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T3 A View to a Kill (1985) - 04 Dec 2023
"Everything felt slightly off with this one, as if they wanted to emulate the winning formula of the previous entries but the execution was lacking. Far less campy than its predecessors and the stunt work wasn’t as impressive as I had hoped. Sometimes, those elements - from Bond’s quips, to the villain, Bond girls or even locations - don’t mesh together as well as they should and that’s fine as the Moore entries were easily some of the most enjoyable in the entire franchise."
T6 Octopussy (1983) - 03 Dec 2023
"When you look at the films of Nolan or McQuarrie, it's easy to see where they get their inspiration from. Octopussy is yet another incredibly fun Bond film, full of great action and iconic stunt work, with Moore dishing out hilarious one liners like his character's life depended on it. There's an undeniably campy quality to the entire thing, but it's unjustly been judged to be of inferior quality when in fact, it makes the film such a pleasure to sit through. "Having problems keeping it up, Q?""
T4 Street Kings (2008) - 30 Nov 2023
"David Ayer is like the Dude With Sign, holding one that says “I wish I had directed ‘Training Day’ myself” only he ain’t no Antoine Fuqua, and where the unorthodox casting of folks like Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre worked wonders, repeating this with names like Chris Evans and Cedric the Entertainer does not. It’s watchable and pulls no punches from the get go, but also too straightforward for my taste and the characters or about as forgettable as a side order of lukewarm potato wedges at Pizza Hut."
T10 L.A. Confidential (1997) - 28 Nov 2023
"(after repeat viewings) An absolutely home run, it embodies all the elements that make up a great noir film while giving that very same genre a run for its money. Less than 2 years after 'Heat', the great Dante Spinotti shoots another great L.A. film, only this version of The City of Angels is populated to the gills with a ragtag group of sleazy characters one would expect to operate on the opposite side of the moral spectrum. Together with Boogie Nights the best American movie of 1997."
T8 Witness for the Prosecution (1957) - 27 Nov 2023
"It gets by on a snappy script and some excellent performances, particularly Charles Laughton as the jokingly sarcastic Sir Wilfrid. I think the reason I don’t like watching American movies up until the late 50’s is that most of them - at least compared to European productions - looked very flat and unexciting while I tend to enjoy and scrutinise cinematography first and foremost. But I remained invested nonetheless and it ends with a nice twist."
T6 For Your Eyes Only (1981) - 24 Nov 2023
"I wouldn’t go as far as calling this careless but it definitely goes about the whole affair in breezy fashion while still offering its viewers many elements that make these films so fun to watch. It doesn’t get mentioned enough but they really went all out in the Moore era with some ridiculous and admirable stunt work such as the hilarious pre title segment or fantastic ski scenes. From a production perspective, it’s also incredibly interesting watching these movies evolve over time."
T6 Moonraker (1979) - 18 Nov 2023
"Despite the bad rap this movie gets, I truly enjoyed this. Does anything but take itself seriously and is easily the campiest of the bunch so far: the opening, the cable car scene (!), Bond fighting Asian Anton Chigurh, and whoever came up with the name Dr. Goodhead deserves a raise. They really went all out with the stunts, which clearly influenced so many future action movies."
T8 The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) - 14 Nov 2023
"Absolutely enjoyed this one. Not only is it incredibly fun, it also excels from a filmmaking standpoint, with the filmmakers trying out a bunch of new things that makes the film feel fresh and original. I can’t believe its DoP, Claude Renoir, only shot one Bond film, because from its framing to the lighting, the film looks really great most of the time. Jaws is a great henchman and Barbara Bach is a drop-dead gorgeous Bond girl that more than plays her part."
T4 The Man with the Golden Gun (1974) - 11 Nov 2023
"It kind of goes through the motions of what a Bond movie should sound and look like: the oddball villains, your run of the mill Bond girls and Roger Moore spewing corny one liners, all this without a distinctive identity that makes it truly special and memorable. It takes little risks and is somewhat boring because of it."
T6 Live and Let Die (1973) - 11 Nov 2023
"Finally giving the Roger Moore bond movies a long overdue chance and I found this to be a fun, harmless and ultimately original entry in the series. They really tried out some cool stuff like the boat chase and the ultimate death scene is a thing of beauty. Moore might not hold a candle to Connery as a leading man, but he has 6 more movies to grow on me. As for Jane Seymour, "Ja, hallowkes" as we say where I'm from."