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Summer with Monika
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Summer with Monika

Romance, Drama
1h 36m
Harry Lund, 19 years old, works at a stock-room for glass and porcelain. In the vicinity works 17 year old Monika at a stock-room for vegetables. Monika is a cheerful and happy young woman and when she sees Harry at a cafe she starts to talk with him. They fall in love with each other... (imdb)
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Bergman explores young romance as a whole, from its innocent beginnings until it gets crushed under the weight of adult responsibility. If perhaps not as revelatory as Bergman's greater films, it's still a fine piece of work with compelling character studies. As expected, the photography is beautiful, especially in the middle section with all the scenes of sun-dappled lakes.
Tight sweaters and sunbathing. You will never see a sexier movie from 1953.
A vision of youth as a brief and beautiful dream exploding forth from the backdrop of a grey reality and then crashing back down into the challenges of adulthood; as well as a more particular tale of an unready young couple, the momentary excesses of their naivete and a harsh sobering. A deceptively simple film with layered and multi-faceted subtext, beautifully shot, and featuring a knockout performance from Harriet Andersson, Summer with Monika is one of Bergman's greatest achievements.
Not one of Bergman's best, but he starts to really come into his own around this time. His style is really on display, with some excellent photography, and his storytelling skills have really been honed. What Summer with Monika lacks in depth compared to Bergman's best, it makes up for by being a well-done romance with a couple of strong performances.
A really beautiful film with minor pacing problems. Bergman's eye for imagery is fully apparent throughout the film and the story deals with its subject matter quite well. The acting is quite solid and Andersson is charming even when her character acts like a whiny brat. The film could have used a bit more meat in the actual summer with Monika section but it's a minor complaint.
Avg Percentile 64.07% from 725 total ratings

Cast & Info

Director: Ingmar_BergmanIngmar Bergman
Genres: RomanceDrama
Runtime: 1h 36m
Language: Swedish
Country: Sweden
AKAs: Monika: The Story of a Bad Girl, Sommaren med Monika

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