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73 T6 A Quiet Place (2018) - Apr 20, 2018
"A QUIET PLACE is a scary and effective thriller that could even be considered daring, given the right set of expectations. Its commitment to silence is genuine--any fears that this would be Jump Scare: The Movie are unfounded. It's more clever stunt than visionary film, especially considering its pedestrian family drama and its questionable horror movie logic. But credulity matters little when a film is this good at getting you to play along, just waiting for the other pin to drop."
59 T3 Ready Player One (2018) - Apr 20, 2018
"They say you can't make a good movie from a bad script, but READY PLAYER ONE makes an admirable attempt. The overly busy, tonally inconsistent story is embarrassingly simplistic at times, though things improve whenever the film focuses on the flesh-and-blood characters instead of their ridiculous mo-cap avatars. There is more than a touch of that old Spielberg magic in the movie's underdog spirit, but it's not enough to gloss over the film's very apparent flaws. "
84 T9 Gattaca (1997) - Apr 10, 2018
"Moody, mysterious, and melancholy, GATTACA is a heady sci-fi drama in service of even more profound themes. While the central melodrama--a normal man tries to pass as genetically superior--is worth watching, it's honestly the least interesting part of the movie. The film's true heart lies in the ambivalence of its more complex, genetically-enhanced characters (including a show-stealing Jude Law) who draw out a deeper understanding of humanity's fundamental failings."
60 T3 Girls Trip (2017) - Apr 06, 2018
"Despite a star-making turn from Tiffany Haddish, GIRLS TRIP is a shaky conflation of Apatow-style raunch, sitcom-level characterization, and maudlin moralizing. The movie gets rolling with a refreshing snap, but loses its way as the comedic cliches pile up (hello, accidental drug hallucination; I see you, dance battle sequence). That's why Haddish is so delightful--and essential--as the film's sparkplug: she's a legitimately unpredictable force in an otherwise by-the-numbers experience."
86 T9 While We're Young (2015) - Apr 06, 2018
"Noah Baumbach strikes gold with another incisive commentary on modern life in WHILE WE'RE YOUNG, a film that explores of the difference between experience and wisdom. Adam Driver is phenomenal as a dissembling hipster-type who upends the lives of a neurotic Gen X couple who realize that life still has plenty of lessons in store for them. Smart, funny, and knowing, the movie tells us that getting older is not always fun, but at least there's always something new to learn."
68 T4 Love, Simon (2018) - Apr 06, 2018
"The sweet-natured LOVE, SIMON strikes a winning balance between its status as a landmark in mainstream representation and its desire to tell a story about the romantic pitfalls of adolescence. While quite generic in execution--the movie even engages in a bit of meta-commentary on Simon's blandness--it's the perspective from which we see these familiar beats that give the film its unique shape. SIMON is the same, yet different, and that's a good thing for us and for the movies as a whole."
81 T8 The Untouchables (1987) - Apr 06, 2018
"THE UNTOUCHABLES brings a boyish glee (and lax historicity) to gangland Chicago and the toppling of Al Capone, played to a cartoonish hilt by Robert de Niro. It has the heart of a pulpy cops 'n robbers thriller, as Brian de Palma elevates a conventional story with stylish action and bruising machismo. This is a film with some moves: the iconic stairwell shootout is just one of many artistic curveballs that keeps the audience on its toes."
56 T3 Rules Don't Apply (2016) - Apr 06, 2018
"RULES DON'T APPLY builds up a lot of goodwill in its first half--a charming romance between two straight arrows--before squandering it all on a loopy digression into the eccentric behavior of Howard Hughes. It is the best and worst of star-driven projects: the young lovers' story clearly conveys something very personal about Beatty and the turgid sexual mores of the 1950s, while the Howard Hughes stuff is pure overreaching vanity. The title song is criminally underrated."
65 T4 Pacific Rim Uprising (2018) - Mar 29, 2018
"Not unlike its predecessor, PACIFIC RIM UPRISING relies on very broad tropes to prop up its raison d'etre: giant robot and monster fights. While not as personal as the original, it benefits from much-improved lead performances and is willing to get weird enough to remain entertaining, if ultimately predictable. This is how all TRANSFORMERS movies should be--whimsical, colorful, straightforward, and fucking less than two hours long."
85 T9 Star Trek: First Contact (1996) - Mar 29, 2018
"Though purists might balk at compromises made when translating TNG to the big screen, it is futile to resist STAR TREK: FIRST CONTACT. The movie essentially silos two separate stories--a cheerfully humorous time travel fable, and a suspenseful action yarn with a serious philosophical bent--and somehow makes them even more compelling. It's a film with an addictive rhythm, thanks to a dexterous script, excellent performances, and clever visual craftsmanship."