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Member Since: Jan 7, 2018

Location: Canada

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95 96% Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) - Dec 06, 2018
"Well fuck me for watching this alone, at night, and single. It becomes sensitive and emotional in short bursts that surprisingly, don’t overlap the warmth found within. A recommend from me."
45 14% Tag (2018) - Dec 05, 2018
80 65% The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (2018) - Dec 03, 2018
"A witty Coen charm with each tale. It must have been fun to create something that contains more/less westernized, philosophical views on life. They give us beautiful pictures that are worth another visit."
78 56% Green Book (2018) - Nov 27, 2018
"Green Book is a joy ride that's carried by it’s well-balanced emotions. Unexpectedly fun, and gracefully covers the social wounds of American soil. It's an ordinary tale that is favourable with it's writing."
85 77% Full Metal Jacket (1987) - Nov 26, 2018
"Although the first half tends to be the most memorable, FMJ sits through as an intense, funny, and dark depiction of war. The dehumanization of these recruits is far from cheesy, and becomes powerful when it needs to be. Kubrick is a master at showcasing his brilliance and uses a very stylistic score. Wouldn't mind revisiting this down the road at all."
80 65% Andrei Rublev (1966) - Nov 25, 2018
"Something that speaks directly to the artist who struggles with society and the impulse of creating. There are religious opinions that reflect Tarkovsky’s POV, and although it requires patience, I heavily appreciate this film. Some scenes are incredibly captured. It took me a second viewing to be completely satisfied with how I felt about this."
50 17% Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) - Nov 22, 2018
"Freddie would not approve. RIP."
78 56% Blindspotting (2018) - Nov 21, 2018
"A relevant, cultural reference that becomes heartfelt with its build up. It also seems to be a tasteful representation of ‘the town,’ matched with enticing camerawork and style. This light jog of a dramedy surprised me with what is now one of my favourite scenes in 2018 thus far."
85 77% Suspiria (2018) - Nov 20, 2018
"I was loving every bit of this until a few moments during the final act. It's a risky slow burn that concealed more than I could initially absorb. Thom Yorke doesn't disappoint, although I was slightly distracted by his presence at one part. However, this is right in the ballpark for my taste of gruesome, psycho-experimental film. Camera-work that actually reminded me of some favourite Gaspar moments, and I'm on high alert for what Guadagnino has next."