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80 76% Fauve (2018) - Jul 22, 2019
95 98% My Own Private Idaho (1991) - Jul 20, 2019
"On chasing the illusion of home. Endlessly inventive and still emotionally resonant. I was sort of in awe of how deeply human I found this film to be considering the vast amount of ground it covers. Best thing I've seen in a while."
70 57% Election (1999) - Jul 19, 2019
"Largely exists in the same territory as "Rushmore" from a year prior, and as long as that film exists this will pale in comparison. Reese is lightning here. The film has /some/ whip to it but I guess I just like my black comedies a bit blacker."
65 45% River's Edge (1986) - Jul 18, 2019
"Bonkers. Basically a 90's Dazed & Confused except one of the characters murders a friend in the first minute of the movie. A close relative to Twin Peaks without the supernatural magic that made TP so great. Never go full Crispin."
85 86% Lost Highway (1997) - Jul 13, 2019
"More feverish, primal and sexual than Mulholland Dr. but still very much the same film in many ways. In this case a grief dream/nightmare fuelled by male incompetence and psychogenic fugue. "
75 68% Kwaidan (1964) - Jul 13, 2019
"Not so much of an effective horror per-se but instead a truly careful and beautiful imagining of Japanese folklore. As if a bedtime story in your mind was being projected on to the screen."
70 57% Midsommar (2019) - Jul 10, 2019
"The beginning of the movie made me sick. Aster starts the film in total agony and spends the rest of the film working to desensitize us from feeling grief by shining light on his atrocity exhibition. It can almost be considered an inverse-horror. While I find the structure fascinating I can't help but feel let down by the lack of good character development for the group of protagonists who went from "Vacay with the bois" to "Hey lets investigate this murderous cult" all too quickly. "
90 94% The Beach Bum (2019) - Jul 08, 2019
"Harmony's 8½"
75 68% The Skin I Live In (2011) - Jul 06, 2019
"Way more evil than it suggests tonally, but aren't we all?"
70 57% Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019) - Jul 04, 2019
"Finally, an un-convoluted Marvel blockbuster. Not totally remarkable, but innovative and direct enough for a good summer hit."