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Flick Fan - 32 Film Ratings

Member Since: Oct 8, 2016

Location: Sofia, Sofia-City, Bulgaria

Bio: I'm not a big film guy, I just enjoy a good film. My tastes may be different - sometimes I enjoy what many hate (House of the Dead, the Star Wars prequels) and others I don't enjoy what others like (The Matrix). I'll try everything I rate to have rating bigger than 0 - if a film gets a 0, it would be something unique (in its badness).
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94 68% Danny Phantom (2004) - Oct 18, 2016
"Danny Phantom has become among my favourite animated series ever. From the pilot we're exposed to great characters, fun humor, interesting villains, continuity, character arcs, plus four 48-minute long episodes and unfortunately the series finale doesn't manages to keep up. Not to say Phantom Planet is terrible, it is just really unsatisfying. I understand the show had to end earlier but that doesn't excuse it. There are some other flaws but as a whole I really recommend the show."
91 59% The Bat Man of Shanghai (2012) - Oct 18, 2016
"The Bat Man on Shanghai features excellent animation, mixed with cool action scenes. However, I would've liked seeing more character interactions and there are some other things that bothered me. Despite that for the 4 minutes we're given I sure will be happy to see animated series come out of it or a whole animated film."
95 73% Avatar: The Last Airbender (2005) - Oct 17, 2016
"Despite giving Avatar: The Last Airbender a high score of 95 (that isn't too hard to get from me), it isn't my favourite Nickoleadeon show. I guess that's sorta because while its characters are interesting, has interesting themes, looks good, I expected to be a little more excited and tear up at some point. Fortunately the show is awesome to watch and I see why there are some die-hard fans of it."
83 39% Clip (2012) - Oct 17, 2016
84 42% Attack on Darfur (2009) - Oct 17, 2016
"From Uwe Boll's works I've only seen House of the Dead and while the 2003 film isn't that bad with Attack on Durfur the director steps into the good film territory. The village set and the people living in there feel (and look) like Sudaneses (because some of them are actually refugees from Darfur) and there are some excellent moments of acting. The soundtrack shows greatness and many scenes are disturbing. However the white actors are a missed bag and the camera work needs improvement. As a who"
92 64% Crowsnest (2012) - Oct 16, 2016
"Crowsnest is a pretty interesting found-footage version of Wrong Turn ( Like nearly all other film of this types it starts with introducing the characters and for the most part they are actually likable. The acting throughout the film is pretty good and it manages to set some tension. The plot isn't bad but in the last minutes the film loses its edge and the ending could be better. There are some other flaws but as a whole Crowsnest is a great FF film."
76 21% Evidence (2011) - Oct 16, 2016
"I enjoy found footage horror films and Evidence is no exception. The acting in this one is pretty good, Ashley Bracken and Abigail Richie show skills, there's some good tension and there's a cool twist. Despite some not too bad characters Ryan, the camera-obsessed guy, is a really unlikable character. The creatures don't look like poor CGI freaks but there's a certain need of explaining. Overall the film isn't flawless but as a whole I had some fun with it and let's hope the sequel is good too."
94 68% Princess (2014) - Oct 15, 2016
"Princess is the second film titled Princess I got to see that year and while I liked the 2006 one better ( these one also deserves a watch. It is a film that leaves you with questions when it ends and when you think about what you saw you feel like "Huh, that's actually even more interesting". The acting is excellent, Shira Haas is a great child actor, it is pleasant to look at, though the film could've answered some of the questions it leaves. "
100 96% Princess (2006) - Oct 13, 2016
"I love animation and I love it when I find something like Princess that is more adult themed (though I have nothing against kids themes animated film - they can be just as great). I can't say anything that I disliked about Princess. The animation is awesome, even though it doesn't keep it's high quality all the time, the main two characters and the interactions between them are sweet and the plot featured dark sub-contexts and to be honest I enjoy the ending. This is a film I highly recommend. "
80 34% Jurassic City (2014) - Oct 13, 2016
"Jurassic City is actually a pretty fun low-budget straight-to-DVD film for me. It achieves some tension and sense of unease in the prison, the dinosaurs aren't too ugly for me and there's some so bad it's good. Unfortunately there are bland characters, the black-ops plot is bland and the end needs improvement. In the end Jurassic City isn't too bad and I had some fun with it."