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Location: USA

Bio: According to my voting scale, anything above 50 is worth viewing, with anything over 80 being a favorite. Let me acknowledge my preferences: I hate horror (and always will), and I don't like superhero films. Thrillers, zany comedies, and epic dramas almost always do well in my book.

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50 T4 Beauty and the Beast (2017) - Mar 19, 2017
79 T8 La La Land (2016) - Feb 13, 2017
62 T5 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) - Jan 13, 2017
70 T7 Hacksaw Ridge (2016) - Jan 12, 2017
60 T5 Zootopia (2016) - Jan 06, 2017
"Could have been a better movie if it wasn't so concerned with getting THE MESSAGE across all the time. Yeah, yeah, city-folk are enlightened tolerant beings and country-folk are ignorant racists. Got it. Also, can we have a non-Godfather mob boss? That scene kills the creative momentum the movie has built for a mild chuckle. The film has a lot going for it, though. And the DMV montage is classic."
50 T4 Catch Me If You Can (2002) - Dec 31, 2016
"Not a bad movie, but showing Abignale being caught right at the beginning kind of steals all the suspense out of the rest of the film."
90 T9 The Carol Burnett Show (1967) - Dec 31, 2016
T1 Kicking and Screaming (1995) - Dec 31, 2016
"Like watching poop dry. (It's like watching paint, but smellier)"
47 T4 Ping Pong Playa (2007) - Dec 31, 2016