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100 98% Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) - Rated 31 Dec 2018
"Probably the best comic book movie ever made."
100 98% The Florida Project (2017) - Rated 04 Mar 2018
"I do not have the correct words to express just how good this movie is"
92 86% Lords of Chaos (2018) - Rated 27 Feb 2018
"Does a great job showing a scary culture and a bunch of horrific events as the work of a bunch of lame dumb kids trying their hardest to fit in and be cool."
68 24% Yardie (2018) - Rated 27 Feb 2018
"I'm not sure if this really was a weak ass, cliche filled, shoddily written movie with a main character that was really hard to remotely like or if it's just that I'm so white/American that I couldn't understand a god damned word anyone was saying."
80 46% Sorry to Bother You (2018) - Rated 27 Feb 2018
"Silly and kind of a huge mess (especially the last act) but so full of ideas and good intentions that it's hard to really dislike."
87 62% Revenge (2017) - Rated 27 Feb 2018
"Doesn't quite transcend the genre like I was hoping but it's rad as hell, slickly made and has a fantastic, literally blood soaked finale."
90 77% Mandy (2018) - Rated 27 Feb 2018
"Like Cosmatos took every midnight movie ever made and mashed it all together into something that is pretty messy but undoubtedly badass as FUCK"
90 77% Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) - Rated 30 Dec 2017
88 66% The Shape of Water (2017) - Rated 30 Dec 2017