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68 T5 HouseSitter (1992) - Apr 26, 2017
75 T8 The Comedian (2017) - Apr 23, 2017
69 T5 The Object of My Affection (1998) - Apr 22, 2017
61 T3 The Man (2005) - Apr 20, 2017
69 T5 Playing for Keeps (2012) - Apr 19, 2017
27 T1 High Crimes (2002) - Apr 18, 2017
"Reeeaaaaally fuckin' stupid. Which is pretty unforgivable for a movie that's supposed to be about legal and investigative stuff. Especially, when the main characters act like such fucking idiots. This movie really doesn't know what it wants with all its tonal inconsistencies and unecessary, inconsequential B-plots that couldn't be more unrelated to the story."
70 T6 Nocturnal Animals (2016) - Apr 18, 2017
"At first I thought this was a satire. Turns out it's just really pretentious and bad and silly. :D Especially towards the ending I had to laugh really hard a couple of times. But I like it. Genuinely. The same way I like Chris Nolan movies. It's very authentic and has some cool ideas. And some weird editing. And laughably bad writing and a lots of silly over-acting. And it looks pretty and has cool music."
73 T7 Fences (2016) - Apr 18, 2017
68 T5 28 Days (2000) - Apr 18, 2017
67 T5 The Vow (2012) - Apr 17, 2017
"Cute, but some parts feel like an 8-year-old wrote it and directed it. The performances hold this one together, especially, of course, the two leads, and especially Rachel McAdams being all cute and shit."