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75 T6 No Strings Attached (2011) - Feb 12, 2011
"I'm willing to give 'No Strings Attached' a bit of a break. It's definitely not groundbreaking in the realm of romantic comedy, but for a flick that doesn't even attempt to stray from the formula, it's still pretty enjoyable. The characters remain pretty genuine with one another, with the exception of a line from Adam at the climax (pun intended). Everyone more or less serves their purpose in getting things moving towards the obvious ending. What's important here is that it's fun getting there."
90 T10 Elf (2003) - Feb 07, 2009
"There are few movies I make a point of watching every year. 'Elf', along with 'Die Hard', 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?' and 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall', is one of them. It's an odd list, but there's a quality to all of those choices that you can't find in anything else. Buddy's joyful exuberance is so infectious, it's hard not to light up every time he's on screen. Sadly, the movie derails in the end, seemingly unsure of what the stakes should be with the random intro to the Central Park Rangers. "
85 T9 Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011) - Aug 06, 2011
"Usually I walk into romantic-comedies hoping to feel better about myself and my ever-so-happy relationship with my high-school sweetheart. Instead, I walked out of "Stupid, Crazy, Love" feeling terrible. What I picked up was that my relationship is bound to unravel eventually, I'll never wear a suit as well as Jacob and those massage chairs at Brookstone aren't as fun when you take them home. That's no fault of the film, which was well thought-out and fun, but my own twisted perception."
80 T7 Fightville (2011) - May 01, 2011
"The best part of "Fightville" is the fact that it can be about anything at all. The story of these MMA fighters, coaches and promoters isn't about the sport itself as much as it's about their commitment to fulfilling their dreams. They illustrate that early on and the benefit of the story being based on fighting is that their struggles are very visual. Black eyes and broken bones tell the story of the sacrifices made. The fact that these folks are comfortable around a camera adds to the drama."