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68 48% Mom and Dad (2017) - Sep 23, 2018
"The exposition is way too long and way too bland, crude and clumsy. It literally takes up half the movie's runtime. And everything that was amateurish before becomes fun and enjoyable (acting, score, plot). From then on the movie focusses more on Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair, which are easily the two best things about the movie. And then it just ends mid-scene. Which is kind of awkward. Meant to be funny, I guess, but still awkward. Kinda makes you feel like you just saw half a movie."
76 80% All About Eve (1950) - Sep 22, 2018
"Great mix of authentic drama and campy melodrama with a noir feeling to it and a sardonic touch. Great writing. Great acting. I don't buy all the homosexual subtext people try to force onto the movie. It's seriously far-fetched and for every "clue" there is a much better explanation anyone's common sense should pick up on. If one paid attention and wasn't looking for such things in the first place. This movie isn't about homosexuality. It's about men and women and the entertainment business."
69 50% Witness for the Prosecution (1957) - Sep 19, 2018
"Warning: Contains spoilers. Fun movie. I'll say the performances (of Dietrich, Laughton and Power especially) are mainly responsible for the movie's....main elements to work. I don't know much about Agatha Christie (so little, in fact, that I've never actually read any of her books, all I know is a couple of movies based on them), but her apparent infatuation with silly, yet brilliant men is very cute. :) Loved how they ask the viewers to not give out spoilers to their friends at the end. :D"
68 48% 10 (1979) - Sep 18, 2018
"For a movie this sitcom-y the ending is surprisingly sweet, honest, authentic, ballsy and original. And one thing Blake Edwards movies never disappoint me with is cinematography. Usually makes up for his usual lack of pace."
65 38% Colonia (2016) - Sep 18, 2018
"For a movie this centered around its historical context it's pretty weak when it comes to dealing with exactly that. It's very superficial and simplified. What works, though, and pretty well (most of the time), is the suspense. Nothing special, but decent thrills await. You won't remember much of it after a couple of days, but you will be entertained."
81 91% Black Narcissus (1947) - Sep 17, 2018
"Officially a fan of Deborah Kerr now. What a performance."
18 0% I Feel Pretty (2018) - Sep 16, 2018
82 92% The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp (1943) - Sep 16, 2018
"The better Citizen Kane. Probably by not trying to be. It's more down to earth, less full of itself, doesn't take itself too seriously and hast just overall more to say about life and people. And not just about the person who made it. :) The three main players are absolutely brilliant. First movie with Deborah Kerr I ever saw. In love now."
69 50% Stronger (2017) - Sep 15, 2018
"Very typical of its genre, but a decent tearjerker, carried by strong performances from Gyllenhaal and Maslany especially. All the baseball stuff was a little too cheesy and easy, but overall a good movie."
67 45% Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) - Sep 10, 2018
"Feels indecisive. It even has two endings. The emotional one (Qi’ra flying away, Han being disillusioned) and the cool one (Haha, I bested you, Calrissian! Now off to new adventures, gang!) It manages to create the necessary moments, but can’t get ‘em to resonate. Rendering every good moment meaningless by way of its successor. But, it has the Star Wars bonus and its fair and square share of quality merchandise. Looks like a (well polished) YT short, though. Pretty boring and monochromatic"