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Antonio P

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20 17% Shazam! Fury of the Gods (2023) - Mar 18, 2023
"Wonder Woman was the best thing in this movie. That was about 5 min worth. 3 Evil Sisters who want revenge to destroy all humans. 1 Sister becomes Evil betrays the 2 sisters, they become good & Shazam & friends save the day. Shazam dies & Wonder Woman brings him back to life. 2 Post Scene credits. 1st Shazam is recruited by the justice Society, he was thinking yes I get to be with Wonder Woman. I agree with Shazam what was the fat guy's problem in not liking her. 2. you see a doctor in jail."
80 90% Army of One (2020) - Sep 09, 2022
"A Woman getting revenge because the bad guys killed her husband. Main bad guy is a woman named "Mama" & she owns the land & runs illegal drugs for money & guns. She's trained in the Armed Forces to take down the evil gang of Men. Side story corrupt female Sherriff & main Sherriff which plays very little role to the main story. The Woman warns Mama that she'll be shot on the forehead. She does just that. Reminds me of True Lies when Arnold tells the person how he's going to kill them."
20 17% Terminator Salvation (2009) - Sep 08, 2022
"This is really awful. So John Connor & his army are devising a plan to Stop Skynet. Movie goes all over the place & you find out that 1 member is actually a Terminator who thought he was human all along. John Connor saves Kyle Reese who is his dad but for now is a teenager. Didn't like this movie. I think it's the worst Terminator movie I have seen."
80 90% Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014) - Aug 21, 2022
"Jack is an under cover Cia who has to stop a Russian operative. They show you he's a soldier in the beginning who gets injured while on a helicopter, goes to recuperate & 10 years he takes on a Cia mission to stop the Russian. Has to lie to his girlfriend & eventually he tells her he's a Cia Agent. The Russian has a son, he successfully stops the son from blowing up Wall Street."
80 90% Focus (2015) - Aug 18, 2022
"Will Smith & Margot Robbie are con people who steal, pick pocket people for a living. In this movie they do 2 huge jobs. 1 for 1.2 million dollars with a group & the other was a con job on the car races. They have love relationship. Will keeps Margot in the dark about things. Ending was cool. Realistic movie as things can happen in real life. They explain all the psychology that goes down in this movie how to pick pocket like the movie Casino where they give you a education on that."
60 72% The Lost City (2022) - Aug 18, 2022
"So basically Sandra Bullock is an author who writes a romance novel with Chanum Tatum being a character in her Romance novel. Bad guys kidnap Sandra. Tatum & Brad Pitt go to rescue her from the bad guys. Purpose of the movie is that they want Sandra to find the treasure. They do that in the movie. Tatum rescue's Sandra from the bad guys, & that's it. Best part of this movie are the action scenes. Really well done."
80 90% Air Force One (1997) - Aug 02, 2022
"Great movie. So Russians are on board the Air Force One Airplane & they take every one hostage. There is a traitor among the president staff. So basically the Russians are demanding to release this Russian prisoner. They eventually do & then they shoot him. President takes control of the airplane. All the Hostages & the Russian Terrorists are dead. 5 min left in the movie about & you find out who the traitor is. Traitor smashes in the water in the Air Force one. They save the President."
20 17% Thor: Love and Thunder (2022) - Jul 13, 2022
"Worst thor movie I have ever seen. So basically this 1 God betrays a human God Worshiper. So the Human gets this magical sword & kills the God. Now he is the main bad guy in the movie & wants to destroy all Gods. His daughter dies in the beginning of the movie. Thor is fighting him because he kidnapped like a dozen children. Then the end & the bad guy gets a wish from this statue & gets the daughter back. Jane Foster was my fav character. End scenes Hercules son & Jane goes to a God Realm."
60 72% Ready Player One (2018) - Jun 27, 2022
"Basically Matrix for kids. A movie really well done in this aspect. So Wade & his friends go into the Oasis a virtual Reality World to find 3 keys so they can earn a massive fortune of 1/2 trillion $. Big Evil Corporation goes after them as that is the main bad guy. They are in the Oasis while also escaping dangers in the Real World. Eventually he finds the keys & the ending is under Whelming as this was a trick which he discovers doesn't sign the treaty & has the Oasis live on."
40 46% No Time to Die (2021) - Jun 26, 2022
"This isn't one of the better movies. Action scenes are awesome but it's your basic storyline of Bad guy makes a deadly bio weapon to destroy everyone. You have your CIA traitors. Bond is protecting the woman & child throughout this whole movie when he finds out that she didn't betray him. Then the Island blows up with James Bond on it. However end credits say Bond will return. They also hinted this black Woman to be Double 007 now. Not one of the better Bond movies."