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84 T9 The Mighty (1998) - Aug 13, 2007
"A great drama. This movie breaks me down to tears like interrogation with Jack Bauer every single time I watch it. Beautiful film with amazing performances from all involved."
92 T10 True Grit (2010) - Dec 27, 2010
"Though this has certainly been advertised as a dramatic film I'd be lying if I said I wasn't howling with laughter at multiple points during the film. That is a testament to the mastery of the Coen brothers who are able to make a film that is deadly dark and serious while still being tremendously funny. I've never seen the original but I can say with assurance that the entire cast is brilliant. Hailee Steinfield has a tremendous career ahead of her."
77 T7 The Big Hit (1998) - Aug 13, 2007
"This movie is so silly and fun it's great. There are some absolutely stellar parts in the film I'll never forget. Never, ever take this movie seriously and you will have an unbelievably fun time."
93 T10 City of God (2003) - Dec 12, 2006
"Absolutely amazing visual style and editing. A brutal and enthralling, yet strangely charming coming-of-age tale. The cinematography perfectly compliments an already excellent story. A must see."
82 T8 Singin' in the Rain (1952) - Feb 21, 2007
"I'll admit I've never been a musical fan at all so I've put off watching this for a very, very long time. It looked like lots of singing and dancing and romance and everything I dislike packed into a film. Just as in Criminal5's review I ended up laughing all throughout the film. The dancing was impressive, even to me, and the music great. The only flaw was that some of the musical numbers went on a bit too long. Aside from that this is heart-warming, family-fun entertainment."
88 T9 Citizen Duane (2006) - Jun 10, 2008
"Positively hilarious black comedy that offers a considerable amount that differentiates itself from the other comedies in the same genre. If you enjoy movies like Little Miss Sunshine you'll enjoy this one. It packs a solid script with an offbeat story. Combine this with great performances, Douglas Smith is especially hilarious in the title role of Duane and I found Donal Logue to be surprisingly good, and you've got a killer comedy. Worth seeing for sure."
73 T6 Tremors (1990) - Feb 26, 2010
"Campy as hell but that's certainly entertaining. Follows an incredibly basic story that's pretty common in horror flicks but still manages to make the ride enjoyable. Having Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward in this certainly take it up a notch and it has some genuinely hilarious moments in it. Plus we've got Reba McEntire as a gun-totin' hunting chick. That's awesome and hilarious regardless of what side of the political fence you're on."
72 T6 Soldier (1998) - Dec 08, 2007
"Totally going against the grain here but I actually found this movie quite enjoyable, even for multiple viewings. Kurt Russell is very good here, much in the same sense Arnold Schwarzenegger is excellent in his Terminator roles. It's got some great scenes ("Affirmative two") and the setting itself is very good. I think that with a higher budget and a director that cared less for flash it could've been much better. Still it's good and Paul W.S. Anderson's best by far."
91 T10 Louis Theroux: The Most Hated Family in America (2007) - Mar 04, 2009
"While Louis' interview with Fred Phelps is quite short and Phelps refuses to answer many questions I believe that says more about his character than any answer he could've given. Theroux interviews many members of Phelps' church who are surprisingly open about their anti-gay and doomsday religion, as well as their personal lives. While I doubt anyone would agree with their religion we are able to see them as people, terribly misguided, but still people nonetheless."
83 T8 Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001) - Aug 13, 2007
"Admittedly this is simply for fans of the Jay and Silent Bob in View Askew universe and I think that says everything you need to know about the film to really enjoy it. If you know what that means and that idea sounds awesome then you'll love this. If you know what that means but you hate the idea then you'll hate this. If you're unsure what that means but enjoyed any Kevin Smith film then give this a go. If you're unsure I'd say watch Clerks or Dogma first."