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90 72% Barney\ Barney's Version (2010) - Rated 04 Feb 2011
"Very good film, pretty touching and with a couple of "oh shit" moments. Funny, compassionate and sad at the same time."
99 99% The Illusionist The Illusionist (2010) - Rated 03 Sep 2010
"One of my favourites. Excellent animation, dry humour, bitersweet story alltogether. Loved it."
70 14% Let Me In Let Me In (2010) - Rated 12 Nov 2010
"It is a good film, don't take me wrong. However, you must ask: what does it add to the swedish 2008 version? It's not bad, but it's not better than the original. I even found it a "bit" boring, but maybe because I knew the story already. You can feel the "need" of adding some scenes just to please certain audiences, same happening with certain explanations which were simply left to the viewer to assume in the original. Some scenes were even comedic, even if that was not the purpose."