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15 21% The Black Phone (2022) - Aug 05, 2022
"I watched the movie solely because of Ethan Hawke and I am vastly disappointed by the lack of his character's development, backstory and screen time. From a realistic/criminal point of view, it really boggles the mind why FBI is not involved. Furthermore, the whole shtick with the sister is very useless. Sure, she saw stuff, but at the end had zero influence on the outcome. Finally, the ending was fitting as the final disappointment."
80 83% Minions: The Rise of Gru (2022) - Aug 04, 2022
"I find "Minions: The Rise of Gru" to be a big improvement over Despicable me 3. Overall, it's a solid franchise and this is maybe my favorite installment. The animation feels really polished and beautiful and the minions are at their cutest. Most "fun for the whole family" animations are too childish and/or awkward, but those little buggers are just the right amount of silly."
12% He's Just Not That Into You (2009) - Aug 03, 2022
"Every Ginnifer Goodwin's character is so obnoxious, I firmly believe it's just the actress' personality and not a script. The stories are intertwined okay, but everything else is, simply put, boring and bland."
79 81% The Practice (1997) - Aug 02, 2022
44 47% Taylor Tomlinson: Quarter-Life Crisis (2020) - Jul 29, 2022
"It wasn't consistent throughout. There were some good jokes and she is funny overall, but a lot of the stories were just... boring."
30 34% The Man From Toronto (2022) - Jul 29, 2022
"There were some fun moments, and a lot of excruciatingly bad, awkward moments. Hart is, as Hart is. I wonder why the writers bother making up a name for his character, when he always plays Kevin Hart. I enjoyed the fighting sequence in the gym though."
20 26% The Bad Guys (2022) - Jul 26, 2022
"Nowadays, an animation rarely impresses me and this one was especially mediocre."
10% Blown Away (2019) - Jul 22, 2022
"Firstly, the topic in itself is not that interesting to merit a whole show. On top of that, they don't show the process well enough - we mostly see them talking, the end product and we see if something breaks. Maybe it gets better when there are fewer contestants, but nothing made it worth it for me to watch more than one episode."
16 22% Face Off (2011) - Jul 22, 2022