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95 T10 Carol (2015) - Oct 22, 2015
"This movie is absolutely incredible. Watching two people fall in love has rarely been so rewarding. It's a lush and generous experience that deals in pure beauty, and not the flawless isn't-life-beautiful kind, but the kind that's born out of genuine, human, living, breathing characters. The best love stories make the viewer fall in love with the people they're depicting, and this movie succeeds with flying colors."
50 T2 Thor: The Dark World (2013) - Nov 03, 2013
"Oh shit! Super evil alien villains are about to destroy everything! Again! But fear not, Thor is here to save the day! Again! Will he succeed? Again?! We're all so super excited! Except we're not, because these movies are getting predictable as fuck. Like the first Thor, this is not a significantly bad movie, just nothing special. There's some truly great chemistry between Thor and Loki, but the surprise department stays empty. Worth seeing if topless Chris Hemsworth gives you a hardon I guess."
45 T2 Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016) - Nov 20, 2016
"The Harry Potter series was long overdue for a Hobbit-style CGI-ified reboot. Finally fans of the original series' wildly interesting characters, engaging storylines and magical sense of wonder will get exactly none of that in this new installment. And the best news is: there's four more in the pipeline! Please kill me before a Dobby-spinoff ever sees the light of day."
90 T10 True Romance (1993) - Apr 19, 2015
"A fantastic ride of a movie. It has everything you expect and love from a Tarantino story - a colorful cast of characters, jarring episodes of violence and cruelty, and lots and lots of pop culture banter - and adds to that a genuine love story which is startling once you realize it came from the same pen. Overall, this movie is not only wildly entertaining but also strangely heartfelt from beginning to end making its 2 hours feel more like 80 minutes. Oh, and the soundtrack fucking rocks."
90 T10 Spotlight (2015) - Jan 31, 2016
"Hits the mesmerizing sweet spot that so few movies seem to find, of being both realistically understated like a documentary and engaging like a drama or even a thriller. The moments that resonate emotionally do so because you believe everything that's happening, and the result is shocking even though I'm convinced the filmmakers aimed neither for shock nor for dramatization. A very compelling story that will stick whether you want it or not. "
85 T10 The Danish Girl (2015) - Feb 13, 2016
"Disregarding obvious remarks about the importance of this movie's subject matter and its amazing production design, this movie is an emotional rollercoaster that punched me in the gut more than once. Now, I am astonished that not more people felt the same emotional resonance with this movie as I did. And more importantly, I don't think this movie would've benefited from a more harsh or "real" approach. This movie set out to bring human beauty to the screen and did so gracefully."
55 T3 Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) - Aug 25, 2014
"I hoped for something truly original, for a movie that would actually break free from some of the comicbook-cliches that have troubled nearly every Marvel movie since the MCU started. What I got was a standard issue Marvel movie (ingredients: 1 planet being in jeopardy, 1 huge spaceship crashing into a huge body of water, 1 or more main characters dying but not really, 1 generic villain, and 9999+ generic bad guys who aim like Stormtroopers) with some hit-and-miss oddball humor thrown in."