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Age: 124

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Bio: Developer and mostly neophyte creative person (mostly). Making things is exciting and sometimes a bit daunting. It took me a long time to find this path again and honestly, I don't know how it happened but I'm going with it!
I'm passionate about all art and collaborating on different kinds of projects.

70 = average and my tiers are weird.
by luck or better judgement apparently I don't watch bad movies (or I have somehow become the least cynical person on the planet). Criticker decided to segregate everything below the best into lower tiers, but I'd still recommend everything above 70, more or less. Oh well!

95 - Masterpiece, 90 - Brilliant, 80 - Very Good, 70 - Good, 55 - Mediocre, 40 - Poor, 30 - Bad, 20 - Very Bad, 2 - Abysmal, 0 - Spawn
no review = probably remembered score

Collections (I welcome any suggestions! feel free to msg)
Characters with positive vibes: some of my most loved films are those with benevolent characters cooperating without unnecessary antagonism. They are few and far between!
Nocturne movies: movies that either take place entirely at night (usually within a single night), or feature extended night time sequences. Often involving long drawn out intimate conversations. The tone is usually laid back and chill but not always, but it must evoke a sense of being out of time and place.

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100 99% 8½ (1963) - 14 Aug 2007
"The ultimate filmmakers film. An entrancing masterpiece from start to finish; it is often complex and confusing, challenging the viewer to disentangle the various narratives - those of reality and fantasy - before any meaning can be translated and understood. Whilst it is almost thoroughly autobiographical, 8½ is perhaps best read as a film about filmmaking - an ascerbic metafiction that confronts some of the absurdities which Fellini himself often observed, and challenges how films are viewed."
10 1% Psycho Psycho (1998) - 14 Aug 2007
"100/10. As an experimental art project the idea is fantastic - Gus Van Sant produced a competent reproduction of the classic Hitchcock original, which asserts once and for all that there is an intangible 'other' quality present in the classics that is simply unobtainable, even with a shot for shot remake. ...of course, as a direct result this film is absolutely dire with entirely no merit on its own terms, but should probably still be seen by everyone. Hack Hollywood producers take note!"