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90 66% Prince of Darkness (1987) - Rated 24 Aug 2010
"One of John Carpenter's most underrated movies. I thought the premise was interesting and the ultimate execution was well done. Great cast of characters and some really atmospheric, creepy scenes make this a really fun movie to watch. Fantastic ending. A must see!"
98 84% Eden Lake (2008) - Rated 24 Aug 2010
"One of my new favorites of the horror genre. Brutal, disturbing and with an amazing twist ending. Kelly Reilly is really an actress to watch as she gives an amazing performance as one of the victims. The kids performances are brutal and hard to watch but well worth it. Highly recommended!"
70 21% The Skeleton Key (2005) - Rated 24 Aug 2010
"Disappointing story considering the interesting premise. Hudson's performance just couldn't stand up to the material. The remaining cast was decent and the ending had a fairly good twist. Watch at your own risk."
80 39% What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962) - Rated 24 Aug 2010
"Outstanding suspense/horror with two of the finest actresses ever---Crawford and Davis. Their performances here are amazing, especially Davis as she plays an elderly former child star in a devastasting decent into madness. A must see for classic horror lovers."
70 21% Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983) - Rated 24 Aug 2010
"Decent movie adaptation with plenty of suspense and horror. Personal favorite is Joe Dante's segment about Anthony, the boy with some very special powers. Considering the movie is over 25 years old, it holds up very well."
95 79% Pet Sematary (1989) - Rated 24 Aug 2010
"Fantastic Stephen King adaptation with some great direction by Mary Lambert. Dark, disturbing with plenty of great suspenseful and horrifying moments. Cast is fantastic, escpecially Fred Gwynne as the neighbor with secrets. This is a horror lover's must see!"
80 39% Re-Animator (1985) - Rated 24 Aug 2010
"Cheesy, campy '80's horror classic with outrageous special effects and really bad campy acting. Jeffrey Coombs is always fun to watch in stories like these. Recommended if you don't take this seriously."
80 39% Bringing Out the Dead (1999) - Rated 24 Aug 2010
"Decent enough thriller directed by Scorcese. Not really one of his best works--mainly because Nicholas Cage is truly miscast here. I would watch at your own risk."
50 8% The Stepfather (2009) - Rated 24 Aug 2010
"Another forgettable and unneccesary remake of a movie that already stands alone as a guilty pleasure horror classic. Walsh cannot stand up to O'Quinn's performance in the original--skip this."
70 21% P2 (2007) - Rated 24 Aug 2010
"Decent thriller about a girl being stalked by a whacked out security guard. Wes Bentley has always been pretty underrated and here is no exception--he's pretty good here but even his performance can't save this. Dumb ending but worth a watch."