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Member Since: Apr 21, 2007

Location: Belgium

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Bio: I call the big one Bitey
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56% Honeyland (2019) - Sep 12, 2020
"Would've been an incredible short documentary had the film focused solely on Hatidze, her unquenchable spirit and the beautiful relationship she shared with her mother. I recognise the need for an interesting conflict, but the alternating focus between her and her terrible neighbours makes for a jarring viewing experience, in addition to its visual inconsistency as a result of having been filmed with 15 different cameras. Fortunately, the film manages to end on a touching, cinematic note."
56% You Only Live Twice (1967) - Sep 05, 2020
"Easily the most fun of the Connery era, with the production design, locations and action sequences giving even contemporary movies a run for their money. This movie also introduced me a new word with SEXYFUL and them Bond girls, I mean dayumn."
35% Tenet (2020) - Aug 30, 2020
"No way to judge this movie properly before a 17th viewing, which - while undeniably jam-packed with entertainment value - will undoubtedly leave me equally perplexed and frustrated. Maybe instead of wasting $250M on a single movie, Warner should allow 25 singular voices to make a $10M movie that has something interesting to say, but Nolan fanboys out there aren't ready for that conversation."
56% The Long Goodbye (1973) - Aug 30, 2020
"The opening 10 minutes consists of nothing but Elliott Gould trying to feed his cat and it's one of the best examples of character introduction I've ever seen. Equally notable is the film's subtle camerawork, capturing everything in an understated fashion. The plot was far too meandering to justify its bloated running time - then again, it's Altman - but the characters, style and excellent performances kept me engaged throughout."
56% Thunderball (1965) - Aug 29, 2020
"In many ways reminiscent of Casino Royale, from its opening fight scene, to the excellent pacing and undeniable entertainment value. Would've rivalled the excellent Goldfinger had the ending been trimmed down a bit but I still had a blast with this one. Gets extra credit for arguably the hottest bond girls so far. "
77% Goldfinger (1964) - Aug 23, 2020
"Has everything I want from a Bond film: the ubiquitous score, the clever and exciting action sequences, a memorable villain and equally indelible henchman, and last but not least the palpable sexual tension. Goldfinger must've aced his show-and-tell presentations in high school."
56% Marnie (1964) - Aug 16, 2020
"Way too long, but as a viewer, I remained invested in Marnie's story by searching for answers behind her psychological scars. Rewarding in the end."
56% From Russia with Love (1963) - Aug 15, 2020
"A sexier, funnier, more robust entry in the franchise, though the occasional slow moment or two keeps it from being an overall better film than Dr. No, despite better production values. Sean Connery had the best life."
22% Mistress America (2015) - Aug 09, 2020
"While Gerwig plays Brooke with her typical offbeat charm, her character is completely unlikable, if not insufferable, lacking the vulnerability and innocence that made Frances Ha so memorable and endearing. Could'be been great but it contains few elements worth connecting to or wholeheartedly embracing. My least favourite from Baumbach."
89% Inception (2010) - Aug 07, 2020
"(after repeat viewings, IMAX version) What I love most about Inception is seeing Nolan’s vision come to life thanks to the amazing cast & crew he surrounded himself with. It’s as much their film as it is his, one that blends heart, narrative and technique into one incredibly satisfying whole. If there’s one thing I‘ll remember Nolan for as a filmmaker, it’s for persistently striving for this type of shared cinematic experience that I can imagine will become a rarity one day."