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10 22% Pistol (2022) - Jun 04, 2022
"Danny Boyle's approach to filmmaking is boring and chaotic, which makes for a frustrating viewing experience. The storytelling here is clunky and unfocused. Considering the magnitude and influence of the Sex Pistols, there are certainly stories to be told, but somehow Boyle manages to circumvent all the interesting parts as if his life depended on it."
80 62% What Is a Woman? (2022) - Jun 04, 2022
"Horrific and disturbing. Walsh does a decent and fair job presenting this subject."
50 42% Trucker (2009) - Jun 04, 2022
"thoroughly vanilla."
16 26% Major League (1989) - May 29, 2022
"Nothing special. Passes the time, but doesn't have all that much to offer. Very formulaic as an American 80s comedy and a baseball film. I like the concept of a film about baseball, but the only one I've ever really liked is The Rookie with Dennis Quaid. Nine out of ten baseball films consist of just two things: a quirky but predictable bunch of characters, and ridiculous, slow-motion, winning baseball action scenes. This film has both. It's pretty boring. I just want one interesting character"
61 46% Look at Me: XXXTentacion (2022) - May 29, 2022
5% Pretty Woman (1990) - May 29, 2022
"So hillbilly redneck can play chess and understand Shakespeare, ok, but why is she retarded?"
30 34% 101 (1989) - May 28, 2022
"It's weird to think that This Is Spinal Tap came out five years before this, yet they still went ahead and unironically remade it anyway. It's almost difficult to believe it's unintentional. I'm still unsure. They even go to Graceland FFS. Was never much of a Depeche Mode fan and this film didn't change that. The film highlights just how damn silly this band was. It's kind of amusing."
82 65% Divine Trash (1998) - May 20, 2022
"This is much better than I expected (that poster needs work.) For a low budget production, it's incredibly cohesive, well edited, informative, and entertaining. With well over 100 interviews, seemingly half of Baltimore, this film feels genuine and complete. Never boring or excessive."
83 67% The Last Emperor (1987) - May 18, 2022