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100 99% Le Samouraï Le Samouraï (1967) - Rated 26 Jun 2009
"Le Samouraï is perfect. Never does anything feel out of place, anyone feel out of character, nothing is superfluous. Minimalist and slow for a reason, it furthers the mood of Jef and reinforces the elegant atmosphere. The photography is so good I feel like most frames would be at home hanging on my wall. Every actor is at their best. Alain Delon commands your attention, he is Jef Costello. The best crime movie I have ever seen, and my personal favorite film."
98 99% Die Hard Die Hard (1988) - Rated 23 Jun 2009
"Die Hard is the greatest pure action movie ever made. Bruce Willis is such a likable hero and Rickman plays a really memorable villain. Oh, it is also one of the greatest Christmas movies."
88 77% The House of the Devil The House of the Devil (2009) - Rated 17 Jan 2011
"The House of the Devil is a great homage to a time when horror movies actually put you on edge. The entire build-up was beautifully directed and very suspenseful. Some people are knocking the finale, but I really enjoyed it. The action was very fast and crazed bringing a sort of realism. Definitely check this out if you like slow, suspenseful horror."
96 98% Grindhouse Grindhouse (2007) - Rated 23 Jun 2009
"This film gets such a high score because of the experience it brought to the theater. Both films were very solid, Death Proof being the better of the two, while Planet Terror was all blood and no guts. The two movies were glued together with some great fake trailers that really helped to set the mood. I feel sorry for those that waited to catch this double feature on DVD, because it just isn't the same."
97 99% Inglourious Basterds Inglourious Basterds (2009) - Rated 22 Aug 2009
"Such a great film. The tension throughout this film was really amazing. There were more than a few moments throughout this film where I was holding my breath waiting for the tension to break and the scene to literally snap into action. I was surprised that the title characters weren't the most interesting, that spot is left for Christopher Waltz's character. If you have no interest in this film I think you still should see it for his performance."