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Location: Youngsville, North Carolina, USA

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78 51% Mr. Hublot (2013) - Feb 03, 2014
"With beautiful CGI and a highly complex visual design, this short film maintains an adequate amount of charm, even if this territory has been crossed many times before by other Oscar nominees for Best Animated Short Film."
88 76% That Wasn't Me (2012) - Feb 03, 2014
"The short doesn't feel short (it runs around one half-hour in length). In its limited running time, the audience is emotionally bombarded with the truth of child militias and its larger impact. Intense, powerful, and riveting, often to the point of stressing out the audience."
95 93% Feral (2012) - Feb 03, 2014
"Brief, simple, poignant. Essentially in black-and-white, with a scratched charcoal drawing style, the short manages to convey expression and emotion with limited visual detail and while combining superb abstract imagery."
93 90% The Voorman Problem (2012) - Feb 03, 2014
"Highly deserving of its Oscar nomination (Live-Action Short Film), this 13 minute treat is reminiscent of a darkly comic Stephen King short story. A little mystery, a quirky lead character, and a surprising twist make this a delicious short to watch several times."
80 56% Possessions (2012) - Feb 03, 2014
"This beautiful and mysterious Oscar nominee (Best Animated Short Film) is reminiscent of Miyazaki, but still proves to be surprising and original."
70 39% Helium (2014) - Feb 03, 2014
"While the film has some powerful moments, its overall pacing feels slow and the result is a short that could have been more impacting than it ended up being. An Oscar nominee for Best Live-Action Short Film."