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Member Since: Apr 21, 2007

Location: Belgium

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Bio: I call the big one Bitey

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76% American Graffiti (1973) - Jul 20, 2019
"Making a plotless movie is not an easy thing to pull off, yet Lucas does a great job at capturing a specific time and place that manages to feel as fresh, fun and exciting as I'm sure it must have been back in the day. This mood is further deepened by a rich cast of characters, all with their own distinct voices and unique personalities. On a final note, the soundtrack is an absolute winner, one I caught myself singing and dancing to during pretty much its entire running time. Great flick."
22% Juste la fin du monde (2016) - Jul 17, 2019
"By now, Dolan strikes me as an overzealous storyteller with a misguided understanding of what cinema should feel, look and sound like. Exploring similar thematic terrain, Dolan serves up another portrait of complicated family dynamics in loud, agitated and frankly very annoying fashion. And, good God, those music choices are eye-rollingly terrible."
35% Celda 211 (2009) - Jul 07, 2019
"Not sure what lenses they used, but the whole thing looks like it was shot on a DVCAM - in other words, terrible and outdated - making every single scene lack some serious cinematic flair. Having the riot as your main focus isn't particularly interesting either, even less so when the one leading it looks like a spanish-tongued Homer Simpson wearing a sleeveless hoodie."
76% Toy Story 4 (2019) - Jul 06, 2019
"I doubt any sequel will top the 1st Toy Story in terms of streamlined storytelling and orchestration, but this chapter is bursting at the seams with heart and laughs, a more than welcome new entry that may leave you pondering the values of love and selfless sacrifice as it tickles your belly with many a laugh. Those aren't tears; those are just my eyes sweating."
89% The Lighthouse (2019) - Jul 04, 2019
"With the death of the cinema experience right around the corner, Eggers' sophomore (and hopefully not last) film feels in many ways like the culmination of an art form having come full circle; A fully-realized, stylistic throwback to an already-bygone era, fueled by one gloriously madcap vision and two equally insane, memorable performances suggestive of a total devotion to their craft. A rare treat in this day and age and a film to definitely seek out in the theatre if there ever was one."
22% Ballast (2008) - Jun 29, 2019
"Maybe this was considered life-affirming back when the American neorealist movement was in full swing, but compared to most films from that period, time hasn't been particularly kind to Ballast. From the sparse dialogue, to the unexpectedly austere cinematography, all the ingredients to make me love this film were there, but its cast of non-professional actors is ultimately let down by a flimsy script that not only strains credibility but most importantly fails to engage on a visceral level."
35% Sorry to Bother You (2018) - Jun 27, 2019
"With STBY, Boots Riley comes storming right out of the gate, targeting broad concepts from racial dynamics to corporate conspiracy, alas does so with the subtlety of a karate kick to the sternum, pulling out every imaginable trick in the filmmaking book to reinforce his vision to the point where it becomes a bit too much. I would't go as far as saying it was bad, far from it, it just wasn't my cup of tea."
22% Annihilation (2018) - Jun 27, 2019
"While Ex-Machina was made for peanuts, it felt grand and focused in both themes and scope. Annihilation, on the other hand, looks and feels frustratingly shoddy, unable to capitalise on both its lofty ambitions and intriguing premise. In that regard, I’m not surprised this was bought by Netflix because it fits right into their library of bland, cheap-looking mediocrity. Would’ve been a great indie game, though."
56% The Babadook (2014) - Jun 22, 2019
"Whichever realtor manages to sell that house one day deserves a serious promotion."
35% John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum (2019) - Jun 07, 2019
"Contemporary cinema hasn't thrilled me for quite a while now, and as expected, this overlong stunt show mostly bored the living shit out of me. But, good God, those dogs are the most adorable, awesome pets ever and I seriously want a pit bull now."