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91 T9 Scarlet Street (1945) - Dec 20, 2009
"A great noir with nuanced direction. Robinson is too smart and fatalistic to be completely pathetic, Duryea is too weak and fragile to be utterly vile, and Joan Bennett . . . well Joan Bennett is wonderful. Besides being sexy in her lingerie--and even sexier in her transparent raincoat--she is too full of life to be stereotyped as a femme fatale. Her lazy sensuality, her amusement at Edward G.'s dorkiness, even her baffling love for Duryea, give this movie a distinctive European feel. "
55 T1 Convoy (1978) - Jul 20, 2010
"Perhaps the worst film by a major director. And it's not as if Peckinpah was just going through the motions here, either. This is a very personal film, sort of a "Wild Bunch on Wheels," a "Smokey and the Bandit meets Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid" . . . with fierce iconoclasm, the obligatory slow-motion fight sequences and a denouement featuring machine gun fire. Blame it on booze and blow if you want, but this is a quintessential Peckinpah film. And it stinks to high heaven. "
75 T3 Party Girl (1958) - Jan 26, 2013
"Ray seeks for the damaged little children beneath these jaded lovers, and Taylor and Charisse reveal them to us in surprisingly vulnerable performances. But Ray doesn't seem all that interested in the gangster story they inhabit, and that's a big problem. (Lee J. Cobb, as the mafia don, overacts as usual.) The technicolor is lush and Charisse has never looked more lovely or more voluptuous."
81 T5 The French Connection (1971) - Dec 21, 2009
"Doesn't look that unusual anymore, for we have become accustomed to disagreeable heroes in a harsh world. Still, it is gritty, realistic, with a good performance from Hackman. The film is essentially heartless, however, and leaves you little reason to care about anybody. Like a Brian De Palma film without the elegance."
89 T9 Apache (1954) - Jan 30, 2010
"Once you accept the idea of blue-eyed Lancaster and Peters as two Apaches on the run, you may find much to admire in this Aldrich film. The action scenes are good, Massai's trip through St. Louis is unique and vivid. and, although the Native Americans speak in the laconic style of old Westerns, dry humor, fierce honor and a reverence for nature reveal themselves beneath the stoicism. Besides, no Native American couple in love had ever been treated so tenderly--or so mercifully--in a Western."
72 T3 The Sound of Music (1965) - Dec 22, 2009
"Saccharine film with absolutely no chemistry between the two leads. Directed by Minnelli and lasting not more than two hours, it might have been good, but it wasn't and it doesn't and it isn't. "
80 T5 Crossfire (1947) - May 10, 2011
"This might have been a fine noir, but it never recovers from the censors and script doctors. Ryan's homophobic character was turned into an anti-semite, which makes nonsense of the plot. You know, it happens all the time: one fellah invites another fellah up to his hotel room for a drink, and the first fellah tells the other fellah he's a Jew, so the other fellah goes crazy and beats him to death. Hunh? Ryan is good and creepy, Mitchum is good too, but Robert Young is weak as the detective."
72 T3 Babes in Arms (1939) - Dec 11, 2010
"Mickey and Judy are cute, so cute they almost make up for 1) the plot ("gee,let's put on a show in the barn" plus "save us kids from the orphanage") and 2) the pseudo-operatic vocal stylings of cloying Preisser and wooden McPhail, who manage to ruin one of the only two good songs ("Where or When") the movie has. If you've got the patience, though, watch it for the bizarre "Babes in Arms" production number in which our kids march toward stardom by torchlight like an army of Hitler Youth. "
72 T3 King of the Underworld (1939) - Aug 20, 2011
"A routine Warner programmer starring Kay Francis (just before she began taking second billing to--ouch!--Deanna Durbin), Bogart (about to break out, but still a second-rate tough guy) and James Stephensen (the proper English gentleman, later very good as the lawyer in "The Letter", whose career went almost nowhere at all). If you're bored, try it: the plot--although silly--is weird, Francis is elegant, Bogart is fun as a dimwitted psychopath, and the movie is only sixty-seven minutes long. "
91 T9 All the Real Girls (2003) - Jun 08, 2011
"It suffers just a bit from a fashionable disdain for plot, but the superb acting (natural and skillful in improvisation, astonishing in emotional power), the starkly beautiful cinematography, the evocative musical score, and the way all three are unified into a powerful whole by the poetic intensity of Green's direction, more than make up for it. Few films give us a place as fully realized as this small, decaying North Carolina factory town. "