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68 T4 Pretty Woman (1990) - Mar 27, 2017
"While the premise is problematic at best, PRETTY WOMAN endures on the strength of the chemistry between Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, as well as the instant appeal of its geographic and sartorial iconography. And despite the offhand way it treats some of its more salacious (and potentially depressing) details, this is a film with an old soul, fitting neatly into the Hollywood legacy of class-conflict romantic comedies with preposterous yet satisfying endings."
68 T4 Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (2016) - Mar 14, 2017
"While NEIGHBORS 2 fails to match the freshness of its predecessor, it does find ways to avoid contrivance in its gender-swapped premise. If nothing else, it's nice to have feminist asides in a mainstream Hollywood comedy. As before, the draw here is the cast--hilarious performances abound, even if most of these characters already achieved the majority of their narrative purpose in the first movie."
76 T7 Bridge of Spies (2015) - Mar 14, 2017
"BRIDGE OF SPIES tells its story of a Brooklyn lawyer at the heart of some of the Cold War's most tense exchanges with studied patience and resolve. Boasting the word "spies" in its title is a misdirect; it's really a legal drama by way of emotional historical pastiche. The movie loses momentum as it jumps between events that took years to transpire, but achieves an impressive clarity thanks to a typically solid Tom Hanks performance and the experienced hand of Steven Spielberg."
74 T6 John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017) - Mar 14, 2017
"JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 2 is a notable addition to the canon of action sequels--such as CRANK 2 and TRANSPORTER 2--that gleefully sever any vestigial links to reality and double down on implausible insanity. Keanu Reeves is the perfect stoic straight man in a film full of reckless gunplay, not to mention gloriously bizarre details about the international criminal underworld. (The secret hotel for assassins was just for starters.) Gratuitously violent and barely redeeming--a real guilty pleasure."
92 T10 Get Out (2017) - Mar 14, 2017
"A bold, assured directorial debut for Jordan Peele, GET OUT is one of the most impeccably designed and executed horror films in years. Using the vernacular of suspense thrillers, it posits a timely and timeless statement on the terrifying razor's edge that people of color are forced to walk in regards to identity, agency, and freedom. It is the rare film that can be appreciated on its surface level--a stinging potboiler with great performances--while inviting and rewarding deeper contemplation."
15 T1 Yoga Hosers (2016) - Mar 14, 2017
"YOGA HOSERS is amateur hour defined, an incomprehensible mess made more painful to watch by the palpable embarrassment and/or desperation of many of the people involved. It's a "hangout" movie that feels more like a hostage situation, ping-ponging between limp horror satire and lazy vulgarian comedy. Meant as a (sort of) valentine to Canada, it comes off more like an insult, as well as perhaps the most pointless example of cultural appropriation in recent memory."
66 T4 Hacksaw Ridge (2016) - Mar 14, 2017
"Ostensibly a biopic about a conscientious objector who managed to distinguish himself on the battlefield during WWII, HACKSAW RIDGE is more accurately an uneven statement piece about the place of war in the human experience. The awkward, clunky first half encapsulates Gibson's weaknesses as a director, full of misplaced emotions and shallow messaging. The second half, however, reveals his strengths--few in Hollywood can make the crucible of violence as compelling as it is horrific."
46 T2 Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (2016) - Mar 04, 2017
"MIKE AND DAVE need a bit more imagination to go along with their self-awareness. Watching lazy, self-centered people just be horrible to one another gets old pretty quick, even when the performances are solid across the board--and, in the cases of Kendrick and Plaza, far exceed the material that's been given to them. Recommended for nihilists, who are most likely to see themselves in this film (not that they'd care)."
70 T5 In the Loop (2009) - Mar 04, 2017
"IN THE LOOP is a biting political satire with a plethora of quotable moments, a bevy of wonderfully acerbic performances, and the narrative discipline of a wet linguine noodle. Chaos is very much the point, and it smartly sends up the way politics is played to give the illusion of forward momentum. But, I dunno, it just kind of...ends? Armando Iannucci's vision is made for TV--as his splendid shows attest--and this is merely a fun distraction."
82 T8 Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016) - Mar 04, 2017
"Taika Waititi finds a nice balance of comic absurdity and heart-tugging sentiment in HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE, a movie that advances the director's case for the title of the Kiwi Wes Anderson. The sublime drollery is unceremoniously elbowed out of the way by cartoony mayhem at times; however, Waititi's world is too wide, too mad, and too weird not to accommodate any misfit."