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75 27% Kalifornia (1993) - Jan 26, 2010
"Stylish and slick, full of cruelty and irony but ultimately hollow, this movie culminates in extreme violence staged in a mannequin-populated model home at the center of the Dreamland nuclear testing site. (Insert symbolic interpretation here.) Partially redeemed by the detached cool of an emotionally distant Duchovny narration, two mannered but amusing performances from Pitt and Lewis, and the unsmiling elegance of Michelle Forbes."
89 80% Inside Llewyn Davis (2013) - Apr 06, 2014
"The folk revival was filled with generous, expansive personalities--like that of Dave Von Ronk--but if it had been peopled instead by cautious Gen-X types, envious, trapped in their own egos, it might have looked something like this. It is a well made film, expertly shot and edited, enriched by the existential concerns that made "A Serious Man" such a rewarding experience. John Goodman creates his most obnoxious character ever, and Isaac is very good (although not quite as good as the cats). "
98 97% Hail the Conquering Hero (1944) - Jan 05, 2010
"One of the great screen comedies. This WW II movie has perhaps the most unabashedly patriotic ending ever filmed, yet it still seems right even in this cynical age. Bracken is funny and moving, and William Demarest gives an unusually restrained performance. And don't forget boxer Freddie Steele as Bugsy, the slightly addled orphan-Marine with the mother-fixation. (I love it when the astonished Woodrow barks at Bugsy "Are you nuts?" and Bugsy pauses for a moment and answers, "Maybe.") "
84 60% The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009) - May 23, 2010
"A personal film about an aging conjurer whose imagination is filled with marvels, but who--although he believes that the power of narrative makes the existence of the world possible--is incapable of bringing his own story to a conclusion. So it is with Gilliam, whose imagination is as enchanting as ever, but who still cannot tell a story or develop a character. In spite of this, the film is charming, Plummer and Waits are fine, and what there is of Heath Ledger's performance is very good too."
91 86% All the Real Girls (2003) - Jun 08, 2011
"It suffers just a bit from a fashionable disdain for plot, but the superb acting (natural and skillful in improvisation, astonishing in emotional power), the starkly beautiful cinematography, the evocative musical score, and the way all three are unified into a powerful whole by the poetic intensity of Green's direction, more than make up for it. Few films give us a place as fully realized as this small, decaying North Carolina factory town. "
73 22% The Runaways (2010) - Apr 24, 2010
"The thin script--based by first-time director Sigismondi on Cherie Currie's autobiography--is centered on Currie but really wants to be about Joan Jett. And that's a problem. Kristen Stewart as Jett is guarded, suggesting hidden depths and motivations, but Dakota Fanning as Currie is flashy and bland, nothing but jailbait eye candy. In other words . . . just like the members of the original band. "
96 96% Meet Me in St. Louis (1944) - Dec 25, 2009
" A wonderful nostalgic comedy. No other movie evokes the feel of the early years of the last century like this one. The songs are great,Judy is at her best (which is of course very, very good), and Margaret O'Brien will make you laugh and break your heart in what still may be the best performance given by a child in an American film. (The Halloween and Christmas sequences are detachable delights, and should be viewed--if possible--every holiday season.) "
100 99% The Butcher (1970) - Jul 10, 2010
"This rich, ambiguous film uses the structure of a thriller to explore the sources of violence and desire, the consequences of knowledge and surrender. Meaning reveals itself in the subtle, enigmatic performances of Audran and Yanne and the relationship their two characters establish with each other; the thriller-structure--although technically well-executed--is merely the framework for psychological exploration. Great camera work, great music, superb village atmosphere. "
72 19% King of the Underworld (1939) - Aug 20, 2011
"A routine Warner programmer starring Kay Francis (just before she began taking second billing to--ouch!--Deanna Durbin), Bogart (about to break out, but still a second-rate tough guy) and James Stephensen (the proper English gentleman, later very good as the lawyer in "The Letter", whose career went almost nowhere at all). If you're bored, try it: the plot--although silly--is weird, Francis is elegant, Bogart is fun as a dimwitted psychopath, and the movie is only sixty-seven minutes long. "
95 94% One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975) - Dec 21, 2009
"Despite a jarringly triumphant, slow-mo conclusion, this film is unusually restrained in the matter-of-fact humanism of its direction and the detailed realism of its ensemble acting. Nicholson delivers the performance of a lifetime, but it is a performance which emerges organically from a real world in a way Cool Hand Luke, with all his Hollywood Christ imagery, never could. It is a quintessentially American story viewed through a distinctively European eye, and therein lies its uniqueness. "