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72 19% Babes in Arms (1939) - Dec 11, 2010
"Mickey and Judy are cute, so cute they almost make up for 1) the plot ("gee,let's put on a show in the barn" plus "save us kids from the orphanage") and 2) the pseudo-operatic vocal stylings of cloying Preisser and wooden McPhail, who manage to ruin one of the only two good songs ("Where or When") the movie has. If you've got the patience, though, watch it for the bizarre "Babes in Arms" production number in which our kids march toward stardom by torchlight like an army of Hitler Youth. "
100 99% The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928) - Dec 24, 2009
"As Norma Desmond once said about silent movies, "We didn't need dialogue. We had faces!" Here's the ultimate proof. Falconetti's performance is so magnificent, the close-ups so relentless and involving, that you will be convinced this is a 15th Century documentary. This is a profound film about faith and cruelty."
75 27% Kalifornia (1993) - Jan 26, 2010
"Stylish and slick, full of cruelty and irony but ultimately hollow, this movie culminates in extreme violence staged in a mannequin-populated model home at the center of the Dreamland nuclear testing site. (Insert symbolic interpretation here.) Partially redeemed by the detached cool of an emotionally distant Duchovny narration, two mannered but amusing performances from Pitt and Lewis, and the unsmiling elegance of Michelle Forbes."
75 27% Carnegie Hall (1947) - Oct 28, 2014
"Much better than it has any right to be, due to the vision of a fine "B" movie director gifted with a big budget for a change. The instrumentals filmed at Carnegie--particularly the Rubinstein sequence--are expertly lit and edited, and Marsha Hunt lends her gentle beauty to a lead role which might have been infuriating if acted by someone of less charm. It shows us an immigrant experience united to a passion for music, and, without the phony, sentimental ending, it might have been a fine film."
95 94% One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975) - Dec 21, 2009
"Despite a jarringly triumphant, slow-mo conclusion, this film is unusually restrained in the matter-of-fact humanism of its direction and the detailed realism of its ensemble acting. Nicholson delivers the performance of a lifetime, but it is a performance which emerges organically from a real world in a way Cool Hand Luke, with all his Hollywood Christ imagery, never could. It is a quintessentially American story viewed through a distinctively European eye, and therein lies its uniqueness. "
84 60% The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009) - May 23, 2010
"A personal film about an aging conjurer whose imagination is filled with marvels, but who--although he believes that the power of narrative makes the existence of the world possible--is incapable of bringing his own story to a conclusion. So it is with Gilliam, whose imagination is as enchanting as ever, but who still cannot tell a story or develop a character. In spite of this, the film is charming, Plummer and Waits are fine, and what there is of Heath Ledger's performance is very good too."
72 19% King of the Underworld (1939) - Aug 20, 2011
"A routine Warner programmer starring Kay Francis (just before she began taking second billing to--ouch!--Deanna Durbin), Bogart (about to break out, but still a second-rate tough guy) and James Stephensen (the proper English gentleman, later very good as the lawyer in "The Letter", whose career went almost nowhere at all). If you're bored, try it: the plot--although silly--is weird, Francis is elegant, Bogart is fun as a dimwitted psychopath, and the movie is only sixty-seven minutes long. "
95 94% The Gay Desperado (1936) - Mar 13, 2011
"A musical featuring an operatic tenor, no dancing, and a plot involving stereotypical Mexican bandits aspiring to be stereotypical U.S. gangsters? Bad, right? Yeah, that's what I thought, but I was wrong. The script is sweetly goofy, the art direction and shot composition (featuring looming shadows, Diego Rivera sombreros and huge phallic cacti) is lovely and camp, Martini, Lupino, and Carrillo are charming, and the whole cast--including the Raft, Robinson and Cagney lookalikes--is a hoot."
69 11% Auntie Mame (1958) - Jul 30, 2010
"Strained, stagy comedy. Rosalind Russell tries way too hard, producing the opposite of her intention: she reveals herself to be a drab, disciplined professional pretending to be a colorful eccentric."
86 71% Summer Storm (1944) - May 07, 2011
"Linda Darnell shines with youthful beauty, George Sanders excels in showing us just how sad and lost a lust-filled man can become, and Edward Everett Horton thoroughly enjoys playing a lecher. Sirk had not yet developed his Hollywood style (this was his second American film) but he directs with great fluidity and continental sophistication, and a few of his set pieces (the Russian Orthodox wedding, the maid glimpsing the killer's hands through a chink in the wooden bathhouse) are very fine. "