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78 35% Blue Jasmine Blue Jasmine (2013) - 23 Feb 2014
""A Streetcar Named Desire," minus the powerful language or the tragedy. Blanchett gives the sort of studied, mannered performance that Oscar likes ("see how hard I'm working here, people!") , but Sally Hawkins and Bobby Cannavale outshine her, even though they labor under the burden of Allen's unconvincing working class dialogue."
69 11% Take This Waltz Take This Waltz (2012) - 18 Apr 2014
"Gee, can the quirky indie girl/part-time journalist with emotional range (if not depth) decide between the sensible husband/writer of cook books (Rogen) and the poet guy who pulls a rickshaw for tourists (Luke Kirby)? And will the fact that Rickshaw Boy lives in the equivalent of a loft apartment perched atop an old lighthouse affect her decision? You bet it will. (There's one neat scene amid the dodge 'em cars when the colored lights turn off, but that's not nearly enough to make a film)"
75 27% Carnegie Hall Carnegie Hall (1947) - 28 Oct 2014
"Much better than it has any right to be, due to the vision of a fine "B" movie director gifted with a big budget for a change. The instrumentals filmed at Carnegie--particularly the Rubinstein sequence--are expertly lit and edited, and Marsha Hunt lends her gentle beauty to a lead role which might have been infuriating if acted by someone of less charm. It shows us an immigrant experience united to a passion for music, and, without the phony, sentimental ending, it might have been a fine film."
92 89% The Merry Widow The Merry Widow (1934) - 30 Mar 2010
"The music is tuneful, the direction is elegant, the script is witty, and the leads are charming. Chevalier--although Hollywood gossips reports he never liked her--brings out the sexy woman in MacDonald in a way that Nelson Eddy. or even Clark Gable, never could."
86 71% Dead Poets Society Dead Poets Society (1989) - 27 Jan 2010
"This is a very good movie, but a little too manipulative of audience sympathy: the father is too determined a villain, the teacher's culpability is too easily excused, and the end just a little too inspiring. Nevertheless, Robin Williams is remarkably restrained, Robert Sean Leonard is very moving, the cinematography is gorgeous, and Peter Weir guides it all with sensitivity and a sure hand."
89 80% Inside Llewyn Davis Inside Llewyn Davis (2013) - 06 Apr 2014
"The folk revival was filled with generous, expansive personalities--like that of Dave Von Ronk--but if it had been peopled instead by cautious Gen-X types, envious, trapped in their own egos, it might have looked something like this. It is a well made film, expertly shot and edited, enriched by the existential concerns that made "A Serious Man" such a rewarding experience. John Goodman creates his most obnoxious character ever, and Isaac is very good (although not quite as good as the cats)."
80 42% The Trials of Oscar Wilde The Trials of Oscar Wilde (1960) - 26 Oct 2014
"Finch is a fine actor, but he doesn't have enough "gay" in him to be completely convincing. Still this drama, as bowdlerized and cautious as it may be, was nevertheless daring for its time, and does its best to excuse--if not defend--the "love that dare not speak its name." If you don't wish to watch the whole thing, you should at least watch the re-creation of the first trial in order to see James Mason, as Queensbury's sly barrister Carson, cross-examine Finch, a witty, grandstanding Wilde."
72 19% King of the Underworld King of the Underworld (1939) - 20 Aug 2011
"A routine Warner programmer starring Kay Francis (just before she began taking second billing to--ouch!--Deanna Durbin), Bogart (about to break out, but still a second-rate tough guy) and James Stephensen (the proper English gentleman, later very good as the lawyer in "The Letter", whose career went almost nowhere at all). If you're bored, try it: the plot--although silly--is weird, Francis is elegant, Bogart is fun as a dimwitted psychopath, and the movie is only sixty-seven minutes long."
91 86% All the Real Girls All the Real Girls (2003) - 08 Jun 2011
"It suffers just a bit from a fashionable disdain for plot, but the superb acting (natural and skillful in improvisation, astonishing in emotional power), the starkly beautiful cinematography, the evocative musical score, and the way all three are unified into a powerful whole by the poetic intensity of Green's direction, more than make up for it. Few films give us a place as fully realized as this small, decaying North Carolina factory town."
82 52% 3 Godfathers 3 Godfathers (1948) - 22 Nov 2010
"The Three Wise Men parallels are a little too corny, but Harry Carey and Armendariz are good, and Wayne is excellent. The speech the Duke delivers after leaving the baby's dead mother inside the wagon, when he tells the other outlaws the story of how her husband's reckless incompetence led his family to destruction, is one of Wayne's finest moments. He manages--no mean feat--to project tenderness and helplessness combined with rage and contempt. Who says Wayne can't act?"