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73 T7 Sorcerer (1977) - Aug 18, 2017
74 T8 Everything, Everything (2017) - Aug 18, 2017
62 T4 The Witch (2016) - Aug 17, 2017
"Is barely a horror movie up until the end. More like a mystery drama with great music that becomes very forced and dumb in the last third. Had some good laughs though, intentional or not. And a nice ending."
84 T10 The Best Years of Our Lives (1946) - Aug 17, 2017
"It's hard to put into words how good William Wyler is."
69 T5 The BFG (2016) - Aug 17, 2017
67 T5 Immer die Radfahrer (1958) - Aug 16, 2017
56 T3 Baywatch (2017) - Aug 16, 2017
"You serious with the pathos?"
58 T3 My Fair Lady (1964) - Aug 16, 2017
"It looks gorgeous. It stars Rex Harrison and Audrey Hebpurn. It's otherwise very uninteresting. The characters are flat. It has very little plot, considering the runtime. It wastes a lot of time with mundayne, boring musical numbers, generally tends to focus heavily on the least interesting parts of the story and takes forever to get to the fucking point. I don't know if I've ever seen a (so-called) romantic movie make less of an effort to be romantic."
70 T6 One Touch of Venus (1948) - Aug 15, 2017
"Is a little generic in the beginnng, but gets better and better."
34 T1 The Jungle Book (2016) - Aug 15, 2017