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Film Freak - 896 Film Ratings

Member Since: May 29, 2006

Location: CA, USA

Bio: (In brief: I appreciate a good ass kicking, and some flash, but I prefer things that make sense.) I'm a member of Gen XY, anti-establishment, educated, medically trained, pro-independent thought, well read, atheist, and social contractarian which means: Most horror movies (except the funny ones, or vaguely realistic ones) will be rated 'unfairly' low as will any movie that tries to present something that (contextually or otherwise) is patently false or illogical as true. In other words, you can blue pill me all day but trying to Red Pill me with anything other than an actual Red Pill will probably piss me off. I notably love both philosophy & Fine Art (Art for art's sake) with a penchant for fantasy, martial arts, heroics, well written villains, moral quandary, philosophical & intellectual issues, tragedy, and even hot chicks so all those will be ranked 'unfairly' high.

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62 58% The Help (2011) - Jan 22, 2023
"It made it's way into pop culture enough that I had to watch it. It's alright. The A story is everything you'd expect in a 60s movie about civil rights, the B story (writer girl looking to be a journalist) is good enough backstory. It might focus on women (maids) more than any other previous work, so perhaps that's added merit."
55 48% Alice in Borderland (2020) - Jan 16, 2023
"This isn't the worse show, but it is dumb. Better than many terrible shows, but basically written to accommodate all the sentimentalities and complexities of 12 year olds. So if you're an adult, it's not complex. It's a high school action-drama where death is on the line. Not super interesting but not terrible."
75 81% Chinatown (1974) - Jan 10, 2023
"Well done. Watching this from the future it either The classic privet eye movie, or lovingly built from them. It hits all the notes on the way down."
65 66% American Gangster (2007) - Dec 13, 2022
"It's a little boring and it's not going to wow you, but as a drama it's alright. Sure the dialog is lacking, but the spread of high talent actors raise that no good script to epic levels. It's alright."
49 41% The Little Hours (2017) - Dec 12, 2022
"It's really not bad. But the truth of the characters is rather incongruent. It could've been a better movie and the cast is pretty strong."
39 30% Honk for Jesus, Save Your Soul (2022) - Nov 21, 2022
"I think all I can say about this movie is that the performances are quite good. But it's profoundly uninteresting and quite tedious. It isn't even remotely interesting until an hour in. An hour. Why would anyone watch this? The monologs are good but the dialogs between characters are terrible."
46 36% W. (2008) - Nov 15, 2022
"I guess it was worth watching if it was at all historically accurate. But meh. The actors did do a great job of getting their subjects speech patterns down."
38 29% Thor: Love and Thunder (2022) - Nov 14, 2022
"This movie should've called adventures in bad writing with high budget special effects. Halfway through the movie, the previous mediocre plot is scrapped and the movie becomes about the extremely tired notion of saving the entire universe.... AGAIN. It wasn't a total waste of time though, I learned that olive oil on popcorn is delicious. And that will be the only thing I remember tomorrow."
55 48% Igby Goes Down (2002) - Oct 18, 2022
64 63% Tokyo Vice (2022) - Oct 06, 2022
"OMG this starts so slow and terribly. You need to give it until episode 3, when it becomes ok. By episode 5 it's fairly interesting. I'm writing this on episode 6 and I've decided it's decent."