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76 T7 Dirty Work (1998) - Apr 01, 2007
"I wouldn't exactly call Norm McDonald's work in this film "acting" because he's literally himself during the film. However, if you find Norm McDonald funny then you MUST see this movie. If you find stupid comedies where people say direct and absurd things to one another then you MUST see this movie. I love both of the above and therefor it had me in tears. Especially the plant-fish-turned-drug-gun-fight scene."
90 T10 Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982) - Jan 11, 2008
"Basically put the Star Trek movie of Star Trek movies. Khan is certainly one of the best movie villains ever, and could very well be the best sci-fi movie villain ever (though Hal 9000 from 2001 does give very strong competition). The famous, or infamous in some circles, KHAANNN!! scream from Kirk honestly sends shivers down my spine every time I see it. The film itself is quite good and offers a great social commentary on science intended for good being misused for evil."
90 T10 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) - Dec 22, 2006
"Hilarious flick and highly entertaining. Makes fun of it's own genre perfectly without being an outright satire. Val Kilmer and Robert Downey Jr. feed off each other perfectly. Fantastic film!"
95 T10 Alien (1979) - Jan 06, 2007
"Ridley Scott turns a B-movie script, with an admittedly impressive gimmick of alien gestation within a human host, into an absolutely terrifying and visually stunning film. Also great alien design by H.R. Giger."
70 T6 The Thirteenth Floor (1999) - May 23, 2008
"Well shit I liked it. It doesn't have the special effects of The Matrix. It's not as cerebral as Dark City but it does have a good style unto itself. I think the big problem was that it came out after Dark City and The Matrix so basically this movie has been done before, twice, and it was done better, twice. Still that's not to say it's bad because it's not. As its own film it's good but when compared to The Matrix or Dark City it's just subpar."
72 T6 The Lost Room (2006) - Sep 17, 2009
"The acting ranges from passable to good, the production values are definite "made for TV" movie quality, some of the dialog is stilted and more than a few plot turns feel ham-fisted and forced. However the basic premise and main plot of the film is intriguing and incredibly well done. Thankfully it explains just enough to keep one interested but not so much that the film loses its captivating mystery. In spite of its flaws, this is still well worth watching."
76 T7 Mars Attacks! (1996) - Feb 28, 2007
"Side splittingly hilarious in certain parts but sometimes it just drags. Honestly I don't know how this keeps getting classified as a sci-fi and not a comedy because there's no way this was a serious attempt at a sci-fi. Go in expecting comedy and you won't be disappointed."
80 T8 Twist of Faith (2004) - Oct 09, 2009
"While the documentary doesn't quite offer anything that isn't already known about the Catholic Church's atrociously poor handling of sexual abuse at the hands of its priests it does offer an incredibly candid view of one of the victims of sexual abuse. Ultimately it ends like almost every case you hear about with the Church publicly trying to cover up the issues while the priests suffer no real consequences. It's downright sickening and I feel so sorry for the victims."
94 T10 Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) - Dec 11, 2007
"Most certainly this is action/adventure movie perfection. Harrison Ford's best role, in my opinion, is that of Indiana Jones, the capable but fallible intelligent adventurer and archeologist. Not a single moment in Raiders of the Lost Ark is dull; from start to finish the film is pure entertainment. It's humorous, it's exciting and it's fun. No other film manages to perfectly mesh all these elements together with such finesse as Spielberg's Raiders of the Lost Ark. Fantastic movie."
90 T10 The Messenger (2009) - Jan 24, 2010
"Truly one of the hardest films you can possibly watch in terms of subject matter. The cast here is absolutely superb, even the actors for the bit parts are completely and utterly stellar. The job of informing families that their loved ones have died in the course of duty must be one of the toughest jobs on the planet and this film captures it completely. Ben Foster and Woody Harrelson manage to portray the tension and odd friendship of their relationship perfectly. Essential viewing in my book."