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75 68% Gisaengchung (2019) - Sep 22, 2019
"Joon-Ho very clearly has all the ingredients here for a classic and because of this it quickly becomes a potent, addictive watch. Though by the time the dust settled I did share the sentiment of many on here in that it just didn't have enough nuance or menace to be great."
75 68% About Endlessness (2019) - Sep 12, 2019
"TIFF 19: A meticulously crafted 33 vignettes ruminating on the concept of endlessness as both an objective truth and a subjective "feeling". It is a film that feels totally observational, as if Roy just collected a bunch of oddly poetic happenings he witnessed and let the viewer find the string that ties them together. The scenes run the gamut of a toothache to the end of the Nazi regime, to the undying energy of the universe. It's a wonderful polymerization of loose ideas and precise execution."
65 44% Saint Maud (2019) - Sep 11, 2019
"TIFF 19: Saint Maud leaves a lot of black space by the time it is finished; both in feeling and in unresolved narrative. Despite this coldness, Rose Glass shows some serious sleight of hand in her ability to explode on the off-beat. This film feels rough around the edges, but shows the promise of a bright young director finding her rhythm."
80 76% Uncut Gems (2019) - Sep 10, 2019
"TIFF 19: The Safdie's are back at it, creating films that tangle and scramble their way to quite emphatic conclusions. This had a lot of the elements "Good Time" had going for it, but it seemed a bit more personal and warm. I'm all for these movies, but I'm holding out hope the brothers have a few more tricks up their sleeves in the future."
100 99% A Hidden Life (2019) - Sep 09, 2019
"TIFF 19: This one...beyond words."
70 56% Castle in the Ground (2019) - Sep 07, 2019
"TIFF 19: Much like the title, "Castle in the Ground" is constantly tunnelling downwards for its entire runtime. It is a meditation on grief and addiction that adopts a warm, melancholy flow as if the whole film was an out-of-body experience for the protagonist. The central conflict does get a little bit out of hand at times, but the real selling point of the film is that it truly makes you understand the opioid crises on an intimate level through emotion and feeling."
85 86% Il traditore (2019) - Sep 06, 2019
"TIFF 19: I thought this was just fantastic. Equal parts informative and emotionally resonant, Bellocchio set out to humanize the Mafia and succeeds with grand expertise. You get both the allure of the mafia's traditions and also the true, pathetic lunacy of the money-hungry individuals involved. It's eye opening and supremely well-crafted."
60 33% Overlord (2018) - Sep 05, 2019
70 56% Ready or Not (2019) - Aug 31, 2019
"A punchy, contained, but ultimately really fun little film. Seemingly coming as a byproduct of the recent popularity of cult and game based horror, "Ready or Not" exists just below full-blown satire. Thrives on its ability to balance tension and humour with sharp, clear writing. "