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Cinema Addict - 2186 Film Ratings

Member Since: May 21, 2010

Location: Denmark

Age: 36

Bio: My reviews are more or less simple keynotes to myself,
however it is cool if they can share some light on the movies for some of you guys.

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5 - Fantastic
4 - Very Good
3 - Good
2 - Okay
1 - Bad

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65% Tenet (2020) - Sep 04, 2020
"More ambitious than Interstellar and Inception. Not necessarily a bad thing, however it's also less ingestible than the other two. Either Nolan expects more of his viewers nowadays or the script simply lacks a final touch. I think it's the latter, although a second viewing might clear A LOT of question marks. Not impressed by Washington. Pattinson however, was a clear highlight! This hasn't changed the fact that Nolan is still the director I am looking most forward to releasing new movies. *Good"
31% Bad Boys for Life (2020) - Aug 12, 2020
"Okay, so this was actually not that bad. I felt like it was a mix of the first two installments. A little less goofy/funny than #2 and a little more crazy action than #1. The story is a little stretched, but if accepted, this is fine saturday night entertainment. *Okay"
65% Rob Roy (1995) - Aug 07, 2020
90% Wind River (2017) - Aug 07, 2020
"I have totally fallen for Sheridan's style after watching his Tv-series "Yellowstone". All his work feels so authentic and respectfully accurate. This story is solid and the performances likewise. Superb thriller! *Very Good"
90% Knives Out (2019) - Aug 07, 2020
"Stellar cast - on paper. A few (Craig and Colette) missed their mark and some (Plummer and Evans) were great, however Armas stole the show completely. Not your typical whodunit story, but it works very well. I'm looking forward to watch it again in a few years time. *Very Good"
31% The Lion King (2019) - Aug 04, 2020
"Superb visuals and voice acting. Rogen and Eichner stood out. The music is just as marvelous as the original, but the whole thing just feels a bit flat - a bit underachieved. So many scenes were exact images from the original, and that actually ruined it a bit for me. Sorry to say. I would still recommend it to other, though. *Okay"
31% Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw (2019) - Aug 04, 2020
"I mean... just... nevermind... *Okay"
65% Baby Driver (2017) - Aug 04, 2020
"Have never been a big fan of Wright, mostly because of the genres, but this was a nice surprise. Impeccable carstunts and the editing that comes with it, but the whole "soundtrack-impressiveness" actually didn't do that much for me. The last third lost it's way and became a bit messy. Elgort was okay, but his chemistry with James was awesome. On top op that, James was charming as hell. *Good"
98% Parasite (2019) - Jan 29, 2020
"Probably my favorite movie from 2019. Came in with very high expectations and was still surprised coming out of the movie theater. It manages to juggle so many perspectives and genres without dedicating to one and still keeping the viewer at grip. Truly amazed by this! *Fantastic"
65% 1917 (2019) - Jan 29, 2020
"I definitely applaud this from a technical point of view. This was beautiful to watch, however I still found myself losing a bit of concentration throughout. A bit too many plot holes and things to contemplate. *Good"