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Location: Sweden

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44 4% Star Trek: Nemesis (2002) - Jun 12, 2021
"It's fun to see Tom Hardy as a TNG villain and there are nice action moments, but the atmosphere is just weird and as usual there's nothing for the crew beyond Data and Picard to do. Oh except, for when Troi gets sexually assaulted in a very disturbing way, which was something I didn't need. Thanks to Wil Wheaton for showing up for all of 0,5 seconds to sit at a table."
71 43% Hoosiers (1986) - Jun 12, 2021
"The first half: Good drama, good build-up, good acting, good characters. Second half: Lots and lots of basketball. Little time for drama or acting."
42 4% The New Mutants (2020) - Jun 12, 2021
"It's not actively awful, but there are so many weird inconsistencies and things not told that it's mostly just annoying. Cute romance foreshadowed by active watching of Buffy the Vampire Slayer though, always a plus. And whatever Anya Taylor-Joy is doing in this movie, it's supremely watchable."
79 69% Sarmaşık (2015) - Jun 12, 2021
"It's so very good for so very long I just wish there was a more satisfying conclusion."
61 21% The Bigamist (1953) - Jun 12, 2021
79 69% Revenge (2017) - Jun 12, 2021
88 92% Promising Young Woman (2020) - Jun 12, 2021
82 80% Arizona Dream (1993) - Jun 09, 2021
"This is a very good movie that unfortunately has several scenes where Johnny Depp acts violently towards women, making it hard to forget the real things we now know about him even for two hours. Having said that, no one makes weird and quirky a natural aspect of the worlds they create quite like Kusturica and this is one of the great Faye Dunaway performances. "
64 30% Picnic (1955) - Jun 08, 2021
"There's some really good stuff here, not least everything with Rosalind Russell and Arthur O'Connell. But Holden feels miscast, slightly too old and too intelligent and stately to be cast as someone this impulsive. The dialogue is sometimes ridiculously blunt as well, but the entire sequence of the actual titular picnic is a gem."
87 91% Journey to Italy (1954) - Jun 08, 2021