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50 19% Do The Right Thing (1989) - Nov 15, 2018
"While the film does have its own unique atmosphere, I can't say I could vouch for this one as a statement on race. Seemed entirely too bitter, stubborn, and ham-fisted to really allow room for thought or discussion."
70 58% Hard Eight (1996) - Nov 15, 2018
"A lot of good stuff wrapped up inside of a rather small, simple package. Would've loved to see more of Sydney working the casinos. I thought the big reveal was a bit weak and so was everything after it - but I enjoyed the deadpan delivery of the first few acts."
90 95% Suspiria (2018) - Nov 06, 2018
"I thought this was just phenomenal. Suspiria 2.0 is an imaginative symphony of evil that continues to wash over its viewers through to its maniacal blood-soaked finale. Recalls both the camera-work and ambiguity of Roeg's "Don't Look Now" but in many ways is superior thanks to Luca Guadagnino; who is clearly a master in the absolute prime of his career. "
65 46% Bone Tomahawk (2015) - Nov 06, 2018
"God there was a lot of unneeded filler here. Cut down about 30 minutes from the first few acts and you've got a real winner. The central conflict was amazing, and the troglodytes were legit horrifying. Zahler knows how to make his gore count!"
55 25% Galveston (2018) - Nov 03, 2018
"Considering the buzz around some of the actors involved its a bit weird that I had heard absolutely nothing about this film. After watching it I can sort of see why. Its a rather flimsy film, banking on its actors to elevate some stale and uninspired writing. They do good for the most part, but the film constantly feels a step late, and a buck short. A missed opportunity with some glimpses of greatness."
65 46% First Man (2018) - Oct 30, 2018
"The launch sequences were genuinely terrifying and massive while the drama sequences were genuinely ordinary and rather boring. I don't think there were many missteps, just that the subjects here were boring white suburbanites with little to offer in terms of character. Chazelle is really a master at capturing orchestral arrangements of the most complex and chaotic moments. And I should really rate this higher but it just wasn't my cup of tea."
90 95% Antichrist (2009) - Oct 29, 2018
"'Antichrist' is well documented as an exorcism of von Triers own anxieties by manifesting images from his tortured dreams. Gainsbourg's SHE then in many ways operates as his surrogate. Immersing herself into her ultimate fear- then realizing the evil she always loathed existed inside of her. The film, widely hated for its medieval misogyny, I felt was more of a chaotic juggle between the futility and destructiveness of both sexes in radically different ways. Raw material worth suffering through."
85 86% Two-Lane Blacktop (1971) - Oct 28, 2018
"Much like it's iconic stipped down 55 chevy, "Two-Lane Blacktop" sticks out like a sore thumb amongst the crowd of sexier, louder and more thrilling vintage chase/road films. TLB is a lonely, meditative anti-drama featuring empty characters, rainy skies and maybe the most perfect non-ending ever committed to film. Added to the list of infinite rewatchables."
65 46% The Guilty (2018) - Oct 24, 2018
"A rather cruel, precise work honing in on the dangerous biases of vigilante justice. I thought the film was crafted really well, with excellent sound design and taught, sterile Danish cinematography that carries this above most other minimalist chamber thrillers. The crisis itself was interesting in parts, but it sort of whimpers out right at its conclusion -- ending on a bit of a sour, empty tone."
75 68% Beautiful Boy (2018) - Oct 23, 2018
"Liked this a fair bit more than I thought. I actually felt the drifting, fragmented storytelling worked well. Strangely being able to capture both the sentimental rush and frustrating despair that Carell's character goes through. It is a rather "nice" addiction film, which is a bit odd. And as cowfrappe mentioned the soundtrack is way too predictable and recognizable that it sort of takes you out of the movie."