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75 49% The Shop Around the Corner (1940) - Rated 19 May 2024
"The central relationship lacked the level of romantic tension to make for a great romance film, yet neither was there enough conflict to make for quick-witted screwball banter. It's also paced a little on the slow side, even for 1940s standards. It's perfectly fine as rom-coms go, but nothing great."
80 68% Only Angels Have Wings (1939) - Rated 22 Mar 2024
"Hard to define genre-wise, not quite action-adventure, not quite melodramatic romance, the balance between the two held together by some terrific character work. Possibly the best performances of both Grant and Arthur's careers, and some great miniature work with the airplane models. Compared to say, Casablanca, OAHW plays out more as a series of vignettes than an overall cohesive narrative, which is detriment, but otherwise another solid entry from Hawks."
68 28% Babylon 5: The Road Home (2023) - Rated 27 Oct 2023
"The fact that this ever got made at all is frankly pretty miraculous. Part fan service clip show, part backdoor pilot, part memorial to deceased cast members, part multiverse adventure. Kinda incoherent, even if you've finished the show, and outside of the nostalgia and fan service there really isn't much of plot or added world building. But if there's even a remote chance in Z'ha'Dum of a B5 reboot, I'll give WB all my money."
80 68% Barbie (2023) - Rated 03 Aug 2023
"Watched this two weeks ago, and I'm still not sure how to review it. The film's thesis that Barbie is a blank slate that you can project your own meaning on to, also applies to the film itself. What does it mean? Whatever you want or need it to. My interpretation: the film is a symbolic reenactment of the Proto-Indo-European invasion of Europe. (Historically, patriarchy really did start with horses.)"
85 86% The Batman (2022) - Rated 03 Aug 2023
"Batman stories, in any medium, have always been a tonal balancing game between grim noir and campy pageantry, and out of any film adaptation, Reeves' approach to striking that balance is my favourite. Beautiful neon noir shot composition that's almost ruined by Reeves 'insistence on having the cameras slowly zoom in or out during every shot for no reason. Good performances all around. The final act seems to go off the rails and feels like it belongs in a different film."
85 86% Les Mis√©rables (1934) - Rated 06 May 2023
"I've never watched or read any version of Les Mis before, so I went into this movie more-or-less blind and I ended up really enjoying it. Despite it's lengthy runtime, it's briskly-paced, with pretty, expressionistic (and digitally restored!) photography and a phenomenal performance from Baur as Jean Valjean. A genuinely great film by its own merits and a classic of French cinema that deserves to have a much higher profile than it does today."
78 58% You Can't Take It with You (1938) - Rated 04 May 2023
"Overwhelmingly saccharine, even for a Capra film. Probably would've worked better if the supporting characters were more likable and sympathetic, and Capra's populist themes are better delivered in some of his other films, but gosh darn it, Capra's fairy tale vision of America is just so alluringly romantic and endearingly wholesome and cheerfully optimistic that you can't help but still enjoy this despite its flaws."
80 68% Shanghai Express (1932) - Rated 01 May 2023
"The chiarascuro lighting, the moral ambiguity, the sultry femme fatales, the smoky claustrophobic setting... if this only had a voice-over narration it would be the first ever bona fide film-noir. Moody and atmospheric, with great cinematography and performances from both Dietrich and Wong, but the pacing is stilted, and the rest of the supporting cast falls flat. While more respectful than most Hollywood films of the era, it still leaves an unappealing Orientalist after-taste."
70 34% Cunk on Britain (2018) - Rated 01 May 2023
"I admit, I actually learned one or two things. I know it's supposed to a light-hearted parody, but it kinda skipped over a lot of the genocide & colonialism parts of British history."
78 58% The Invisible Man (1933) - Rated 26 Apr 2023
"Less of a horror film, more a sci-fi thriller with dark comedy thrown in. There's no real protagonist to this, the entire movie is about watching (hearing?) Claude Rains chew the scenery as a deliciously campy maniacal supervillain, and I'm totally here for it."