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65 37% Infinity Pool (2023) - Feb 04, 2023
"Felt like the film abandoned its realism and went off the rails a bit too early, like by the 2nd or 3rd psychedelic orgy sequence the film seriously lost momentum. It does pick back up in the final act, and I think Cronenberg's manic atmosphere is a breath of fresh air in the current cinematic landscape."
75 60% Missing (2023) - Feb 02, 2023
"Maybe its just the binary nature of the digital platform(s) these movies unfold on but there is such a satisfying, exacting *click* to the twists and reveals of these films. Part of me registers the novelty wearing thin, but I've been all in for both outings."
75 60% Ikiru (1952) - Jan 29, 2023
75 60% Ratatouille (2007) - Jan 27, 2023
75 60% Living (2022) - Jan 26, 2023
"Not having seen the original, I could still feel the influence of Kurosawa's tender pacing. At first I wasn't sure what to make of the way the last act of the film was handled, but ultimately there were a few late scenes that tore me to shreds."
80 72% The Iron Giant (1999) - Jan 25, 2023
70 48% G├Žsterne (2022) - Jan 24, 2023
"The lack of a coherent motive for the villains both undermines the film and establishes it as a worthy addition to the domestic/nihilistic strand of horror pictures. It is also shot remarkably well for this sort of thing."
40 8% Maxhumain (1999) - Jan 20, 2023
95 98% Post Tenebras Lux (2012) - Jan 20, 2023
"The finish line to my Reygadas marathon, a story told in panoramic vision touching on class consciousness, animal impulse, the nature of cruelty. I didn't find this to be as opaque or impenetrable as some people seem to, the story is rather simple, but CR oscillates between showing fallout and motive at his own spiritual discretion."
70 48% Decision to Leave (2022) - Jan 16, 2023
"Much better on rewatch when viewed as a pure romance as opposed to a twisted murder mystery."