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96 99% Memento Memento (2001) - Rated 13 Mar 2008
"A nearly flawless movie. Memento is a masterpiece of screenwriting and directing. Not a single scene, shot, or facial expression is wasted. Every tiny detail is deliberately set in place to clue the viewer in, but the non-linear story keeps us at just the right distance. A perfectly balanced tight rope act. Some call the backwards story a gimmick. It's not. Rather, it's a crucial tool in bringing us into Leonard's damaged mind. We're not observing events, we're experiencing them."
13 0% Buttcrack Buttcrack (1998) - Rated 27 Mar 2010
"Why did I watch this? Why did I subject myself to what I knew would be a horribly amateur piece of garbage, with production values that most bottom tier porno films would find laughable? (Low budget is one thing, but this was just lazy film making.) Why did I think to myself, "hey, it's only 67 minutes, what do I have to lose?" Why did I lie to myself and say it might be "so bad it's good?" Why did I watch a movie called Buttcrack? Because I was drunk."
90 92% Videodrome Videodrome (1983) - Rated 21 Jul 2009
"While not particularly shocking, this movie managed to impress me with its straight to the point, over the top weirdness. There was no attempt on the part of Cronenberg to overly explain what was happening. The movie was simply a 90-minute screwed up mental journey, and I loved it for that. I also loved the practical gore effects. CGI just doesn't have the great tangible realism of latex, prosthetics and slime."
63 26% Can\ Can't Buy Me Love (1987) - Rated 30 Dec 2013
"The thing that most of these "nerdy kid becomes cool" movies don't understand is that true life nerdiness is usually accompanied with social awkwardness. But in the movies all it takes to become a suave, smooth talking popular kid is to pop your collar and put on some sunglasses. ACTUAL nerds can't so easily jump into social situations all of a sudden, and instead tend to prefer non human-interactive activities like writing movie reviews on the internet."
93 96% Life Itself Life Itself (2014) - Rated 26 Jul 2014
"Brilliantly constructed and satisfyingly thorough, this is an accurate, heartfelt tribute to a man who knew how to love movies and love life. Who Ebert was - his passions, personality and flaws - is conveyed by Steve James with honesty and admiration. Ebert is sort of a hero to me. He was a guy who was completely comfortable being who he was, and from that quality came a confident voice that taught me a lot about movies and about myself. This is a fitting tribute to a man I will miss forever."