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Member Since: Jan 7, 2018

Location: Canada

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90 92% La Notte (1961) - Apr 15, 2019
"Might be my favourite Antonioni to date. A display of how binding life and love can be, to the exhaustion of continued emptiness without any light. "
50 17% Unicorn Store (2017) - Apr 08, 2019
"Still love you Brie."
45 14% Pet Sematary (2019) - Apr 07, 2019
80 65% L'avventura (1960) - Apr 03, 2019
"Antonioni captures some of love's audacious moments that leave us with feelings of isolation and disconnect. A battle of morale among characters that display different elements of love; the void unfulfilled by a significant other, temptations of lust and loyalty, as well as the persisting need to feel love/desire back. This familiar tone of Antonioni may disregard emotions at first, and lead one to ambiguous reflection. "
85 77% Pina (2011) - Mar 27, 2019
"The beautiful thing about a dancer, is watching their agony mold into a perpetual form of art. Pina's loneliness is so beautifully and emotionally painted, through her movements, and the dancers who fondly look up to her. Wim Wenders further heightens the beauty of choreography in a wonderful tribute to Pina Bausch. I recommend."
90 92% The Mustang (2018) - Mar 25, 2019
"Undeniably finds affection from the viewer as it uncovers how humane and sensitive life can be, even at it’s lowest moments. Caught off guard with emotion, I will gladly still meditate on this later."
78 56% Gloria Bell (2018) - Mar 19, 2019
"At a certain point in life, you’ll realize death is dancing in the spotlight and start to omit from routine in search of solitude. Rediscovering the integrity of ‘living’ and what it means to be present is captured through the gorgeous lens of Gloria bell."
60 26% Skate Kitchen (2018) - Mar 11, 2019
"With it's day-in-the-life persona, it doesn't get any deeper than hanging out with the cool kids and the coming of age. No real attempt at being innovative with it's common grounds, but definitely had some mesmerizing 'feel good' moments."
90 92% M (1931) - Mar 10, 2019
"A movie that intervenes with the shadows of social justice and lawful rights. At the surface it explores the voice of reason for criminal punishment. With such a distinct character to follow for the film’s vocation, I can highly appreciate the dialogue and cinematic details that progress towards the end."
80 65% Atlanta (2016) - Mar 03, 2019