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40 T3 Not Another Teen Movie (2001) - Apr 02, 2007
"Unbelievably low brow comedy that really started the SPOOF EVERYTHING AS MUCH AND AS FAST AS POSSIBLE ALL AT ONCE genre of "satire." Thing is it does have a couple of laughs throughout. Low brow really stupid laughs. Certainly by no means what I'd consider a good film but hey, I laughed."
25 T2 Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (2009) - Mar 12, 2009
"Everything you've heard about Chris Klein is this movie is 110% true. He's an absolute gem in this pile of horrendous trash. It's like he was filmed entirely with another crew who all knew the kind of movie they were making while Kristin Kreuk was under some dillusion of the film's greatness. Needless to say she's terrible and every moment Klein isn't on the screen in glorious Seagal/Norris/Bronson fashion this movie hurts. But when he is this movie soars into over-acting comedy town."
82 T8 Starship Troopers (1997) - Aug 13, 2007
"A great social satire with some decent action tossed in for good measure. Too many people approach this film expecting a serious action movie. It's a comedic social satire action film. Keep that in mind and it should make the experience much more enjoyable, even with the actors involved only delivering decent to good performances."
100 T10 Citizen Kane (1941) - Feb 24, 2007
"One of the most important films ever made. Powerful and beautiful imagery, incredible special effects, which still impress to this day, and superb sound enhance an already compelling story. Complete this with excellent acting, which is even more impressive considering this was the first film of Orson Welles' acting troupe, and you have a cinematic masterpiece everyone should see to at least understand why it is so often called the best film ever made."
71 T6 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) - Oct 01, 2009
"I'm not going to sit here and defend the plot, it's dumb and full of so many holes it almost seems plausible because you simply lose track of how flawed it is. There is no character development, decent acting and it's too long. However Revenge of the Fallen has some absolutely righteous fight scenes of the highest "HELL YEAH" caliber you can possibly imagine. If you want to see Optimus Prime rip open a Deceptacon's face with brute force this is your film."
84 T9 The Book of Eli (2010) - Jan 16, 2010
"To sum this up The Book of Eli is Man on Fire meets Kung Fu meets Mad Max (and yes, that's a good thing). As an action film it does have some intense and impressive scenes. Though it's not deeply philosophical in the religion department it's not terribly heavy handed either given a realistic look at how the bible can be used and abused. As an action star Denzel brings a real acting quality that sets him above the run of the mill meat-head that can't act. I give this one a thumbs up."
84 T9 Slither (2006) - May 09, 2008
"Hell I loved it for it's sheer comedy factor. I think going in and expecting a horror movie causes people to give it a poor to middle of the road reception but expecting a very funny movie, with some seriously gross sections, results in this film delivering perfectly. I laughed so hard I cried for about 10 minutes hearing Malcolm Reyno-err Nathan Fillion saying "well now that is some fucked up shit" when he sees something that can really only be described as... well... fucked up shit."
92 T10 Cop Land (1997) - Jul 23, 2009
"Without a doubt this is my favourite Stallone movie. I consider it better than the original Rocky or Rambo. Here we have a stellar cast: De Niro, Ray Liotta, Harvey Keitel and Robert Patrick. Stallone is the star and you'd think he'd be completely out of his league but not only does he manages to hold his own against other great actors but he actually really, really shines. This is an excellent slow-paced thriller that's definitely not standard Stallone action-fare. Must see for sure."
94 T10 The Insider (1999) - Feb 28, 2010
"Michael Mann's brilliance with The Insider is creating an absolutely intense thriller that is completely composed of white collar crime and devoid of any physical action scenes. That is not to say there is no action in this movie. Instead of tenacious gunfights you have political maneuverings and careful social navigation. Pacino and Crowe are both in top form and the rest of the cast are equally good. There is literally nothing about this movie that isn't enthralling."
89 T10 Three Kings (1999) - Aug 13, 2007
"While David O. Russell is an asshole he can make a really good movie. Some fantastic shots and excellent acting from everyone, honestly this is the first time I considered Wahlberg a good dramatic actor."