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Member Since: Nov 14, 2011

Location: Germany

Bio: Rapefruit
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66 41% Rampage (2018) - Jun 20, 2018
"Well that plane crash scene had some confusing physics. Pretty fun disaster movie."
63 34% Tomb Raider (2018) - Jun 19, 2018
"Very good first half."
72 62% Ready Player One (2018) - Jun 18, 2018
"Pop culture cameo: The Movie. The revolutionary-pathos seemed a little out of tone and dull, same goes for the battle scene. What worked (really well), though, were the character moments and all the emotional stuff. And all the other action scenes, of course. Shame, they chose Lena Waithe over someone, who can act, though. Or sounds less annoying, when pitched down."
23 1% Love, Simon (2018) - Jun 18, 2018
"The actors' chemistry is one of the cringiest I've ever seen. Probably, because the dialogue really sucks. And is pretty representative of how painfully crude and cheesy the entire movie is. With its precious, pretentious up-their-own-ass characters. Especially the protagonist, who ever so effortlessly fucks with his friends way more than he has to. I also don't understand why the movie hypes up the (almost unexistent) romantic aspect at the end. What a bland looking, awkward, cheesy cringefest."
66 41% Management (2008) - Jun 16, 2018
"Starts out promising. Becomes very cheesy, though. Mostly due to the score, which coudln't be more bland and generic. Retains some depth and authenticity, though, due to some neat ideas and a great cast."
55 20% Blair Witch (2016) - Jun 16, 2018
"Beware of SPOILERZZZ: Pretty OK run-of-the-mill 2016 horror film. The ending was kinda lame, though. The house at the end looked really cool, but the whole setpiece was kinda boring. And considering him actually thinking his sister has been living in an abandoned house in the woods for the last 20 years is beyond retarded, so that didn't help either."
29 3% Possession (1981) - Jun 16, 2018
"Looks like someone tried to make a movie out of acting exercises. The two main characters being so annoyingly agitated and fucking broad all the time turned all the attempts at convolution and mystery into pure randomness. I don't mind movies being unnatural or absurd, but this is just too much, too redundant and too fucking boring. I would call the dialogue "hilariously shitty", if it hadn't been so fucking annoying, as well. At least the cinematography was gorgeous and the monster was cool."
67 45% The Post (2017) - Jun 06, 2018
"Well, it's a solid one. It's the least I expect from Spielberg, even though he's disappointed me before. I don't know, I don't really like my American values/democracy/feminism/moral/whatever/ cheese coming from Spielberg. Always feels a little too preachy and high and mighty. Am more of a Roland Emmerich guy myself."
77 83% Thoroughbreds (2018) - Jun 06, 2018
41 10% A Bad Moms Christmas (2017) - Jun 05, 2018