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65 T5 Unhinged (2020) - 25 Sep 2023
"Suspenseful but also absurdly implausible and stupid. Passes the time, but at what cost? Who really has this kind of time to waste?"
40 T4 9/11: Phone Calls from the Towers (2009) - 25 Sep 2023
"This could have been interesting. I assumed it would have been mostly recorded conversations made to the media or emergency dispatchers. There are a few but it's mostly just a bunch of voicemails, all of which are pretty much the same. Way too much obligation to provide background stories for each caller, none of which is all that interesting to a stranger."
80 T7 Heartstopper (2022) - 08 Aug 2023
"Kind of a cute story...about friendship. Neither Charlie or Nick have any actual good friends, so when they find each other they assume it's something more. Society is quick to label, particularly with the gay stuff. Good friends tend to have a desire for some physical intimacy. It's a basic need. Some people just need it more than others. It's not always sexual. The show is great at showing the chemistry between two good friends, until it becomes sexual, and then it's just awkward. s2:subpar"
T1 Born on the Fourth of July (1989) - 07 Jul 2023
"The worst acting imaginable."
70 T6 Unbroken (2014) - 30 Jun 2023
"The opening scene is exceptional but it lost its appeal rather quickly after the first 10 minutes. Not a terrible film either. The last 40 minutes are unnecessary and overly uncomfortable. Not real sure what to think."
28 T4 The Passion of the Christ (2004) - 03 Apr 2023
10 T3 The World According to Garp (1982) - 02 Apr 2023
35 T4 Meet Me in the Bathroom (2022) - 09 Feb 2023
"Great era of music, but this film simply doesn't capture the excitement or drama of it very well, unlike the book. Poorly edited and constructed. No cohesion, rhyme or reason. A bit too much attention to YYYs, James Murphy, and The Strokes while not even mentioning a bunch of bands that were part of the original story--Jonathan Fire Eater, The Walkmen, and Vampire Weekend to name a few. But without much video or interviews, it's limited--mostly all cutting-room floor MTV stock footage."
T1 Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022) - 08 Feb 2023
"Ok, so it's obvious you went to film school, but do you actually have anything interesting to say or a unique way of saying it? No, and No. This movie is too depressing, silly, and zany for my taste. Poor acting and writing make it unwatchable. Short-attention-span, know-it-all gamer culture has arrived at the cinema for no good reason, and sadly, it's probably the future. A24 has become a joke."
90 T9 Curb Your Enthusiasm (2000) - 08 Feb 2023