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86 71% Autumn Leaves (1956) - Jan 30, 2010
"Don't let the title (and the name "Joan Crawford" above the title) fool you into thinking this a bittersweet tale of a May-December marriage. No, this is Robert Aldrich doing to the woman's picture what he already did to the private-eye noir in the insane "Kiss Me Deadly." This film is crazy, paranoid, intense. The shadows are dark, Cliff Robertson is dangerously bonkers and Joan carries self-sacrifice to the point of symbolic crucifixion. "
78 35% The Wolf Man (1941) - May 21, 2011
"It is well paced, atmospheric--good photography and great use of the fog machine!--but Chaney is miscast as the expatriate son of English aristocrat Rains. Though Chaney is a great Wolf Man--a simple, good-natured fellow who blunders through social interactions and is beyond his depth when confronted with an ancient curse--he doesn't match up with the character Siodmak wrote. (Re-write: Chaney as a self-made U.S. tycoon). The special effects show their age, and the ending seems rushed. "
90 83% The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004) - Jul 04, 2010
"Somehow, Anderson can revel in his obsessions (shadow boxes, uniforms, unsmiling women, searches for lost fathers, etc.), add some improbably cast actors (Bill Murray as Jacques Cousteau!?), throw in a few pirates, an explosion or two, some impossibly successful gun battles, and David Bowie unplugged in Portuguese, and not only make it all work but touch us deeply too. He does this by making a movie so filled with artifice that it gives us the freedom we need to fully surrender our hearts. "
92 89% The Merry Widow (1934) - Mar 30, 2010
"The music is tuneful, the direction is elegant, the script is witty, and the leads are charming. Chevalier--although Hollywood gossips reports he never liked her--brings out the sexy woman in MacDonald in a way that Nelson Eddy. or even Clark Gable, never could. "
99 98% The Last Picture Show (1971) - Jan 29, 2010
"Astonishing in its depth and power and atmosphere. One of the best films of the 70's. I used to think it was full of movies and not life (individual shots in homage to Ford, Hawks, etc.), but I saw it again recently and the simplicity of the direction, and the intensity and honesty of the performances, filled me with awe and admiration. Bogdanovitch perfectly creates the look and feel of a dying little town in the '50's and what it must have been like to grow up there."
93 91% Sahara (1943) - May 28, 2011
"If you like Westerns more than War, be sure to try this all-male "Stagecoach" in a tank: a superb action film, as well as great WW II proletarian propaganda, written by the Commie Lawson, directed by the more socially conscious Korda brother, and starring the great liberal Bogart at the top of his form. Great support from Naish, Bennett and especially Ingram, and Rudolph Mate--Dreyer's poet of the camera--makes Sand a major character here, also doing justice to Water in its cameo appearance."
100 99% The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928) - Dec 24, 2009
"As Norma Desmond once said about silent movies, "We didn't need dialogue. We had faces!" Here's the ultimate proof. Falconetti's performance is so magnificent, the close-ups so relentless and involving, that you will be convinced this is a 15th Century documentary. This is a profound film about faith and cruelty."
100 99% Belle de jour (1967) - Mar 14, 2010
"A beautiful and enigmatic film. Surrealism in a high-class bordello . . . what could be more enticing? This is Bunuel at the the height of his powers, when--with a style as deceptively simple as Howard Hawks'--he causes the reveries and jokes of the unconscious mind to materialize within a realistic narrative as naturally and casually as the appearance of the sitcom neighbor next door. Also . . Catharine Deneuve-and this is saying a lot--has never been more beautiful. "
89 80% Inside Llewyn Davis (2013) - Apr 06, 2014
"The folk revival was filled with generous, expansive personalities--like that of Dave Von Ronk--but if it had been peopled instead by cautious Gen-X types, envious, trapped in their own egos, it might have looked something like this. It is a well made film, expertly shot and edited, enriched by the existential concerns that made "A Serious Man" such a rewarding experience. John Goodman creates his most obnoxious character ever, and Isaac is very good (although not quite as good as the cats). "
86 71% Remember My Name (1978) - Jun 17, 2011
"Geraldine Chaplin delivers her only great performance in this odd, elliptical Rudolph film which unites Altman's improvisatory style with a sophisticated continental sensibility. Perkins and Gunn are good, and Goldblum is memorable in his small role as discount department store owner Mr. Nudd. The soundtrack featuring legendary blues singer Alberta Hunter is superb: each song is not only fine in itself, but works to create a mood--and to provide a commentary--on the action."