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77 T6 Drag Me to Hell (2009) - Aug 09, 2017
"Drag Me to Hell is equally hilarious and frightening."
26 T1 Extraordinary: The Stan Romanek Story (2013) - Aug 09, 2017
"The incredibly biased Extraordinary: The Stan Romanek Story dodges the star subject's more controversial claims in favor of a positive outlook before ultimately tacking on a borderline offensive final message."
58 T4 Executive Decision (1996) - Aug 07, 2017
"Executive Decision never really sets itself apart from the maddening crowd of action-oriented political thrillers, but it features just the right amount of intensity and spectacle to work."
72 T5 Red Eye (2005) - Aug 07, 2017
"Red Eye's brisk pace and believable performances are enough to overcome its narrative's uneven execution."
72 T5 Air Force One (1997) - Aug 07, 2017
"Air Force One may not be the most thought-provoking political thriller, but it's undeniably fun."
34 T2 Banjo (2015) - Aug 06, 2017
"Featuring a star-turning performance from James Hamer-Morton, My Bloody Banjo begins with great promise, oozing with gleeful violence and outrageous humor, before turning into a meandering, cliche-ridden dud."
96 T10 Black Cat (2017) - Aug 06, 2017
"Filled to the brim with gut-busting laughs, fleshed-out characters, stellar performances, and arresting visuals, Peter Pardini's Black Cat is monumentally entertaining from beginning to end."
72 T5 History of the World: Part I (1981) - Aug 01, 2017
"Mel Brooks, known for his ability to find humor in every situation, uses a widespread canvas of world history to paint an entertaining picture."
14 T1 2012 Doomsday (2008) - Aug 01, 2017
"A disaster with little to no redeeming features, save for a few unintentional laughs drawn from the bizarre religious overtones that plague this mess."
14 T1 The Devil Inside (2012) - Aug 01, 2017
"Despite a couple of relatively effective scares, The Devil Inside is a dull horror movie with a notably lazy ending tacked on."