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50 27% Café Society (2016) - Jan 22, 2023
"it's meh all around. allen relies heavily on the charm of the era and what it represents. carell feels out of time. eisenberg and stewart's chemistry is somewhat lacking. the real issue is the absence of an actual ending, everything sort of fizzle out. on a positive note, stunning "normal rockwell" photography and no-fuss editing make the film highly watchable."
40 15% True Story (2015) - Jan 19, 2023
"I can't quite put my finger on what's wrong with this one, mostly it's the sluggish pacing and the story (even though real) that goes nowhere. hill can pull off a serious drama but he somehow falters here, although I suspect it's more of a directing problem. may be watchable if you're heavy into true crime, otherwise, pass."
63 58% American Factory (2019) - Jan 08, 2023
"good pace, good editing, very watchable. somewhat concerning for the americans, i guess."
60 46% The Rainmaker (1997) - Dec 13, 2022
"it's decent enough, but nothing mind blowing here. it'd be a quite by the numbers courtroom drama if it weren't for the outstanding cast. voight and devito carried much of the movie. damon does all right, considering the fact this is one of his first leading roles. a subtle, low-brow 90s hollywood affair."
65 68% Fourth of July (2022) - Oct 02, 2022
"it's pretty decent. louis does have a flair for directing. list's performance is pretty good too. not groundbreaking, but allright."
50 27% Thor: Love and Thunder (2022) - Sep 15, 2022
"i'm down with the silliness, but the general tone of the film doesn't quite jive with the story arc, which was actually quite sad. this emotional dissonance (which seems to be waititi's trademark) brings the movie down. Marvel seems to be running out of ideas and rapidly depleting characters. portman's transformation seems to be totally wasted as a side story."
63 58% Nope (2022) - Aug 31, 2022
"the material is not that hot but somehow Peele manages to squeeze the most out of it. if this script had gone to a faceless studio director, the outcome would be horrible. peele's original idea might be "meh" but his execution is pretty good."
30 7% Aslı Gibidir (2019) - Jun 12, 2022
"aslı is talented but she should probably stick to sketch comedy. you can't string a bunch of vignettes and hope that it works."
65 68% Top Gun: Maverick (2022) - Jun 11, 2022
"yes, it's very hollywood, and yes it's very cliché, so much so it feels like a karate kid remake. but in the end planes go whoosh and the guns go brrr and it's absolutely beautifully shot, and you just don't care. another props to the cruise and co for keeping the jingoism and national antagonism to the minimum. we don't even get to know who the bad guys are. (they just can't have nukes is all)"
63 58% Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022) - Jun 11, 2022
"you gotta admit raimi's sloppy editing and cooky takes kinda jives with the ethos of dr. strange. the plot is somewhat servicable, but cumberbatch really carries the whole thing on his own. a fun, forgettable movie, not the best mcu outing, but far from the worst."