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Cinema Addict - 1726 Film Ratings

Member Since: Oct 21, 2007

Location: Turkey

Age: 37

Bio: http://www.eylemplani.com

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75 89% The Banshees of Inisherin (2022) - Mar 23, 2023
"Masterfully made film. If it had kept the pace of the first two acts, would've been a masterpiece. Still very good though, the struggles of the main characters, and the acting is on a very very high level, the pacing, editing and everything is just perfect. It's just the last act that drags a little and that's what prevented an 80, but still amazing."
60 40% The Siege of Jadotville (2016) - Mar 11, 2023
"The ending of this one was extremely abrupt and did not fit the tone or style of the film. Up till that point it was going quite well but the last 5 minutes were interesting. Not too bad a watch but the real story ended the same way so I guess there wasn’t much to do."
55 23% Clerks III (2022) - Mar 01, 2023
"As a film it’s quite meh. As a nostalgis trip, especially if you are a viewaskew and Clerks fan, beyond amazing trip of nostalgia. Smiths’ journey after his heart attack is all on display and it is quite fun. Apart from the satanists, it was quite good. The satanists were also good but a bit exaggerated, but what else do you expect from Smith?"
60 40% Rise (2022) - Mar 01, 2023
"Looks so much like a direct to tv movie, if you like sports movies though, it is a good ride. Nothing special but nothing boring"
60 40% Fighting with My Family (2019) - Feb 20, 2023
"Yeah, not a single surprise in this one, but not boring. Pugh is always a joy to watch."
55 23% You People (2023) - Feb 05, 2023
"The first 2 acts of this would've gotten a 70 out of me but that disaster of a third act just took it down. I love culture clash concepts and this one wasn't awful. But still, that 3rd act, and stupid change of heart scenes just don't cut it.. Oh and what about that camera? Even in car scenes it was moving around without purpose, wtf man?"
70 75% Welcome to Chippendales (2022) - Feb 05, 2023
"It was good overall. The performances were great, but it was an episode or two too long, and a few characters were underdeveloped. It was still a decent watch that took you to the times, and Somen's change was established well. It's just the majority of the sidecharacters that were kept really underdeveloped."
80 95% Tár (2022) - Feb 03, 2023
"Half the points are for Blanchett. Especially the first 30 minutes are a tour de force. Although Blanchett keeps you hooked, the directing of the movie, sound, editing, everything keeps you mesmerized. But again, that beginning, it kicked off just at the right moment since I wouldn't've been able to keep up if it kept on like the beginning 35 minutes."
70 75% Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (2022) - Jan 18, 2023
"Not as deep and good as the first one, but quite close. The style, the humour, the characters.. everything is here and it is a quick 140 mins. Very enjoyable."
60 40% White Noise (2022) - Jan 18, 2023
"Four different movies within a single film is difficult. I kinda like Baumbach’s chaotic style, but this one was onthe very fine edge of being too chaotic. Still creatly entertaining but a bit confused. Bit too long, but I guess most of it is from the book."