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68 39% Heaven Can Wait (1978) - Jun 22, 2018
"HEAVEN CAN WAIT straddles the line between '70s auteur-driven filmmaking and polished Hollywood product that contains stirrings of the high-concept silliness that would define studio comedies in the decades to come. It's rather goofy and often gets distracted in search of its overall goal, but the casual zaniness of its script and the charisma of Beatty hold things together."
76 63% Good Hair (2009) - Jun 22, 2018
"GOOD HAIR isn't--and doesn't claim to be--an authoritative or academic study of the factors that influence self-identity. But even as a film whose primary goal is to entertain, there is still plenty of food for thought. Come for the historical context and sociopolitical musings, stay for the footage of elaborate "hair competition" routines. "
33 7% The Week Of (2018) - Jun 22, 2018
"Why do cartoonishly wacky, overbearing, and selfish parents in movie comedies always rear the blandest of offspring? This is the type of question I pondered when, much like the creators of THE WEEK OF, I continually lost interest halfway though scenes that play like the casts of two or three different movies coincidentally booked the same locations. Glad to see Weird Steve Buscemi again though!"
72 49% RBG (2018) - Jun 22, 2018
"As documentaries go, RBG is a slick, well-crafted, and remarkably candid profile of a woman working in one of the most rarefied institutions in America. And RBG herself is a truly inspiring and fascinating figure worth of a feature-length bio that doubles as a basic primer on the evolution of women's rights. Nevertheless, the movie often steers into hero worship, finding solace in RBG's cult of personality instead of fully reckoning with the ways her judicial legacy is being challenged."
38 10% Runaway (1984) - Jun 22, 2018
"Very little about RUNAWAY has aged well, but its conceit--a special branch of the police dedicated to, um, switching off malfunctioning robots--was probably always difficult to accept with a straight face. Salvaged somewhat by its residual camp value (Gene Simmons as an evil tech genius; boxy, clunky robots) and bits of Crichton's foresight (self-driving cars, drone cameras and weapons), the film mostly adheres to a standard action template and suffers from a severe lack of personality."
22 3% The Cobbler (2015) - Jun 22, 2018
"Magical realism gone terribly awry. Underneath the strained whimsy of THE COBBLER is the tale of a desperate, creepy loner who temporarily snatches other people's bodies, often for dishonest or unsavory purposes. There is little learning and even less humor in this wildly misguided film, where the lessons of empathy are only learned through social and racial tourism."
75 58% Delicatessen (1991) - Jun 22, 2018
"DELICATESSEN is a quirky wind-up toy of a movie, wearing playful anarchy as a badge of honor. It stands out even among the ranks of visually bespoke films as particularly obsessed with archaic contraptions and confabulations, sometimes to the detriment of the story itself. But even that's fine, as long as Jeunet finds inventive ways to entertain us at his darkly comic circus."
62 27% Goon: Last of the Enforcers (2017) - Jun 22, 2018
"GOON: LAST OF THE ENFORCERS is a decent effort marred by its typically sequel-ish weakness for rehashing the past. The question of a post-hockey life for its titular enforcer/teddy bear is secondary to setting up a familiar Western-style showdown with a nihilistic tough guy. Seann William Scott nails the part once again; there's just not nearly as much to hang it on this time."
89 93% Goon (2012) - Jun 22, 2018
"The world's greatest hockey Western, GOON is an unexpected source of warmth and uplift, and an unapologetic examination of the uses of violence. The film's blunt, unserious tone separates it from conventional underdog stories, as does its characters, who are truly flawed misfits and not puppyish mascots with easily-reconciled baggage. All of this is tied together by a quotable script and the magnificently droll Seann William Scott, who gives one of the best comedic performances of the decade."
74 55% Deadpool 2 (2018) - Jun 22, 2018
"DEADPOOL 2 fulfills the promise of its predecessor in offering a wholly different kind of superhero blockbuster, without being too satisfied with its own sophomoric antics. Smartly minimizing the original's stock-character co-stars (those amusing credits weren't just a gag; they were a lampshade), the sequel expands Deadpool's world in a satisfying way, free from the burden of crass attention-grabbing and table-setting. Funnier, weirder, and--yes--actually heartfelt."