sure if waihiti wanted to achieve this or it was just accidental, it does feel a lot like wes's work. the only difference is that this movie is somewhat tonally inconsistent, it doesn't know what it it tries to be, a heartfelt dramedy or an off beat absurd comedy. there are some jarring plot points which completely throw off the viewer. it's good, just not that great."
30 8% Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn (2020) - Feb 22, 2020
"i don't know what i'd expect from the sequel to the suicide squad. birds of prey is par for the course, it's basically the same level of bad, but not as bad because it doesn't have as many shitty characters as the suicide squad movie. so it's a quantity issue, not a quality issue. hats off to ruining two very interesting villains as well. sionis was reduced to whooping coke head and zsazs became a fucking henchman. sarcastic slow clap to dceu, for sticking to the shitty quality."
80 91% Honeyland (2019) - Feb 22, 2020
"it's supposed to be a documentary, but it's so surreal in its "verité" it's hard to disregard the exceptional narrative this film has. hatidze is an amazing person, literally the last of her kind, her village, and her era. this film presents a slice of history, a chapter that's been closing since the end of the century. amazingly shot, well worth the oscar nod."
60 47% The Gentlemen (2020) - Feb 22, 2020
"it's fun alright, though i feel like i've seen this movie before. it is, highly watchable, but all in all entirely forgettable. ritchie seems to have let go of his trademark editing tricks on this one, making it a much more mainstream experience. "
70 79% The Farewell (2019) - Feb 01, 2020
"the farewell is a love letter to "nai-nais" everywhere. a lot of the emotional impact will be wasted if you don't have eastern heritage, or not an immigrant in general. but it captures the dynamics of eastern families perfectly. for those who complain about the ending, real life is not a tom hanks movie. you say a half-hearted goodbye to your loved ones, and you leave them behind to never see them again. there's no catharsis, just bitterness. farewell portrays this beautifully."
65 68% I Lost My Body (2019) - Feb 01, 2020
"there are some genuine gems in this one. the diaphone sequence, the little boy recording sounds, the memories of the child growing up. it somewhat wallows in its pity, but this is what it is, a melancholic, surreal movie. excellent soundtrack also add to the experience."
70 79% Kelebekler (2018) - Jan 25, 2020
"i avoid turkish comedies with a passion, but i had heard good things about kelebekler and decided to give it a shot. it's quite possibly the best turkish comedy in decades, if not the best turkish movie. there are times it gets clunky, but it's a sincere effort and it genuinely tries to break the mold. for non-turkish viewers, this is definitely not the overrated arthouse "turkish-in-quotations" cinema. it's a down-to-earth, heartfelt experience, and you should see it."
40 15% Isn't It Romantic (2019) - Jan 25, 2020
"i like rebel wilson but i totally didn't buy the "bashing the rom-coms" sales pitch. it's still a comedy, and relies on "funny because she's fat" jokes. i think rebel's talent is being wasted on these movies. and by the way, stop trying to make adam devine a thing. fetch has a better chance of being a thing than adam devine."