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Criticker Zealot - 6573 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jun 5, 2010

Location: Greenland

Bio: It's the movies we hate that separate you and me. no inception, ingl. basterds, incredibles, blind side, black hawk down, spiderman, 300, waltz with bashir, etc.

"If my films make one more person miserable, I'll feel I have done my job."--- Woody Allen.

(roughly but not always) 1=bad; 2=OK; 3=good; 4=liked or loved; 5=take it to the other side
more Recent Ratings
30 40% Posle smerti (1915) - Jul 16, 2019
35 47% Hazal (1980) - Jul 16, 2019
30 40% Sunset (2019) - Jul 12, 2019
"unlike his prior film, it doesn't work in here"
40 54% Huis clos (1954) - Jul 09, 2019
79 94% The Big Parade (1925) - Jul 07, 2019
"there're lots of silliness you can also find in the same era movies; however the presence of some timeless moments and shots here makes it great"
66 82% Johnny Got His Gun (1971) - Jul 06, 2019
30 40% Make Way for Tomorrow (1937) - Jul 01, 2019
48 61% Arctic (2019) - Jul 01, 2019
"Why does he have to suffer in ALL films? Leave the man alone! "
63 79% Cold War (2018) - Jun 29, 2019
"Wow, that was extra-ordinary. But perhaps a little bit too "extra-ordinary"... An incomprehensible love story. Love may be a mysterious thing and art doesn't always have to tell us the "typical" phenomena. Here we don't understand personal motives, yet feel the bleakness that occur as a result. Neither do we see any real social context of "cold war". It remains just an accidental decor. It could happen anywhere as well. Yet, it's still a touching madness... "