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92 T10 True Grit (2010) - Dec 27, 2010
"Though this has certainly been advertised as a dramatic film I'd be lying if I said I wasn't howling with laughter at multiple points during the film. That is a testament to the mastery of the Coen brothers who are able to make a film that is deadly dark and serious while still being tremendously funny. I've never seen the original but I can say with assurance that the entire cast is brilliant. Hailee Steinfield has a tremendous career ahead of her."
88 T9 The American (2010) - Oct 17, 2010
"The American is a superb slow-moving suspense film. Instead of being jam-packed with action the majority of the film remains smart and cerebral. When the action picks up it is intense but conservative to maintain realism. Clearly it takes a page from the classic Le Samourai. Clooney is superb in this and Violante Placido, an unknown to me, does an amazing job acting against such a high calibre actor. With that said the extended montage moments could be lessened but aside from that, it's great."
88 T9 Beerfest (2006) - Aug 13, 2007
"Just as hilarious as Super Troopers and a great bounce back from the lukewarm Club Dread. Packed with low-brow crass laughs but if you enjoy that then this is a must see. Especially if you liked Super Troopers."
80 T8 Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr. (1999) - Feb 20, 2007
"It feels a bit bias in the editing of the movie for sure but in the end it doesn't condemn Fred Leuchter so much as it pities him as we find out why he feels what he did was necessary."
77 T7 Iron Monkey (1993) - Feb 26, 2007
"Great kung-fu action that doesn't break any new ground but is still awesome if that's your thing."
92 T10 Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009) - Feb 18, 2010
"Superb film, and when I say this I say it as a huge childhood fan of Roald Dahl. Now really this isn't exactly the Fantastic Mr. Fox you remember but rather a loose adaptation of it. It's not for better or for worse. However Anderson's take on the story is still absolutely brilliant in it's own right. Undoubtedly a great movie both kids and adults can enjoy as quite a few scenes had me in tears with laughter. Highly, highly recommended."
67 T5 Hard Target (1993) - Aug 13, 2007
"One of the better Van Damme films in my opinion. Some decent action and good camera work, thanks to the direction of an earlier John Woo, make for a pretty decent action movie. Definitely better than the average Van Damme flick but honestly it's nothing amazing."
90 T10 Hot Fuzz (2007) - Feb 27, 2007
"I love over-the-top action movies with something special to them. An over-the-top action movie that is also hilariously satirizes it's own genre? Completely and utterly sold! I found it even better than Shaun of the Dead."
89 T10 Batman (1989) - Aug 13, 2007
"Jack Nicholson's take on The Joker is absolutely amazing and although I think Christian Bale did a better Batman I thought Michael Keaton was a better and more captivating Bruce Wayne. Tim Burton's visual style worked perfectly for this movie, as it is based off a comic book. I'd have to honestly say it has aged quite well and I'd consider it as good as Batman Begins."
91 T10 Eagle vs. Shark (2007) - Jul 28, 2008
"This movie's going to take a lot of heat because it's in a quite similar style to Napoleon Dynamite, Little Miss Sunshine and Juno. However I found it to be better than all three of those movies. In this the characters are actually awkward to the point of being painful, not just really quirky but in a lovable way, just awkard. I couldn't count the amount of times a subtle reference was made to a previous joke that made me laugh quite hard. Plus Taika Cohen really has a knack for cinematography."