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75 T7 Enchanted (2007) - Dec 02, 2007
"Amy Adams is amazing and James Marsden does wonders with the little screen time he has. The film starts off great as it completely embraces and machine guns through the traditional Disney story in about 10 minutes. From there on it masterfully pokes fun of it's own genre without actually making fun of it. The downside comes from the last 15-20 minutes where the film kind of reverts to what it avoided. Though I did appreciate the woman saving the man. Still it's great fun with tons of laughs."
91 T10 Eagle vs. Shark (2007) - Jul 28, 2008
"This movie's going to take a lot of heat because it's in a quite similar style to Napoleon Dynamite, Little Miss Sunshine and Juno. However I found it to be better than all three of those movies. In this the characters are actually awkward to the point of being painful, not just really quirky but in a lovable way, just awkard. I couldn't count the amount of times a subtle reference was made to a previous joke that made me laugh quite hard. Plus Taika Cohen really has a knack for cinematography."
40 T3 Santa's Slay (2005) - Dec 17, 2009
"Ultimately Santa's Slay is one joke carried on for over an hour. This means that the movie drags frequently. However there are still moments of hilarity here and there which prevent it from being flat out bad."
89 T10 Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991) - Jan 19, 2008
"Now personally I do slightly prefer Wrath of Kahn but Star Trek VI is certainly my second favorite of the Star Trek films. All the regular cast are fantastic, especially Shatner and Kelley, and Christopher Plummer, as General Chang, is amazing, as a bit of a theatre enthusiast I love his taunting Shakespeare quotes, and gives a performance that I believe can rival that of the infamous Khan. Many series end with a sour taste but if you want to see it done just right, then this is it."
90 T10 Jarhead (2005) - Feb 27, 2010
"Jarhead is a war film without the war and what happens to those in it when nothing happens? It's an incredibly difficult to make and difficult to watch unless you have a very set mindset. There is no action, there is no payoff, it ends with a whimper not a bang. And that's the point. The acting is stellar and there are some superb shots. Without a doubt this is one of the hardest movies to watch and appreciate: good people break and in the end all you're left with is a hollow experience."
71 T6 Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991) - Mar 18, 2008
"It's a fun adventure movie. It's not great but it's good. I've never ever understood the complaints about Costner falling in and out of an English accent because he never even attempts one. I suppose if that unrealism bothers you then this movie isn't your cup of tea but if you can like stuff like that go then this film is pretty good. Alan Rickman is a fantastic villian with a lot of humor that really steals the show."
85 T9 Leatherheads (2008) - Apr 05, 2008
"Though this is a sports film make no mistake, it is no "Remember the Titans," "Coach Carter" or anything of that sort. Clooney has made a film in 2008 that feels like a classic which could've been made in the 1930's, 40's or 50's. Undoubtedly that was his goal and he certainly achieved it. The film was absolutely hilarious and the style of humor reminded me of the classic "Some Like it Hot" combined (slightly) with his earlier film "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind." Bloody hilarious film."
88 T9 Boy A (2008) - Nov 16, 2008
"Andrew Garfield is absolutely superb in the lead here offering up a ground-breaking performance. The movie itself packs an incredible punch asking the tough question of whether or not a person deserves to carry on with their life after committing perhaps the most heinous crime. It's a tough film to watch but it is certainly worth it in order to see a such an issue explored."
95 T10 Dances with Wolves (1990) - Feb 14, 2008
" It seems that with this film you either love it or hate it. I loved it. Costner's direction shows the sheer brutality and amazing beauty of the old West with some breathtaking landscape cinematography. I particularly enjoyed how dynamically the Sioux people were portrayed as they didn't meet the Hollywood stereotype of being bloodthirsty savages or perfectly peaceful, noble and wise. It's an excellent western and certainly in my mind one of the best epics ever made."
83 T8 Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001) - Aug 13, 2007
"Admittedly this is simply for fans of the Jay and Silent Bob in View Askew universe and I think that says everything you need to know about the film to really enjoy it. If you know what that means and that idea sounds awesome then you'll love this. If you know what that means but you hate the idea then you'll hate this. If you're unsure what that means but enjoyed any Kevin Smith film then give this a go. If you're unsure I'd say watch Clerks or Dogma first."