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70 57% Booksmart (2019) - May 24, 2019
"Basically Superbad-lite (down to Jonah's genes) just less funny and less cohesive. It's touching final few acts bump it up some. A good time. "
85 86% Barry (2018) - May 15, 2019
"S1: 75 A good recall to the Dexter days, unfortunately some of the plot just got too silly and nonsensical. S2: 90 Really leans in to the absurd tangle and delivers some of the best TV available right now."
40 11% Comet (2014) - May 14, 2019
"Plays like a high-school film project directed by a kid who really liked the "Before" trilogy. The last scene bumps the score up a bit."
90 95% Blue Valentine (2010) - May 14, 2019
"On rewatch: Still as devastating as ever. Just find it even funnier that Cianfrance tried to make Gosling look like he does."
55 25% Pokémon Detective Pikachu (2019) - May 11, 2019
"Plot/Script-wise this is an objectively forgettable chidren's movie. However "Detective Pikachu" does enough in aesthetics, world-building and fanfare to have me genuinely excited for what could come next."
65 45% Knocked Up (2007) - May 10, 2019
"Sort of insane that watching it back 12 years later it seems like Rogan/Heigl have no chemistry at all. Some of the comedy is still good but the whole situation just feels completely removed from reality."
75 68% Long Shot (2019) - May 08, 2019
"I'll never be above loving a good underdog rom-com. Charlize and Rogen are too good for a bit of a wonky premise to let bother them. It's one of the more memorable, easygoing comedies for me in years."
45 14% Cold Pursuit (2019) - May 08, 2019
50 19% Teen Spirit (2018) - Apr 25, 2019
"Impossible to ignore the similarities to "The Neon Demon" where Fanning essentially plays the same role. But for every bit as depraved and provocative as Refn's film gets, "Teen Spirit" becomes equally toothless and bland. Watch this only for Elle Fanning's magnetic screen presence, which has been making a ton of below average films worthwhile."